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R.S. Prussia: The Early Years

Leland and Carol Marple

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Here is a close-up look at the sea coral patterns, elegantly embossed leaves and flowers, and oddly shaped handles that characterized pre-1900 china production by the Prussian firm Reinhold Schlegelmilch. This striking and unusual china, most often appreciated for its unusual mold work, is systematically and thoroughly illustrated with over 500 color photographs. Picture frames, manicure sets, and clocks as well as tableware exemplify the extraordinary range of objects made from 1893-1900.The introduction of these items to the American consumer is confirmed by illustrations of mold patterns from catalogs of American wholesale firms in a scholarly exploration of the evolution of R.S. Prussia china and the wholesale distribution system utilized in America by the firm. Present-day values are provided in the captions based on recent sales and specialized dealer prices.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 560 color photos | Value Guide | 192 pp
ISBN13: 9780764302688

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Leland and Carol Marple spent six years researching and writing this book after collecting R.S. Prussia china for many years.