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Double Action: Classic Revolvers for Target
Shooting, Hunting, and Security
. Ulrich Schwab.
This reference book describes the most popular double
action revolvers in words and superb, high-quality
photographs, and documents their design, technology,
and how they shoot. It also what they can achieve in
precision shooting and discusses trigger pull weight
and groups.
Developmental Cartridge Handguns in
.22 Calibre: As Produced in the United
States and Europe from 1855-75
S. Laidacker. This book is a study of early .22
cartridge handguns from 1855-75. Laidacker’s
primary aim was to offer a quick reference to
the collector, and his commentary on the wide
variety of types, variations, and makers, as well
as detailed photography, make this a superb
addition to any firearm library.
Webley Solid-Frame Revolvers: Nos. 1, 1
1/2, 2, Bull Dogs, and Pugs
Michaels. Popular from the late 19th through
the early 20th centuries, the British Webley
Pug and Bull Dog revolvers, manufactured by P.
Webley & Son of Birmingham, provided security
for many at home or concealed in coat pockets.
Webley Solid Frame Revolvers: RICs, MPs,
and No.5s
Black/Davis/Michaud. New research
on the Webley RIC, MP, and No.5 revolvers.
Includes new information onWebleys purchased
bypoliceagenciesprior to theRICmodels.Covers
Webleyproduction from1864 to1938.Anumber
of Webley’s miscellaneous solid frames are also
included, along with displays of Webley loading
tools, cartridges, cartridge boxes, the 1903 cat-
alog, and previously unknown caliber offerings.
Suppliers to the Confederacy: British Imported
Arms and Accoutrements
Craig L. Barry and David
C. Burt. A look at the impact the English had on
supplying the Confederacy and its effect on the U.S.
Civil War. Each piece of equipment is examined in great
detail with detailed photographs and a discussion of
most of the patterns of British equipment carried by
Confederate soldiers and how they were to be used,
how it was purchased, from where and by whom, and
how it was shipped over to the Confederate States.
The Whitney Navy Revolver: A Reference
of the Models and Types 1857-1866
E. Williams, Jr. A reference for the most famous
revolver manufactured by Eli Whitney, Jr. during
the late-1850s and throughout the American
Civil War. TheWhitney Navy Revolver documents
the results of a two-year research project and
provides clear and current information on the
variousmodelsand types.A thoroughdescription
along with photographs of each model and type
of Whitney Navy revolver is found in this book.
One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge
Boxes 1856-1956
Giles & Shuey. Covering the
100 years that Winchester and its predecessor
companies – Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., and
New Haven Arms Co., which produced cartridges
in NewHaven – this is the first detailed study done
on cartridge boxes from the era of the modern
gun. Coverage includes all the calibers for which
Winchester, including Volcanic and New Haven
Arms, catalogued every rifle model (other than
.22 rimfire), from 1856-1956.
Modern Exterior Ballistics: The Launch and
Flight Dynamics of Symmetric Projectiles
2nd Edition
Robert L. McCoy. The basic free
flight dynamics of symmetric projectiles and a
historical perspective from early developments in
the 19th century through the modern post-war
era. The basic principles of ballistic science are
developed from a comprehensive definition of
the aerodynamic forces that control the flight
dynamics of symmetric projectiles.
Guns and Gunmaking Tools of
Southern Appalachia: The Story of
the Kentucky Rifle
John Rice Irwin. The
people of the isolated mountain valleys of
Appalachia tell how they make and use
the Kentucky and related firearms and
the supplies that go with them, both in
the past and today as tradition continues.
Carving Gunstocks: Power Techniques
Valencia. With 250 color photos, all the steps
needed to transform a plain gunstock into a
work of art are explained, from creating patterns,
removing factory checkering, and using a high
speed power pen and bits to create scroll, basket
weave, and maple leaf patterns, along with
realistic wildlife carvings. Adapting patterns to
curved surfaces, sanding, and finishing techniques
are explained.
Powder Horns: Fabrication & Decoration
Jim Stevens. 275 color photos illustrate working,
shaping, decorating, and finishing techniques,
including inlays,engrailing,andscrimshaw.Leather
strap weaving and braiding methods are also
provided for carrying the finished horn in an
authentic manner. For inspiration, photo gallery
shows finished powder horns and a contact list
includes the artists featured.
Firearms and TackleMemorabilia
The advertising art used to promote firearms and
fishing tackle is among the most beautiful and
highly cherished of all. Exquisitely executed and
highly collectible, some of the finest examples
are presented here in full color photos. Included
are signs and posters, calendars, trade cards,
boxes, envelopes, and other highly sought-after
Top of the Line Hunting Collectibles
Donna Tonelli. A treasury of the finest hunting
collectibles around, this is a valuable reference
guide for everyone from the beginner to the
seasoned collector. Includes decoys, bird calls,
early arms and ammunition company premiums,
and hundreds of other items, all in full color with
a helpful price guide.
The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese
Military Training Manual
Jie Tian & Justin
Ma. The Way of Archery provides a detailed
introduction to practicing archery in the tra-
ditional Chinese military style. The illustrated
translation and commentary provide a fresh,
practical perspective on a 1637 archery trea-
tise. The reader will come to understand the
technical side of the Way of Archery, and
will connect with the philosophy and spirit of the ancient Chinese warriors.
Size:9.125”x8.125”•126color images•176pp.
Here are detailed, step-by-step instructions to
enable them to equip themselves with personal
finger guards, belt pouches, tension springs,
string holders, and ten types of quivers. Learn
to make bowstrings, targets (from simple to
imaginative), and fittings, and gain information
to make arrows especially crafted to meet an
archer’s individual needs.
The Bow Builder’s Book: European Bow
Building from the Stone Age to Today
Revised 2nd Edition
Pantel, Riesch, Stegmeyer, Stehli, Vögele, & Zschi-
eschang. Experienced bow builders describe the
history, evolution and construction of European
style longbows in this engaging book. For the
beginner, clear, uncomplicated instructions are
offered, including descriptions of construction
techniques, tools, materials, and shooting styles.
Making Bows with Children
Hein. If you want to build yourself a
real bow, here is where the adventure
begins! Learn how to build 2 different
bows, arrows, bowstrings, and quiv-
er with step-by-step instruction. This
well-illustrated book also takes you on
a brief excursion through the history of
this ancient implement.
Teaching the Bow to Bend: Making a Longbow
LindaSchillingandMichaelWlotzka.Makinga longbow
inonly twodays?Nosweat! In their two-dayworkshops,
the bowmakers team of Kunst-Griff introduced many
enthusiasticbeginners to thebasicsofmakingawooden
longbow—demonstrating each action step by step, in
a comprehensible and clear way. This compact book,
now in color, brings their workshop to you!
Size:6”x9”•183color images•80pp.
Making a Rattan Bow.
Linda Schilling &
Michael Wlotzka. Using rattan or a combina-
tion of rattan and wood, this book guides you
through the making of seven bow designs with
illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Sections
include creating the bow profile, tillering, leather
grips, shaping the handle, making wood overlays
for the tips, and much more. Perfect for archers,
woodworkers, and crafters of all skill level.
Size:8.5”x11”•328color images/8graphs•112pp.
Legends in Archery: Adventurers with Bow and
Peter O. Stecher. Filled with stories, observations,
and lessons from the gutsy adventurous characters who
defined the sport of archery, this book takes you on
journies to big game bowhunts in Africa, bowfishing
in South America, and other adventures in archery.
Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack.
Revised & Ex-
panded 2nd Edition.
Robert L. Woolery. In this
updated second edition, readers are shown every step
to successful rawhide braiding, beginning with a fresh
and ending with finished reatas, bosals, hobbles, or
reins. Also discussed are tools and implements the
beginner can make out of readily available materials.
My Life Pile: A Compilation of Stories
from the Lifetime of a Hunter/Gatherer
Vic Berg. This books tells of the self-centering
effects of living within nature while hunting
and fishing, written by an outfitter and guide
of 50 years experience. The author observes
how humbling his clients’ dealings with wildlife
encountered may be.
Size:9”x8”•53color/bw images•160pp.
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