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Making Money with Boats
2nd Edition
Fred Ed-
wards. More than ever, charter operators must adhere
to good business practices to transform water-related
fun into profitability. This book is a must-have for
anyone seeking to make money with a boat, including
parasail operators, dive boat skippers, excursion boat
owners, and many others.
Size:6”x9”• index•224pp.
333 Tips for Sailors
Fridtjof Gunkel, editor. This
guide brings together yachtsmen's best ideas from the
last decade, including simple and cost-effective ways
to improve equipment performance that make life on
board more convenient and comfortable, and sailing
easier and safer. Included are tips on mooring and
anchoring, handling, stowing, securing, storing during
the winter, and cleaning—and of course, maximizing
comfort in the cockpit and on deck.
Nautical Etiquette and Customs
2nd Edition
Lindsay Lord. With gentle humor, Lindsay Lord explores
both the past and present state of yachting culture.
There are also apt descriptions of the protocol for the
yacht club ashore, including such topics as launching
parties, club commissioning, and even tipping.
Size:5.5”x8.5”•16 illustrations•128pp.
Vessel Traffic Systems
Charles W. Koburger. Vessel
traffic control systems operate today in as many as 250
bodies of water throughout the world. The function of
a Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS) is to increase safety, to
accommodate a greater flow of traffic, and to protect
the environment.
Tanker Operations: A Handbook for the Per-
son-in-Charge (PIC)
5th Edition Mark Huber, based
on earlier editions by Greg Marton. It is a standard
reference for anyone involved in the tanker industry.
Review questions have been incorporated at the
end of each chapter to ensure that the information
has been covered and understood by the reader. A
comprehensive glossary is also provided.
Size:6”x9”•210b/w illustrations•392pp.
Marine Cargo Operations: A Guide to Stowage
Fourth Edition
Capt. Robert Meurn, USNR. Marine
Cargo Operations clearly instructs merchant officers
with the techniques of cargo operations and the prin-
ciples of stowage and their application. This edition
emphasizes innovations in cargo operations over the
last five decades, particularly containerization and the
responsibilities of the ship’s officers for the proper and
safe carriage of their cargo.
Size:6”x9”•160 illustrations•512pp.
Survival Guide for the Mariner
2nd Edition Robert
J. Meurn. Seafarers must be prepared to cope with the
worst situations that the sea can offer. This book is
used as a text for those preparing to be Coast Guard
certified lifeboatmen, the appendices contain sample
Coast Guard examination questions and answers.
Size:6”x9”•170bw illustrations, index•254pp.
Marine Engineering Economics and Cost Anal-
Everett C. Hunt and Boris S. Butman. Intended for
students and practitioners of ship design, shipbuilding,
and ship operations who want to understand and
apply the concepts of engineering economics to
routine engineering decisions. Computer software is
included to aid in completing the analyses required.
Size:6”x9”•numerous illustrations•488pp.
Modern Marine Engineer’s Manual Vol.I
Charles C. Hunt . Contributing Editors: Gus
Bourneuf Jr., Boris S. Butman, Roger Butturini, et
al. Steam turbine propulsion, aero-derivative gas
turbines, pumps, pumping systems and more. Com-
puter applications for machinery, international and
national laws, ISM code, characteristics of fuels, fuel
testing and analysis, shipboard engineering, shipyard
repair and economics.
Size:6”x9”•101bwphotos,numerous illustrations, index
Modern Marine Engineer’s Manual Volume
3rd Edition
Charles C. Hunt. Contributing Editors:
Behr, Brown, et al. This is an extensive coverage on
the newest medium-speed diesel engine, engine
exhaust emissions, new refrigerants and the mainte-
nance of refrigeration systems. Also covered are trash
handling, sewage processing, bilge water discharge,
and incineration.
Size: 6”x9” • 624 illustrations, 46 bw photos, Glossaries/
Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
James A. Harbach. Since the 1990s, environmental
concerns have had a major effect on refrigeration
and air-conditioning systems. Today’s students are
required to learn how to retrofit existing systems and
replace entire units.
Size: 6”x9” • 150 bw illustrations, index • 408pp.
ISBN: 978-0-87033-565-5 • hard • $50.00
Key Divergences Between English and American
Law of Marine Insurance
Thomas J. Schoenbaum.
In the United States, marine insurance underwriting
began in the eighteenth century. The unity of the An-
glo-American law was broken in 1955. The purpose of
this work is to explore the breakdown of the uniformity
of the law, and to point to its cure.
Size:6”x9”• index•224pp.
Law and Practice of Marine Insurance and
Average Set
Alex L. Parks. The only truly compre-
hensive work on marine insurance in the United States,
this text includes not only the large body of American
marine insurance case law, but also United Kingdom
and Commonwealth cases and statutes. Two volumes.
Size:6”x9”• index•1656pp. (2vols.)
The Law of Marine Collision
Healy and Sweeney.
A complete text on the law of collision reflecting the
adoption of the 1972 International Regulations for
Avoiding Collisions at Sea, the widespread use of radar
and Automatic Radar Plotting in navigation; Pilotage,
towage, marine pollution, limitation of liability, marine
insurance, salvage, and general average.
Size:6”x9”•59color illustrations•672pp.
Law of Tug, Tow, and Pilotage
3rd Edition Alex L.
Parks and Edward V. Cattell, Jr. Providing the profes-
sional practitioner with a ready source of reference to
this area of the maritime world, the book treats the
concepts of the field by tracing their derivation in
admiralty law. The case update is generally through
the 1992 AMC.
Size:6”x9”• index•1387pp. ISBN:978-0-87033-448-1
Handbook of Rights and Concerns for Mariners
Roberto Tiangco and Russ Jackson. Conditions aboard
ship can be brutal for some mariners, especially those
from Third World countries working on substandard
ships. This book addresses the problems and provides
a comprehensive approach to their solution.
Modern Marine Salvage
William I. Milwee, Jr. This
is a comprehensive treatment of ship salvage in all
its aspects, but written in plain language. Casualty
management is also covered. The book’s appendices
include necessary salvage contracts, sample forms, and
checklists for all possible situations. Size: 6”x9” • 170
bw illustrations, index•792pp.ISBN:978-0-87033-471-9
American Merchant Seaman’s Manual
7th Edition
Hayler, Keever. Designed to provide knowledge that
new seamen need to embark upon their careers at sea.
Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping
for Seafarers, with data on merchant fleets, and a
chapter on wire rope.
Size: 6”x9” • 542 bw illustrations, 59 color illustrations,
Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations for the Aspiring
Professional Sailor
G. Andy Chase. Designed to
accompany the sailor as a study guide and point of
reference, the work, in theory and practice, calls
attention to the myriad constant and critical elements
of professional yacht and vessel management.
Size:6”x9”•220bw illustrations•328pp.
Behavior and Handling of Ships
Henry H. Hooyer.
The forces acting on the ship have an effective lever arm
with respect to a hypothetical pivot point. The book will
be particularly helpful to pilots and ships’ officers, and
those whose jobs require a thorough understanding
of ship behavior.
Size:6”x9”•160 illustrations, index•152pp.
Applied Naval Architecture
Robert B. Zubaly. It
could be used as an introduction to naval architecture
for technical personnel of all types already employed
in shipyards. Students preparing for a degree in naval
architecture would find the book useful as an intro-
duction to their profession.
Size:6”x9”•100 illustrations, index•360pp.
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