Pâte de Verre: The Material of Time

Max Stewart & Tone Ørvik

Available May 2022


Bringing together the different aspects of pâte de verre for beginners and advanced glassmakers alike. Why the increasing interest in pâte de verre throughout the international glass art community? In this go-to resource, learn the reasons behind the current shift of perception regarding translucent versus opaque glass--and perhaps even see glass itself in a different way. Both Stewart and Ørvik are glass artists and educators, and their guidance here offers an unparalleled experience. For makers, detailed process instructions are included, plus unique glass color recipes for making your own glass palette to facilitate experimentation and reduce costs. A comprehensive history of the 5,000-year old technique incorporates new authoritative research correcting previous perceptions of pâte de verre´s place in history. Illustrating the new shift in perception of what glass art is and what it can do, this book captures almost every aspect of pâte de verre. Bridging the span from traditional to contemporary practice, it shows the versatility of this “chameleon” material through interviews with and work by 21 contemporary glass artists. It opens up the field of glass, allowing us to understand, use, and then go beyond traditions and push the boundaries for glass sculpture.

Size: 9" x 12" | 200 color images | 208 pp
ISBN13: 9780764363177

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The authors are glass artists and educators, and have between them decades of experience using kiln working and pâte de verre in sculpture.

Dr. Max Stewart is one of the world´s leading experts in pâte de verre. His contributions to the field are wide-ranging, including text in Keith Cummings´ book “Contemporary Kiln-formed Glass,” and heading the Conference on Pâte de Verre in conjunction with The International Festival of Glass / Glass Biennale in the UK, 2019. He currently lectures in Glass Studies at the University of Wolverhampton and until recently held a professorial chair at the Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun, China.

Tone Ørvik´s writing background complements the depth of research. She is a sculptor and glass artist with an exhibition background at leading glass galleries in the US, and her commissioned portraits are in public places and private collections. She also works as an educator, recently for 5 years as Head of Sculpture at Kragero School of Art, Norway. She writes articles on sculpture, and has published a young adult novel in Norway. www.toneorvik.net