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Shaker Spirits, Shaker Ghosts

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Shaker Spirits, Shaker Ghosts

Thomas Lee Freese

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The spirits of the Shakers are still active in their historic homes, meeting houses, and on the land where they once toiled, prayed, and sang. Shaker Spirits, Shaker Ghosts offers ghost hunter investigations, haunted tales from White Water Shaker village in Ohio, walkthrough village reports from psychics, and an interview with a Shaker scholar. Thomas Freese was immersed in their music for ten years when he performed with the Pleasant Hill Singers. At Shakertown in Mercer County, Kentucky, he heard, then recorded, true tales from both visitors and employees of Pleasant Hill. Ghostly singing is heard in the Meeting House, children are scared of moving tombstones in the graveyard, spirit figures walk the village lane, and ghosts enter guest rooms. Are you ready to have an encounter with a Shaker ghost? We thought so.

Size: 6″ x 9″ | 58 b/w and color photos | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764339899 | Binding: soft cover


Thomas Lee Freese is an author, storyteller and artist. He has written 9 books and performs over 20 educational and entertaining story programs. His 7 books of ghost stories provide both true and fiction tales of chilling, ghostly encounters.