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Peak of Perfection: Nude Portraits of Dancers, Athletes, and Gymnasts

Jon Ortner

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The search for physical perfection began with the Greeks, who first competed nude in athletic games in the 8th century BCE and created their gods in the ideal human form. Peak of Perfection celebrates the universal fascination with the nude and the power of beauty. The richly detailed, black and white, fine art photographs portray the apex of youthful vitality and the sublime architecture of the body. Alternately meditative and exhilarating, these dynamic performers express their sensuality and acrobatic skills so dramatically that the images leap off the page and grab you by the heart. Couples express the passion of romantic love and soloists display their virtuosity, the result of countless hours of training. Meticulously selected quotes from poets, artists, and philosophers throughout history complement the intimate portraits. This deluxe collection is a compelling invitation to contemplate beauty and to share with someone you love.

Size: 11.25" x 14.25" | 143 b/w photos in tri-tone ink, incl. 3 gate folds & linen slipcase w/ embossed metallic ink | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764347788

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Jon Ortner is a combination of artist, naturalist, scholar and adventurer specializing in photography of culture, icons, and landscapes of Southeast Asia, the Himalaya, the American Southwest, and New York City. He is the author of five internationally published fine art books with such wide-ranging topics as sacred places, Buddhist art, desert canyons, and the towers of Manhattan.His award winning images and stories have appeared on the web and in numerous magazines including GEO, Outdoor Photographer, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, and Architectural Digest. He has presented his work at the Explorers Club, Rubin Museum of Art, and the National Parks, among other venues. His assignment photography has been extensively utilized in advertising and promotion of international corporations, such as Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, and Epson, and real estate development. Jon’s limited edition photographs are being collected and exhibited by America's top fine art galleries, private investors, and corporations. A native New Yorker, Jon and his wife, Martha McGuire, live on the Hudson River in Yonkers, where they run a photo studio, and travel the world together.