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Paper Empires: 100 Years of German Paper
Soldiers (1845 - 1945)
Rafael de Francisco
López. These paper cut-outs developed from
toys into a historically important reflection on
the German military and social classes from the
early nineteenth to the early twentieth century,
culminating in their proliferation during the rise
and reign of the Third Reich. This book, showing
thousands of figures in 173 color images, is a
an essential collection.
Scratch Built! A Celebration of the Static
Scale Airplane Modeler’s Craft
Cooke. Written by three well-known practitioners
of the craft, this book explains advanced aircraft
modeling techniques in a lively and readable, yet
thorough manner and includes many “how-to”
photos and line drawings. Also included are
superb portraits of over thirty scratch built models.
The Master Scratchbuilders: Their Aircraft
Models & Techniques.
John Alcorn. Aircraft
models by twenty outstanding practitioners from
around the world, providing detailed coverage of
their widely varying techniques. Each includes color
photosof the featuredmodel,plusnumerousdetail
construction illustrations. Other chapters explain
advanced finishing technique, vacuforming, model
subject research, and tools/supplies/materials
required for this arcane craft.
Sheperd Paine: the Life and Work of a
Master Modeler and Military Historian.
DeRogatis. Paine did more than anyone to elevate
modeling to the level of an art form – one that
includes elements of painting, sculpting, research,
and storytelling. Building and painting miniature
figures, armor, aircraft, and ships with equal skill,
Paine created incredibly detailed and masterfully
rendered vignettes and dioramas.
Large Scale Armor Modeling • Building a
1/6 Scale Stuart Tank.
Robert N. Steinbrunn.
This lavishly illustrated volume takes the reader
on an exciting model-building journey as tips,
techniques, and artistry intertwine during the
construction of a 1/6 scale M5A1 Stuart light
tank. The author uses 234 color photographs
and descriptive text to guide the reader in con-
structing a museum-quality radio-controlled
scale model.
Exotic Panzers in Miniature: Modeling
Unusual War Machines of the Third Reich.
Edward F. McGrane. Award-winning minia-
turist shares his panzer modeling approach
featuring rare and unusual armor subjects of
the Third Reich. Each 1/35 scale exotic panzer
is presented in its own project essay, complete
with in-progress photos. Unprecedented for its
wealth of both informative and inspirational
material, this new title represents a fresh
take on panzer.
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