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Papercutting: Geometric Designs Inspired by Nature

Papercutting: Geometric Designs Inspired by Nature

Patricia Moffett

Available September 2019


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These 25 projects show how ammonites, lichen rosettes, honeycomb, and other natural forms can help you apply the rules of mathematics to create complexly beautiful works. Clear, paper-art-focused explanations teach you the principles of mathematics we see in nature, including the Golden Section and Golden Angle, Fibonacci numbers, and symmetry. Learn about using flaps and piercings with various projects, including “A Murmuration of Starlings.” Benefit from lessons in the Japanese art of kirigami and geometric principles, with projects such as “Kirigami Cascade” and “Rotational Symmetry.” Tesselations and 2-D weaving, 3-D form assembly, woven 3-D forms, and stacked layers come into play for projects such as “Radiolarian” and “Sea Urchin.” The role that display plays in your work is covered too, including flexagons in the “Undersea Frieze,” black light in “UV Jelly Fish,” and light-box effects in “Art Deco Scarab” and “Diatoms through the Microscope.”_x000D_ Art really does mirror nature, as these fascinating cut-paper sculptures show.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ | 175 color images | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764358081 | Binding: soft cover


Patricia Moffett is a designer and illustrator focusing on technological_x000D_ and time-based media. The visual rhythms and_x000D_ patterns of the natural world are a constant source of fascination that_x000D_ she takes back to her studio, where she pushes technology to the limit to_x000D_ explore her creative ventures. Her work ranges from prize-winning surface_x000D_ pattern design to work on the West End musical adaptation of Bend It Like Beckham. She is the author of Enchanted Kirigami and of the children’s book Fairies, which became the world’s second book to be published in augmented reality format.