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Pirate Tarot: Two Fortune-Telling Games

Carrie & Lucas Amodio, illustrated by Liz "Galindorf" Harper

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From the beginning of time, sailors have been a superstitious lot and they used any method available to bring good luck and protection their way. One technique dealt with fortune telling using the Tarot. Meet a colorful cast of fantasy pirates, from elegant lady captains and playful cabin boys to crusty old sailors. Two fun and exciting games will bring the buccaneer out in you! First, try your luck at predicting the future, using the 78-card Tarot deck, each card with a different scene of pirate life that replicates an image originally engraved on wood. Every card has key words that provide a wealth of symbolism for beginners and advanced readers alike. The other game is an exciting and fast, "trick-taking," Medieval card game that dates to the creation of Tarot. It is for those brave enough to play. So with a Ho Ho Ho, join the pirate fun with Pirate Tarot!

Size: 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" | 78 color card ills.
ISBN13: 9780764331824

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Lucas Amodio's fascination with far-off worlds, fantasy quests, and adventure on the high seas started at an early age. After his wife introduced him to Tarot, together they worked on The Pirate Tarot. Lucas also is the founder of Dragonfire Laser Crafts, their award-winning laser-engraving business.