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Nothing stirs my soul more than watching a 100-year-old classic yacht roll over a wave, sails flared, white water crashing off her bow, crew attentive. Watching these beauties race around a course is truly spectacular. —Michael Kahn. Sailboats features over 75 photographs of stunning sailing images from world-renowned black-and-white photographer Michael Kahn. These warmly toned, classic yet dynamic sailing photographs feature regattas in Antigua, France, England, and more. Working in traditional black-and-white film, Michael Kahn produces luminous silver gelatin prints in his darkroom, which allow the majestic elegance of these sailing vessels to radiate from the page. Whether you are a traditional film photographer or an avid sailor or simply love the exquisite beauty of the ocean, you will cherish these fine prints and elegant book.

Size: 8" x 8" | 77 b/w images | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764359309

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Michael Kahn learned traditional photography in a portrait studio where they used Hasselblad cameras with a square 6x6 cm film format. Here, Michael received hands-on training in film handling and black-and-white printmaking. Michael continued on in advertising, product, and editorial photography. In the mid-1990s, Michael took his first sailing photograph of a small boat in the fog on a lake in the Adirondacks, thus beginning his nautical photography career. Making the decision to stay with his film cameras instead of going with the new trends in digital equipment, he continues to make handmade photographs in his darkroom. Michael continues to travel the world, and his work is widely featured in magazines, museums, corporate and private collections, and fine-art galleries. Michael loves everything about nature and is interested in preservation. His other books are Brandywine, The Spirit of Sailing, and Over the Dunes.