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North Shore Lore: Stories of the Massachusetts Coast

Ted Clarke

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The history, geography, and people of the North Shore come to life in this easy-reading book of over 35 stories about the region northeast of Boston and south of New Hampshire, including many lesser-known, but charming, inlets, placid pools, and stirring basins. Read about one of the strongest earthquakes on the East Coast, centered just off Cape Ann, which few people know about. Join a British nobleman and a Marblehead barmaid on their extraordinary life adventure after being united during an earthquake. Learn about "Brown's Folly" in Danvers as written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Meet the Derby family, important in the shipping industry, and Eleo Sears, the Gold Coast's golden sportswoman and far ahead of her time. Also find Salem's witchcraft trials, the East India Trade, the retreat of the British when they came to search for arms, the contributions of Thomas Watson, and more. These are the stories that make the North Shore fascinating!

Size: 6" x 9" | 46 color photos | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345067

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Ted Clarke says: "It's always a joy to write about history, but it's more enjoyable to write it in the form of a story or stories, as I have here. Rewriting is a particularly nice part of the process since you can go back over the writing and make it move more smoothly for the reader, with words that run with rhythm across the page."Ted is currently working on his 20th and 21st books; most of his work involves history. Always a student and ever a writer, he spends about four hours a day on his craft. A teacher for 45 years, he is always aware of the need to write clearly and to pique the interest of the reader. He also wrote a weekly column for a newspaper, which helped him to write quickly, as well as clearly, and he has written and narrated five television shows on history, one of which won an award from the Massachusetts Historical Commission.These tales and the history they contain have consequences that weave themselves into the fabric of the country's story. That makes them important as well as interesting. Mostly, the author's hope is that the stories will lead the reader to want to learn more, and that they will take a keener interest in the region and in history.