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Paranormal Mississippi River: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Charles Cassady, Jr.

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Tour the mighty Mississippi River with this first A-Z encyclopedia-style listing of paranormal phenomena along its winding length. Presented in a convenient, cross-referenced format, these pages are an indispensable guide of the supernatural for the curious traveler, brave riverboat pilot, ghost-folklore buff, aspiring vampire slayer, and dedicated UFO chaser. Learn how to distinguish hoodoo from Voodoo and examine posthumous perambulations and visitations of the pirate Jean Lafitte. Find out about the domain and habits of devil babies and grunch, assess haunted plantations and mansions, and chart prominent water-monster hazards. Please note, though, that the root work conjure-spells, blues-musician pacts with the devil, loup-garou assemblies, Bigfoot-trackings, Judas Eyes, and exorcism rituals are offered for entertainment and historical enlightenment only, and because dangerous, should not be undertaken by amateurs. So take a ride down the mighty Mississippi and experience the paranormal for yourself!

Size: 6" x 9" | 34 b/w images | Index | 320 pp
ISBN13: 9780764338984

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A freelance photographer, illustrator, and writer, Charles Cassady, Jr., born in Cleveland, Ohio, attended Syracuse University. His interest in the paranormal has led him to strange phenomena, weird people, alternate realities and parallel universes (meaning, essentially, he is also a film critic).