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Secrets of a Witch's Coven

Secrets of a Witch’s Coven


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Since the advent of Christianity, witches have been forced to practice their religion in secret. Now High Priestess Morwyn reveals the wonders and beauty of this ancient mystery tradition to all sincere seekers.This comprehensive collection of teachings is a complete course of initiation into the first degree of witchcraft. Morwyn now makes available the accumulation of two decades of her study, work and practice in North and South America and Britain. All facets of witchcraft and magic are covered, including god/goddess worship, circle-casting, use of herbs, crystals and precious stones, talismans, candle magic, tree magic, symbols, incense-making, full moon and sabbat rituals, and much more. The fascinating history of witchcraft is also presented.

Size: 6 1/4″ x 9 1/4″ | 272 pp
ISBN13: 9780914918806 | Binding: soft cover