Rupert's Tales: The Nature of Elements

Kyrja , Illustrated by Lesli Pringle-Burke

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Age level: Early Readers: Ages 5–8


Rupert’s Tales continue with four new adventure stories in The Nature of Elements. Rupert the rabbit learns how courage, acceptance, compassion, and helping others are connected to the classical elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. In “The Courage to Fly,” Grandmother Spinner teaches Rupert that knowledge is only the beginning of wisdom when she asks for his help with a bird who has fallen from the sky. Rupert discovers in “Some Like It Hot” that the Element of Fire is the realm of action and turning words into deeds. When Dylan the dolphin is stuck far from the sea in “The Mystery of Lessons,” Rupert receives a lesson in compassion when Grandmother Spinner asks for his help once more, and, finally, Rupert is rewarded for his assistance in “The Sounds of Earth” when he helps Erik the earthworm finally get some sleep. Includes 39 vibrant illustrations. For ages 5–8.

Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" | 39 color illustrations | 64 pp
ISBN13: 9780764353871

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Kyrja’s growing list of titles includes the Rupert’s Tales series, the Gatekeeper’s Choice series, the Shards of Light series, and The Monster Got Mom. She is a long-time member of an official Adopt-A-Road crew, founded the “Hands of the Goddess” charity, and has a “Free Share” library in her yard to encourage reading and literacy. Lesli Pringle-Burke is an artist who enjoys bringing bright characters to life through her Magical Realism style of painting. She currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where she continues painting and teaching out of her downtown home studio. Her work has been featured in many magazines and can be found hanging in shops and galleries in Downtown Saint Petersburg, and on the walls of private collections all over the world.