Pure Steak

Steffen Eichhorn, Stefan Marquard, and Stephan Otto

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When three outstanding steak lovers get together to prepare their favorite steaks, it is not just the well-known classics that end up on the plate. Star cook Stefan Marquard, meat expert Stephan Otto, and German grillmaster Steffen Eichhorn present 39 extraordinary steak recipes. From exciting twists like "Ribeye Stirred and Not Shaken" and "Sirloin Meets Scallop" to traditional offerings like "Garlic Steak" and "Filet Mignon," this soulful cookbook is ideal for all meat lovers. In addition to these mouthwatering recipes, Stephan Otto reveals everything you need to know about buying first-class steak, including an illustrated guide to all the different cuts. Nothing will stand in the way of preparing pure steak perfection on the stove or the grill.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" | 84 color images | 136 pp
ISBN13: 9780764339271

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Eichhorn, Marquard, and Otto are culinary professionals with more than half a century of experience between them. They excel in meat preparation, especially grilling.