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Marine Radionavigation and Communications
Monroe and Bushy. This comprehensive textbook
introduces the mariner to each navigation and commu-
nication system and outlines its uses and limitations in
practical application. This book also provides excellent
preparation for those studying for a license examination
or serving aboard ships in the military.
Size:6”x9”•30bwphotos,36 illustrations,46drawings,
Merchant Marine Officers’ Handbook
5th Edition
William A MacEwen and Edward A. Turpin. Designed
to be used as a textbook or a study guide for the
“hawsepiper”; included is information on electronics,
celestial navigation, rules of the road, engineering,
etc., that will be helpful to the third mate, experienced
mariner, or student preparing for a licensing examination.
Size:6”x9”•bwphotos, index•573pp.•hard
Nautical Rules of the Road
4th Edition Larry C. Young.
This updated book has an easy-to-follow layout that
aligns the International Rules with the corresponding
Inland Rules. To aid in Coast Guard examinations, the
final chapter gives multiple choice, practice questions to
test the reader’s knowledge on the information found
within the entire book.
Size: 6”x9” • illustrations, index • 232pp.ISBN: 978-0-
The Business of Shipping
8th Edition James J.
Buckley. Essential to professionals who are specialists
in one branch of the business, but only marginally
knowledgeable about its other aspects, it will also
familiarize newcomers to the industry with the many
facets of the shipping enterprise and the international
movement of cargo, and can serve as the basic vol-
ume for any course in marine transportation. New
information has been added to reflect the recent
developments in the industry.
Size:6”x9”•54bw illustrations•448pp.
Master’s Handbook on Ship’s Business
3rd Edition
Tuuli Messer. Based on earlier editions by Ben Martin
and James R. Aragon. A complete guide for the new-
ly appointed master, it is also useful to experienced
masters as a checklist for the voluminous paperwork
required in all phases of business aboard, this handbook
demystifies the regulations and states the requirements
in plain language.
Size:6”x9”•1 fullsizecolormap•416pp.
Watchstanding Guide for the Merchant Officer.
Third Edition.
Robert J. Meurn. On a merchant ship
it is the watch officer who truly feels the full weight
of responsibility for the safety of the vessel. This book
not only helps a new watch officer shoulder that
responsibility, but also reinforces the knowledge and
skills of the experienced mate. The complete scope
of watchstanding duties, the use of modern bridge
equipment, voyage planning, ship-handling, and
shipboard emergencies are all addressed.
Size:6”x9”•190 illustrations•240pp.
Vessel Security Officer
Joseph Ahlstrom, with
David W. Narby and Joseph Tenaglia. Keeping a ship
safe and secure occurs through the investment of time
and effort by both the Vessel Security Officer and the
crew. This text complements any security course and
can serve as a training handbook for a Vessel/Ship
Security Officer or Company Security Officer.
Size:6”x9”•7photos,2 illustrations•248pp.
Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer
Edition William E. George, Editor. Today, technology
and computers abound as ship’s gear. No matter how
much change the industry has undergone, the laws of
physics are constant. The appendix includes the Stability
Data Reference Book which is the same supplied in the
United States Coast Guard license examination room.
Size:6”x9”•200 illustrations, index•528pp.
Modern Towing
John S. Blank. A wide-ranging work
on all aspects of towing, in both inland and ocean
waters. More than fifty appendices consolidate data
helpful to the tugmaster. The text is illustrated with
more than 300 drawings, photographs, diagrams,
and other visual aids.
Size:6”x9”•430 illustrations,1map•608pp.
Primer of Towing
3rd Edition George H. Reid.
Throughout the country, towing is providing an eco-
nomical alternative to transporting cargo by train or
truck trailers. Offshore coastwise and foreign trade is
also seeing a boom. This book provides information on
all aspects of towing operations and related subjects.
Size:6”x9”•360 illustrations•240pp.
Shiphandling for the Mariner
4th Edition Daniel
H. MacElrevey and Daniel E. MacElrevey. This book
focuses on large, modern commercial vessels. Unique in
its emphasis on the art of shiphandling and maneuvers
for such vessels, designed to teach mariners and pilots
practical skills. Used as a text by maritime academies,
training facilities, ships’ officers, and apprentice pilots.
Size:6”x9”•32bwphotos,98 illustrations,1map, index
Boat Maneuvers
. Klas Klauberg and
Bernhard Spörer. Boating is one of life’s
truly memorable pleasures. However, to
operate a recreational watercraft, a license
is mandatory. This compact, colorful book
is your complete guide to passing the tests
required—with flying sails! With drawings
and diagrams of exam-relevant questions,
and loaded with tips and tricks, Boat Ma-
neuvers is indispensable exam preparation.
Size:8”x9.5”•137 illustrations•44pp.
Maritime Error Management: Discussing &
Remediating Factors Contributory to Casu-
Geoffrey W. Gill. An experienced deck officer
and maritime attorney objectively considers cognitive,
organizational, and operational factors proven to
contribute to maritime casualties. It provides a focused
overview of present day maritime safety issues and
suggests risk management strategies effective from
the wheelhouse as well as the boardroom.
Size: 6”x9” • 416pp. ISBN: 978-0-87033-626-3 • hard
Dictionary of Maritime and Transportation Terms
Gerald H. Ullman. This up-to-date standard reference is
a must-have for every mariner’s bookshelf. Acronyms
and cross-references to related terms give the reader
a full picture of how the many words and phrases are
related. A complete maritime dictionary!
Lights, Shapes, & Signals for the Mer-
chant Mariner: A Flash Card Study
Capt. D. Green. Small and compact
for easy traveling, this study guide provides
all the lights, shapes, and symbols used at
sea and is a valuable tool for the seasoned
mariner or private boater who wants to
sharpen skills and be safer and more prudent
on the water. Its cargo-pocket size and lightly laminated pages means it can
endure in a maritime environment.
Size:9”x6”•302color images•560pp.
Mariner’s Guide to Nautical Information
Travis. This alphabetically arranged reference work
puts over 2,000 modern nautical topics and terms
at your fingertips, with enough explanatory advice to
be truly useful. Topics ranging from the Navigation
Rules, cruising under sail and power, electronics, and
communication, to safety, weather, technical topics,
and commonly-used spoken nautical language make
this book a comprehensive resource.
U.S. Regulation of Ocean Transportation Under
the Shipping Act of 1984
Gerald H. Ullman. This
book furnishes an exposition of the statutory and
regulatory responsibilities of those participating in the
sale, processing, and transportation of cargo shipped
from the United States. It analyzes the duties imposed
by the Shipping Act of 1984 on those engaged in U.S.
oceanborne trade.
Size:6”x9”• index,304pp.•hard
ASD Tugs: Thrust and Azimuth Learning to
Drive a Z-drive
Capt. Jeff Slesinger. This work-
book is designed to facilitate learning, through
both intellectual and hands-on presentations.
It teaches a clear understanding of ASD tug
maneuvering principles and assists the reader
in acquiring the intuitive feel for operating the
tug. Covers the basic elements of maneuvering
an ASD tug, through steering, speed, turning,
stopping, hovering, and lateral movement.
Size:8.5”x11”•120 illustrations•192pp.
The Cornell Manual for Lifeboatmen, Able
Seamen, and Qualified Members of Engine
John M. Keever. Based on the earlier
edition by Hayler, Keever, and Seiler. This book is the
standard manual for those who follow the sea and
who want to prepare themselves for the Coast Guard
examinations. Of particular value are the sample
multiple-choice questions and answers for both the life-
boatman and able seaman Coast Guard examinations.
Size:4.5”x7”•160bw illustrations•184pp.
Formulae for the Mariner
2nd Edition R.M.
Plant. A compilation of all the formulae that a
mariner is commonly called upon to use. Given
are the basic parameters in narrative form, and
then provides equations and their amplifications.
Another feature of the book is material to the
international system of units (S.I.).
Size:8.5”x11”•77 illustrations, tables•110pp.
Diesel Engines.
identifies the separate systems. In this revision, current
Checklists of required maintenance tasks are included,
with explanations of engine operation: warm-up, normal
Size:6”x9”•85 illustrations•160pp.
Oceanography and Seamanship
2nd Edi-
tion William G. Van Dorn. This book explains
the ocean as an operating environment, how
boats and ships behave, and what the average
sailor can do to make any voyage safer and
more pleasurable. It is a reference at maritime
academies and is used as a textbook in colleges.
Size: 8.5”x11” • 46 bw photos, 170 illustrations,
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