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Chesapeake Bay Schooners
Snediker. A uniquely American vessel,
from its European origins to the ship-
yards and waters of the bay. A tribute to
these commercial vessels, a mainstay of
commerce on the bay and the tenacity
and dedication of the men and women
who operated them.
Size: 12”x9” • 212 bw photos, Glossary
and index•264pp.
Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay and Other Tales of
the Lost Chesapeake
Donald G. Shomette. After
President Wilson issued a call to arms against Germany
during WWI, the U.S. began to build hundreds of
merchant ships. The largest portion of that fleet came
to rest on the floor of Mallows Bay. The author recounts
three tales of what lies beneath the bay.
Size:6”x9”•90 illustrations, index•400pp.
Tidewater Triumph: The Development and
Worldwide Success of the Chesapeake Bay
Pilot Schooner
Geoffrey M. Footner. The pilot
schooners of the Chesapeake Bay began to build
their legend in the eighteenth century, employed
for piloting and cargo carrying. Variations of the
final “clipper” model of the Baltimore schooner
continued the vessels’ reputation through the
nineteenth century.
Chesapeake Sails: A History of Yachting
on the Bay
Richard Henderson. This book traces
the popularity of sailing yachts in the Chesapeake
Bay. The illustrations presented throughout the
book ñ whether hull-line sketches, sail-plan
drawings, or full-sail photos ñ are reminders of
the particular beauty of sailing yachts and the
special joy of yachting on the bay.
Size:8”x10”•260bw illustrations•304pp.
Chesapeake Sailing Craft Recollections of
Robert H. Burgess
Robert H. Burgess, Edited by
William A. Fox. Robert H. Burgess’s photographs
show the vessels in all phases of their activities
on these waters, including loading and unloading
cargoes, under sail and in port, in shipyards, details
of rigging, fittings, and decks, interior views, as
powerboats, and abandoned hulks.
Size:8.5”x11”•463bwphotos, index•324pp.
Deadrise and Cross-planked
Enjoya journey into thehistoryofwoodenDeadrise
boat building, highlighting its role in Chesapeake
Bay culture, and providing deeper insight into the
builders who created these works of nautical
ingenuity. More than 150 photographs of the
traditional watermen’s’ lifestyle.
Size:8.5”x11”•140bwphotos, index•180pp.
Schooner Sultana: Building a Ches-
apeake Legacy
Drew McMullen, text.
Photographs by Lucian Niemeyer. Out-
standing photographs provide an excit-
ing visual presentation, While carefully
crafted text guides the reader through the
day-to-day progress, describing unique
details as only an active participant could.
Size: 12”x9” • 184 color photographs, 8
bw illustrations,3maps, index•160pp.
Chesapeake Rumrunners of the Roaring Twen-
Eric Mills. Prohibition may have been the law of the
land, but the Chesapeake Bay country was awash in
illegal alcohol. The marshes were teeming with hidden
stills, and bootleg liquor was smuggled throughout the
waterways and adjoining countryside by daring men.
Shipwrecks on the Chesapeake: Maritime
Disasters on Chesapeake Bay and its Tributar-
ies, 1608-1978
Donald G. Shomette. Tragedies and
disasters that occurred in the bay and its tidewater
region over a 370-year period, includes tales of bravery,
courage, fortitude, cowardice, stupidity, and ineptitude.
The text is liberally illustrated, and there is an extensive
detailed chronology of all known disasters on the bay.
Size: 6”x9” • 7 bw photos, 33 illustrations and 8 maps,
Chesapeake Bay in the Civil War
Eric Mills. A
rich panorama of Civil War history, this is the story of
gunboats and smugglers, privateers and street-brawlers
ñ the chronicle of mighty armies and ironclads, shoreline
artillery and tidewater guerillas, blockade-running
oystermenand theunsungsailorsof thePotomacFlotilla.
Size:6”x9”•95bw images, index•328pp.
Soldiers at the Doorstep: Civil War Lore
S. Chowning. During the Civil War, significant events
were going on in the lives of those who stayed behind
to keep the home together. Areas in the South were
behind enemy lines, and the people dealt with the
threat of Union soldiers arriving on their doorsteps.
Size:6”x9”•33bwphotos, index•142pp.
Maryland Loyalists in the American Revolution
M. Christopher New. The story of Marylanders who
could not engage in the war that was breaking out,
many lost their homes and jobs; some were banished
to Nova Scotia. Using rare documents, muster rolls,
and letters, the author has uncovered a chapter of
American history.
Size:6”x9”•10 illustrations,4maps•210pp.
Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
Michael Buckley,
Photography by David W. Harp. The
Voices of the
Chesapeake Bay
radio show has featured hundreds
of people who live, work, and play on the Chesapeake.
Host Michael Buckley brings us a fascinating collection
of over fifty of these interviews in written form, pro-
viding the reader with glimpses into Chesapeake Bay
life from a variety of diverse perspectives.
Dangerous Marine Animals: That Bite, Sting,
Shock, or Are Non-edible
3rd Edition Bruce W.
Halstead. This new edition describes and illustrates
these dangerous marine animals, their noxious effects,
treatment of ailments resulting from them, and, most
importantly, how to avoid mishaps. More than two
hundred illustrations, including many color photographs
show the animals in their true forms.
bw illustrations,4maps, index•288pp.
The Outlaw Gunner
Harry M. Walsh. This is a
tale of the market gunners, guides, and outlaws
who were engaged the art of wildfowling. In more
than one hundred fifty of the most unusual and rare
photographs, the men with their guns, boats, and
traps are shown in action.
Offshore Pursuit: A Complete Guide to Blue-Wa-
ter Sport Fishing
John Unkart. Unkart’s expanded
second edition of Offshore Pursuit has bonus chapters
on rigging techniques and deep dropping, information
you need to catch big game fish offshore. Experience
what ultimate sport fishing has to offer: Surface
eruptions on trolled baits, rods bent in half, drags
screaming, and adrenaline pumping. From rigging
techniques to fighting trophy fish, it’s all in this book.
Rudow’s Guide to the Mid Atlantic: Coastal Bays
& Ocean
Lenny Rudow. The most comprehensive how-
to/where-to fishing book you’ll find anywhere, covering
coastal bay, inlet, inshore, and offshore angling fromNew
York to North Carolina. Whether you fish for flounder
off Shinnecock Inlet or yellowfin tuna off Oregon Inlet,
Rudow’s Guide
will provide you with the know-how
you need to boost your catch rate.
Size:6”x9”•103bw images•265pp.
Rudow’s Guide to Rockfish
Lenny Rudow. The
striped bass-rockfish, to anglers living in this fish’s
southern range is the most popular inshore gamefish in
the Mid-Atlantic region. This book is dedicated to one
thing: helping you catch more striped bass. In
Guide to Rockfish
, we’ll pick apart the factors that
have an effect on the way you fish.!
Size:6”x9”•43bw images•208
Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island
Kevin Falvey.
Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island
is the most
comprehensive how-to/where-to fishing book you’ll
find, focusing on New York’s popular saltwater species
and the tactics, tackle, rigging, lures, and baits used to
target them. Here, Falvey exposes secret tricks of the
trade, while showing anglers how to think like a fish.
Size:6”x9”•117bw images•232pp.
Flounder: Fishing Tactics and Techniques
Kaufman. Want to know how the pros go after floun-
der-a.k.a. fluke? This is the book for you. Tackle, tactics,
and techniques of the masters are exposed in this
one-of-a-kind, how-to fishing book. Learn how, when,
and where you can boost your catch rate. Examine drift
fishing, trolling, jigging, and several secret techniques.
Size:6”x9”•115bw images•256pp.
Modern Sharking
Capt. Mark Sampson. Advance-
ments in boats, tackle, and equipment, as well as
changes in the attitudes and ethics of shark fishermen,
have revolutionized recreational sharking.
is about sustainable shark fishing, and in
this book, anglers will learn the latest techniques for
pursuing sharks while armed with rods, reels, and a
higher level of knowledge and respect for their quarry.
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