Sacred Geometry Healing Cards

Emily Kisvarda

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Bring understanding into your everyday life using the synergy of sacred geometry to enhance your personal healing and awakening. Sacred geometry is the Light language of the universe and is the building blocks of creation. This new and unique system includes 49 striking cards, a comprehensive guidebook, and is a tool to learn and practice creating beautiful healing grids for you and loved ones. You can also do simple or comprehensive guided card readings. It can even be extended to Earth's restoration. These methods teach not only the simplicity and complexities of geometric symbols, and using them to connect to the universe, but show how they can be utilized personally and professionally to gain profound inner knowing—awakening your cells and ultimately the DNA that lies dormant within. Identify your own blueprint and cell structure. Learn how to incorporate animal totems, colors, sounds, frequencies, vibrations, numbers, and crystals to enhance your own geometric essence. Includes three new frequency cards and a Sacred card!

Size: box set 6" x 9" x 1 1/2" | 49 art cards | 160 pp
ISBN13: 9780764357107

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Emily Kisvarda is a single mum to four children and owner of Phoenix Gateway. Her mission is to help people harness nature's resonance and harmonics through specific energetic tools to find insight and illumination and consciously create change and rise like the phoenix.