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Nineteenth Century Glass: Its Genesis and Development

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Nineteenth Century Glass: Its Genesis and Development

Albert Christian Revi

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The nineteenth century was a Golden Age in the history of glassware. At no other time were more accumulated glass skills and decorative techniques manifested in the comparitively short space of one century.The author introduces the book with a comprehensive look at the history of manufactured glass, including the use of obsidian (natural volcanic glass) among primitive peoples; examples from Mesopotamia, Syria, and Egypt; through the technical developments of the late classical and early Christian centuries; through the Renaissance and the following development through the eighteenth century.The stage now set, the author divides each of the important types of fine nineteenth century glass in definitive chapters which explain their history and details of their manufacture. Similarities in wares produced by various manufacturers in America and Europe, means of identification, and modern imitations and developments are all discussed, along with many other topics of great interest to the collector. Profusely illustrated with photographs and patent drawings, this reference is a complete survey of aesthetics and techniques of art glass production during this most important century.

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 178 b/w and 10 color photos | Index | 301 pp
ISBN13: 9780916838430 | Binding: hard cover