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Pinelands: New Jersey's Suburban Wilderness

Albert D. Horner

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Home to many rare and endangered flora and fauna and a 17 trillion-gallon aquifer, the Pinelands National Reserve is New Jersey's largest natural resource and needs to be preserved for future generations. This monograph is the product of a nine-year journey though the Pinelands, a.k.a. the Pine Barrens, undertaken to visually record its beauty and uniqueness. These high-quality art photographs show the lowlands, cedar swamps, rivers, forest, and bogs, and expose the Pinelands' singular beauty. Most of the locations were scouted well in advance—sometimes years—to ensure the photographs would be taken under optimal conditions.

Size: 11" x 8 1/2" | 84 color photos | 144 pp
ISBN13: 9780764348815

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“Although the Pinelands does not have mountain peaks or lush valleys with babbling brooks, it does have a beauty and uniqueness all of its own.” Medford Lakes, New Jersey, resident Albert D. Horner has been familiar with the area within the Pinelands National Reserve most of his life. A self-taught photographer, Horner has been capturing the “Intimate Landscapes” of New Jersey's Pine Barrens since 2005. Living in the shadow of The Pinelands National Reserve, a.k.a. The Pine Barrens, has offered the greatest opportunity for just the type of niche fine art images Horner was looking to produce. The unusual qualities and uniqueness of the Pine Barrens is what Horner is now placing in his viewfinder, almost exclusively. Horner is involved in several exhibits per year, is shown and exhibited in local galleries, conducts workshops and does speaking engagements, all based on his intimate images, knowledge, and advocacy for the local environment. His work can be viewed at www.pinelandsimagery.com. “My greatest dream is to capture the beauty of the Pinelands and, then, have those images help preserve it.”