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Price Guide for Miniature Lamps

Marjorie Hulsebus

Revised 2nd Edition

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Three well-known books on miniature lamps are the progenitors of this informative and easy-to-use Price Guide. Up-to-date pricing covers the lamps shown in Miniature Lamps by Frank R. and Ruth E. Smith, Miniature Lamps II by Ruth Smith, and Miniature Victorian Lamps by Marjorie Hulsebus. The illustrations in each of the three books are numbered, and those numbers are then assigned a current price in this values reference. The updated second edition includes valuable tips for assessing the condition and rarity of miniature lamps. An essential guide for lamp collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.

Size: 6" x 9" | Price Guide/Lists | 96 pp
ISBN13: 9780764323720

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Marjorie Hulsebus has been collecting miniature lamps for twenty-six years. A resident of California, she is also the author of Miniature Victorian Lamps and Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era.