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Allan I. Teger. Can there
be more than one reality at a time, and
can we experience them both? These
were the questions that led photogra-
pher and former psychology professor
Teger to create this collection of black
and white Bodyscapes
. The body be-
comes the setting for golfing, skiing,
mountain climbing, surfing, and other
sports. They are fun, beautiful, and
sensual, but always in good taste.
Size:11.75”x9”•106bwphotos •128pp.
Alvarado’s Classic Modern Pin-ups
Alvarado. The essential collection of pin-ups
from photographer Robert Alvarado. He subtly
combines color, form, and style to create an
allure that captivates onlookers and confounds
fellow photographers. The influence of pin-up
photography pioneers like Alberto Vargas and
Gil Elvgren is clear, but throughout the 145 allur-
ing examples of Alvarado’s work, his signature
approach to this classic form will impress you.
Alvarado’s Pin-up Nudes
Robert Alvarado.
Here is Robert Alvarado’s second full collection of
pin-upphotography.Alvaradouses thiscollection
to focus more on the female form. As with all
of his photography, the innovative techniques
in these 130+ pin-up nudes blur the line that
distinguishes a photograph from an illustration.
With these techniques, his nod to Alberto Var-
gas, Gil Elvgren, and other pioneering pin-up
artists is clear.
The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-up
. From
the girl next door to sexy switch-blade sisters, the
pin-up girls depicted in this collection of works
by 15 of today’s best artists boldly display the
full spectrum of the genre. Through masterful
use of color and media, both traditional and
digital, these artists from around the world
capture the female form in ways that remain
true to their forefathers but also to their own
contemporary styles.
Size:8.5”x11”•297 illustrations•128pp.
Wings of Angels: A Tribute to the Art of
World War II Pinup & Aviation
Malak. A beautifully presented collection of
photographic art, uniquely chronicling the
story and history of the most recognizable
aircraft of World War II and the pinup girls
whose images graced these legendary warbirds.
Flying into combat with our boys, inspiring
and providing our U.S. soldiers with sweetly
seductive reminders of home, these pinups are
a reminder of the All American good life GIs
were fighting for.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Size:8.5”x11”• 68colorphotos•144pp.
Also Available in a Boxed Set
A special boxed, limited edition of 250 of
Wings of Angels,
Volumes 1 & 2 has been produced for interested readers.
It features both books in a handsome slipcase, perfect
for the dedicated collector or as a gift. It is available for
a limited time only, and should be ordered directly from
the publisher by phone (610-593-1777) or on the web at
Boxed set
Queens of Hearts: The Art of Marya García
Marya García. Classic pin-up concepts converge
with contemporary aesthetics in this enticing
collection of elegant and sensual images of
gorgeous, tattooed women by Spanish pho-
tographer Marya García.
Cosplay Deviants: Undressing the Art of
Playing Dress Up
. A tantalizing look at sexy
female cosplayers from around the world who
are not afraid to shed their costume to bring
your gaming, comics, anime and manga, and
sci-fi character fantasies to life. With a foreword
by Edgar Munster, model interviews, and more
than 300 images, the models are engulfed in
the cosplay community and appear as popular
characters from gaming, comics, anime and
manga, and science fiction.
Keyhole Cuties: The Pin-up Art of Celeste
Celeste Giuliano. Internationally ac-
claimed pin-up photographer Celeste Giuliano has
developed a style that masterfully pays homage
to the sweet and sexy look of the classic pin-up
girl illustrations from WWII America. In this, her
first definitive collection, she reminds us why a
flirtatious smile or a peek at a garter was what
made the girl next door the ultimate bombshell.
Ink ’N Girls
Ákos Bánfalvi. A fascinating look
into the minds and hearts of gorgeous, intelligent,
and confident women, hailing from around
the world. In candid interviews, these inked
beauties open up to the author about their
upbringings, first tattoos, favorite and most
challenging modeling experiences, and more.
Enjoy hypnotic portraits, provocative poses, and
interesting themes that creatively and tastefully
showcase mesmerizing body art.
Revelations:The Photography of Justice
Justice Howard. Tattoo photography
pioneer Justice Howard documents the American
tattoo community with her highly iconic images.
Her images enhance both the male and female
physical forms, highlighting their strengths and
prowess, and expose hidden elements of the
human condition in all its kaleidoscopic beauty.
Gracing these pages are Models Malice and Xan-
thia Pink, tattoo artist luminaries, and celebrity
tattoo collectors, such as Dave Navarro, and more.
Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup
Jessica Rajs. The Zombie Pinup
Collection is a compendium of exquisitely bizarre
beauty from Gorgeous & Gory. The picturesque
undead are fashioned with sensuous abandon
and set in the vibrant, surreal, landscape of New
Jersey. This essential anthology includes images
from all four calendars, many never before seen
photos, and a special behind the scenes look.
New York Burlesque: Photographs by Roy
Roy Kemp. Roy Kemp's previously unpub-
lished portfolio presents nearly forty dancers
performing in an authentic burlesque setting
in 1950s New York. This nostalgic collection
includes more than 200 never-before-seen black
and white photographs of well-known dancers,
including Tempest Storm and Princess Domay, as
well as dozens of other sultry performers, quite
famous in their heyday. This is a must-have for
any burlesque aficionado.
It’s All That Glitters: Portraits of
Burlesque Performers in Their
Brian C. Janes. What is bur-
lesque? Who better to ask than bur-
lesque performers themselves? With
this question in mind, the author trav-
eled over 14,000 miles across the US.
visiting today’s burlesque performers,
photographing them in their homes,
and asking them: “What does burlesque
mean to you?” Their answers and 104 accompanying portraits may surprise you.
Size:11”x8.5”•104colorphotos•216pp.ISBN:978-0-7643-3998-1 •hard•$34.99
Burlesque: Exotic Dancers of the 50s &
Judson Rosebush. 125 burlesque queens
and belly dancing stars from the 1950s and
1960s are portrayed in glossy “booking photos.”
These attention grabbing publicity shots include
Crystal Blue, Bella Dona, Marlo Brando, & Sunny
Day “The Butterfly Goddess.” The text provides
a brief history of Burlesque, the performers, and
the transition from 1950s burleque to 1960s
go-go dancing.
Fan Letters To A Stripper: The Patti Wag-
gin Tale
Bob Brill. Readers come to know Patti
Waggin, a talented strip artist of the 1940s and
1950s, through letters sent by her fans and over
280 photos of her on stage and at home. Paper
ephemera associated with her dynamic career
accompany heartfelt letters that also reveal
her marriage in the 1950s to baseball player
Don Rudolph.
The Queens of Burlesque: Vintage Pho-
tographs from the 1940s and 1950s
Rothe. In period photographs, the timeless
beauty of those exotic women of burlesque who
titillated, teased, and sometimes tortured their
audiences is captured and celebrated. These
memorable images make it clear that, when it
comes to a beautiful body and a gorgeous face,
tastes change very little. Its rich, nostalgic view
of a bygone era in American entertainment will
please everyone, men and women alike.
The Bare Truth: Stars of Burlesque from
the ’40s and ’50s
Len Rothe. Len Rothe has
again pulled from his collection of original pho-
tographs of entertainers this delightful selection
of over 100 images of Burlesque stars. Together
with a revealing text that introduces burlesque
to today’s new audience, these photographs
retain the surprise and teasing elements that
endeared the dancers on stage in the heydays
of burlesque shows.
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