Revelations: The Photography of Justice Howard

Justice Howard

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Tattoo photography pioneer Justice Howard documents the American tattoo community with her highly iconic images. Howard effortlessly captures the essence of her subjects' triumphs, as well as their frailties. Her images enhance both the male and female physical forms, highlighting their strengths and prowess, and expose hidden elements of the human condition in all its kaleidoscopic beauty. Gracing the pages of this graphic dossier are fifty-two models, including Malice, Xanthia Pink, Dejah Garcia, Christine Fury, Mia Tyler, and Amelia Nightmare. Tattoo artist luminaries, such as Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete, Rick Walters, Corey Miller, Kari Barba, and Robert Atkinson also make appearances, as well as rock gods Evan Seinfeld and Dave Navarro, Sons of Anarchy actor Rusty Coones, Black Veil Brides, Diego Verduzco, and UFC champion Kimo Leopoldo. In front of Justice's lens, these figures appear quite capable of escaping from the pages and conquering the world by storm.

Size: 9" x 12" | 300+ color photos | 256 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347986

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Among the pack of internationally renowned photographers, there has arisen an Alpha Female: Justice Howard. Having made great strides throughout her career, she has finally reached the heights of her predecessors—Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton—sinking her eye teeth in and making her own distinct mark in the industry. Internationally acclaimed for her works in over 25 countries, with thousands of print features, dozens of anthologies, more than 60 successful art gallery exhibitions, and, recently, many museum exhibits.Her works grace books and magazines that stretch from French Vogue to Easyriders. She has proven herself a force to be reckoned with. All this and she shows no signs of slowing. As the originator of the "Tattoo Model" genre, Howard's art has become the standard of tattoo photography. Her classic photography, in both colorbomb and black and white, has captured some of entertainment's top iconic entities, who bear all for her camera. Marilyn Manson, Billy Idol, Dave Navarro, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Dick Dale are just a handful of the celebrities that have spent time in front of Howard’s lens. Voted one of the Top 20 Tattoo Photographers by, Howard has been called the "edgy Annie Liebovitz.” Entire venues have literally been designed from the ground up, in shrine-like reverence, using her photography, including the upscale Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami, with its 30-foot wall murals in 64 of its rooms and photo-transfer print rugs, and a posh Washington, D.C., watering hole aptly named The Tattoo Bar. Her unique style is vibrant and crisp, supernatural and intense. Dynamic frame after dynamic frame, every shot stands illuminated and shines above and beyond her contemporaries. Coupled with a no-nonsense, hands-on shooting style, there’s really no stopping her as she moves forward like a loaded train to greater heights and even more impressive collections.