Original Tattoo Flash of John W. Harden: Outlaw Inkmaster

Chad Knight

Available June 2022


A collection of hand-painted tattoo flash by prolific artist “John Wesley Harden,” a one-time member of the notorious Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Harden’s hand-painted flash embodies tattoo imagery of the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s that was popular among biker subculture and military personnel primarily in the southeastern region of the United States. Harden bounced between Florida and Alabama, which is where he drew his inspiration for most of his unique designs. Although this book is not his complete collection of painted works, the imagery here captures the essence of a time in history when tattooing was mysterious, magical, and dangerous.

Size: 12" x 9" | 700 images | 112 pp
ISBN13: 9780764363986

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Chad began his journey into the tattoo world under the guidance of the infamous “John Wesley Harden,” a.k.a. Sleep, in the mid-1990s in southeastern Alabama. In fall 1997, Chad relocated to Virginia to attend James Madison University, earning a bachelor’s degree in media arts, concentrating in music. While attending college he tattooed in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, Virginia. In early 2000 Chad relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and spent the next 20 years tattooing in and around the city. Today, Chad lives with his wife, Kristen, and their chihuahuas Gypsy and Belle in Philadelphia. He tattoos at Black Vulture Gallery, specializing in Japanese-influenced design. Chad is still an active musician and plays guitar and sings for his band Screaming Rattler. He is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and spends his free time riding and wrenching on his collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.