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Quilts of Cumberland County: 1700s to 1970

Letort Quilters Documentation Project

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View 170 quilts that were in homes and collections in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and learn about the county's role as a crossroads in our nation's history. Documented by members of the Letort Quilters, specimens from the 1700s through 1970 are showcased in beautiful detail,
inviting the reader to learn more about these treasures, now housed at the Cumberland County Historical Society. The curated collection highlights some of the features that make quilts of such lasting
interest, and basic information
about them provides an overview of quilting over the past several
hundred years. It also serves as a reminder of the value of preserving this part of our heritage through simple practices such as labeling a quilt and storing it properly. It will inspire readers to take a new interest in quilts and leave them with basic skills for finding, appreciating, and caring for vintage quilts.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 483 color digital, 10 b/w digital, 2 color prints | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764351099

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Letort Quilters Cumberland County Project Committee members Martha L. Jones, Lin Keller, Elizabeth Kisielewski, Debra Lohman, Donna Lohman, Barb Myers, and Barbara Thrush are all quilters and members of the Letort Quilters Guild. They have a common commitment to sharing their love of quilts with others who may have yet to see the beauty our ancestors created through this art form.These members brought to the project a variety of skills and knowledge about vintage quilts; some are quilt scholars, some are primarily quilters, but all know the importance of keeping good historical documentation of our heritage. Their goal with this book is to showcase the beauty of quilts made over a period of several hundred years in a way that is accessible to both novice quilters and students of quilt history.