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Otter Lee Brave

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Otter Lee Brave

Rena Cherry Brown . Illustrated by Mikaila Maidment

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Age level: Early Readers: Ages 5-8


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Lee, a young otter, loses his mother and finds himself in a rescue aquarium where he meets a bully, learns to trust human beings, survives a catastrophe, and, by recalling his mother’s lessons, makes a tough decision that ultimately changes his life. Children who have been bullied, lost a parent, or just enjoy a good adventure, will be thrilled by this beautifully illustrated children’s book. In addition to the non-stop action of Lee’s story, readers will learn many facts about the habitat, biology, and behavior of otters as well as some of the dangers they face. Otter facts make this a great book for the classroom. Early reader–ages 5-8.

Size: 9 1/8″ x 8 1/8″ | 30 color illustrations | 48 pp
ISBN13: 9780764341557 | Binding: hard cover


Rena Cherry Brown is a writer, educator, and actress. She lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her husband. This is her second children’s book. Mikaila Maidment is a fine artist and freelance illustrator who has illustrated several children’s books. She lives in Fairfield, Iowa.