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Rudow’s Guide to Modern Jigging: Inshore •
Offshore • Species-Specific
Lenny Rudow. Jigging
may be an ancient technique, but it’s also the hottest,
newest way to fish. As usual, Rudow pulls no punches,
explaining techniques with thorough instructions, naming
his favorite rods, reels, and jigs by brand, and examining
specific species on a case-by-case basis.
Size:6”x9”•49bw images•176pp.
United States Coastal Charts, 1738-1861
Peter J. Guthorn. Between the end of the Amer-
ican Revolution and the beginning of the Civil
War were crucial years in the history of American
coastal charting. This volume contains these
charts, as well as a detailed look at the hydrog-
raphers and companies who produced them.
Beachcombing the Pacific
Amos L. Wood. Beach-
combing thePacificwillshowyou techniques toenhance
your discovery potential and improve the results of
your efforts.
Great American Schooner Yachts
Rudolph Arp. In this in-depth look at
some of the great American schooner
yachts, the author uses both the original
images to discuss their construction and
history. There is also detailed informa-
tion about the designers of these boats
and their contributions to the trade.
Sailing Fascination
Heinrich Hecht,
Text by Hans-Harald Schack. Hecht ranks
among theworld’smost renownedsailing
photographers. The America’s Cup and
Olympic sailing competitions are his field
just as much as classic yachting and
picturesque sailing on the Steinhuder
Meer. It is the broad spectrum of sailing
and yachting that fascinates the versatile
photographer. Size:11.75”x9”•over300
color images•264pp.ISBN:978-0-7643-4268-4•hard•$50.00
Pacific Square-Riggers
Jim Gibbs. A complete
look at the Downeasters, seamen’s missions and
boarding house crimps, runners, as well as the
great Star Fleet and well-known cannery vessels.
Peril at Sea
Jim Gibbs. Around the shores of
the Pacific Ocean lie the remains of legions of
vessels of every description and every flag. This
is a fascinating work about the continuing battle
of humans against the elements. Each Chapter
is an accurate chronicle location of the ships
and their sailors who met fateful ends along
the Pacific coastline.
Windjammers of the Pacific Rim
Jim Gibbs.
As early settlers to California, Oregon, and
Washington came around the Horn and sailed
north from San Francisco, lumber for homes and
industry went south by sea from the Northwest.
This is the story of those ships and of the intrepid
pioneers who built them.
Passenger Liners fromGermany 1816-1990
Clas Broder-Hansen. Throughout the 19th and
20th centuries, German passenger liners carried
their cargoes throughout the European waterways
and transported millions of emigrants to New York.
This book covers the development of these ships
from paddle steamers on rivers and lakes to the
great car ferries and “dream ships” of our time.
Hansen weaves the fascinating development of
this huge industry with over 300 photos.
Blow for the Landing: A Hundred Years
of Steam Navigation on the Waters of
the West
Fritz Timmen. The glory days of
steamboating are well remembered in this book
full of history, photos, and tales highlighting
the personalities of various ships and the men
who ran them.
Ships’ Figureheads
Hansen & Hansen. Ships’ Fig-
ureheads details the different types of figureheads as
well as the sculptors who made them. Chapters include
descriptions of figurehead lions, dragonheads, figure-
heads of the 19th century, court sculptors and their work
on royal pleasure craft and independent figure carvers.
Ocean Liner Collectibles
Myra Yellin Outwater.
The ambiance of the ocean liner era is recreated
through 585 color photos of objects used on
board with identification and text. Includes unique
furniture, china, silverware, glassware, vases,
ashtrays, playing cards, menus, and stationery
shown here to commemorate their ships, from
the Art Deco Normandie and the stainless steel
S.S. United States, to the old-world luxury of
the “Queens.”
Nautical Antiques
W.D. Ball. Hundreds of
antique nautical treasures related to the lives
of seamen include a variety of scrimshaw items,
sailor-made ship models, nautical instruments,
whaling implements, furnishings, ship’s figure-
heads, sternboards, billet heads, ship’s journals,
paintings, and much more. 387 photos present
a trove of interesting artifacts to delight any
seafaring enthusiast.
Size: 8.5”x11” • 387 illustrations • 240pp.ISBN:
Sailors’ Valentines: Their Journey Through
Madiera, Miller, Page, & Schutt. This stun-
ningly beautiful book showcases sailors’ valentines
assembled by shell artists. These octagonal-framed
plaques were said to have been made by Victorian
sailors as love tokens for their sweethearts at
home. Learn their history, lore, and reality, and
be introduced to exquisite designs, both antique
and contemporary.
Size:8.5”x11”•200color/bwphotos ï192pp.
Scrimshaw: The Whaler’s Legacy
Lawrence. Scrimshaw, or whale tooth carving, is
historical, beautiful and complex. Over 400 color
photos of American scrimshaw folk art pieces
and a fascinating text relates the hard, daily life
of the nineteenth century sailor/scrimshander
aboard whaling ships. The materials, patriotic
and romantic themes, and tools used are covered.
Also, modern scrimshaw artists are presented.
Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships: Haunts of New
England’s Shorelines
Thomas D’Agostino. Read the
tales of Captain Kid, Blackbeard, Anne Bonney, Black
Bellamy, and other burley buccaneers who haunt New
England’s land and seas. Learn about Goat Island, where
wraiths of hanged pirates rise up seeking vengeance.
Hear the Isles of Shoals phantom dory’s oars, as it slowly
rows in search of its next victim. Ghostly ladies mourn
the passing of some of the most ruthless characters
history can name.
Size:6”x9”•19b/wphotos• Index•176pp.
Lost Loot: Ghostly New England Treasure Tales
Patricia Hughes. Learn about the lost pirate riches of
Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Edward Low, and other
dastardly buccaneers. Consider hidden
treasures in the Appalachian, Longfellow, White, and
Green Mountains...and how you might find the loot.
Read further to unmask the mystery, intrigue, treasure,
and ghosts of northern New England! Size: 6”x9” •
Index•256pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-2816-9•soft•$14.95
More Lost Loot: Ghostly New England Treasure
Patricia Hughes. Stories of lost treasure sites
in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
Explore supernatural history that abounds in this
region. Visit ghost towns, lost Native American vil-
lages, forgotten mines, and valuable gem discoveries.
Pirates were welcome, and the legends suggest they
left their loot behind.
Treasure Wreck: The Fortunes & Fate of the
Pirate Ship Whydah
Arthur T. Vanderbilt II. When
the pirate ship Whydah went down in a violent storm
just off the coast of Massachusetts in 1717, she took
a treasury of stolen gold and jewels. Here is the story
of this plunder, of the pirates who amassed this horde
during one legendary year upon the Spanish Main, and
the tragedy of their loss upon the shoals of Cape Cod.
It is updated to cover salvage efforts still underway in
the Whydah’s deep-sea grave.
Size:6”x9”•16b/wphotos• Index•188pp.
Pirates of the Delaware
Rupert Sargent Holland.
Pirates, conspiracy, highway robbers, and other sinister
forces confront a young law clerk in Philadelphia smitten
by a beautiful French noblewoman. Travel back to 1793
for action packed adventure that takes young readers
back, following our noble hero’s misadventures as he
falls in among a decidedly wrong crowd.
Size: 6”x9” • 4 b/w illus. • 320pp.ISBN: 0-7643-2487-X
Pirates on the Chesapeake: Being a True His-
tory of Pirates, Picaroons, and Raiders on the
Chesapeake Bay, 1610-1807
Donald G. Shomette.
Pirates, picaroons, and sea rovers are pitted against
the representatives of an outpost in the Chesapeake
Bay region. It is a two hundred-year history that
begins with the Virginia colony in 1609 and ends with
the peaceful resolution of the Othello affair in 1807.
Size:6”x9”•39 illus.,1map• Index•252pp.
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