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Making Integral Knives
Fronteddu & Steigerwald.
How to design and build an integral knife, a knife made
out of a single piece of steel. From basic patterns and
principles to technical solutions to various variations in
design and process, this guide is ideal for the interme-
diate to advanced knifemaker. Through step-by-step
instructions and images, three integral knife projects
with varying levels of difficulty are explained. steel that
has been professionally prepared with a
Making Leather Knife Sheaths Vol.1
Hölter &
Fronteddu. Protect that beautiful hand-forged knife
you’ve just completed or keep your favorite piece of
cutlery close for daily use with a leather sheath. From
basic leather working techniques to a completed sheath,
this how-to book will walk you through the steps to
produce your own fixed-blade knife sheath. Choose
from four different designs, each presented in detail,
or use the know-how and tools to make sheaths of
your own design.
Making Full Tang Knives For Beginners: Step-
by-Step Manual from Design to the Finished
Stefan Steigerwald and Peter Fronteddu. From
drawing the initial sketches of a design to etching your
initials into the handle, learn how to build a fixed-blade,
full tang knife with detailed, step-by-step instructions
and illustrations. No previous knifemaking knowledge
is necessary, and the list of required tools is short: files,
sandpaper, a drill, and elbow grease.
Making Hidden Tang Knives
Schmidbauer &
Wieland. This beginner-level guide explains, step-
by-step, how to make a fixed-blade hidden tang knife
and a matching leather scabbard. Used by hunters and
fishermen the world over, hidden tang knives have
tangs that are completely hidden by the handle material,
which makes for a more comfortable grip on the knife.
Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners
Ernst G. Siebeneicher-Hellwig & Jürgen Rosinski. The
art of forging multiple layers of steel together into
beautiful, strong, and sharp Damascus steel blades
started a millenia ago. Now, with this guide, novice
blacksmiths and bladesmiths have a practical and
budget-conscious approach to forging their own
Damascus steel knives.
Damascus Steel: Theory and Practice
Löbach. This comprehensive book unravels the history
and mysteries surrounding various types of Damascus
steel before delving into the theory and mechanics of
forging your own complex Damascus steel creations.
Complete with material and equipment requirements,
safety precautions, practical tips, temperature charts, and
examples of finished works, this book offers inspiration
and the fundamentals of working in this ancient medium.
Size:7”x10”•225color images•176pp.
Knife Sharpening Made Easy
The ideal guide for knifemakers, collectors, culinary
professionals, and more, this book teaches multiple
methods for making your blades as sharp as new – or
even sharper. Each process is illustrated with pictures
and offers practical instruction, including methods suited
for challenging blades like serrated blades and knives
with wavy or convex cuts.
Sharpening and Knife Making
JimWatson. Sharp-
ening techniques for numerous woodcarving tools and
knives of various sizes and shapes, including pocket
knives and kitchen knives. The necessary materials
for proper sharpening are listed and discussed with
methods for reconditioning and making new knives
and tools and information on resurfacing the sharp-
ening stones.
Japanese Knife Sharpening With Traditional
Rudolf Dick. Everything readers should
know about sharpening Japanese blades. Learn how to
make knives sharp and to gain their best performance.
The author expert explains special Japanese knives,
helps readers choose the correct sharpening stones,
and gives detailed guidance for practice. A chapter on
the pinnacle of blade sharpening, polishing Japanese
swords, completes the standard work for all users and
admirers of Japanese knives.
Size:6”x9”•151color/bw images•128pp.
The English Revolver: A Collectors’ Guide
to the Guns, their History and Values
George Prescott. Clearly and lucidly written to
give both the novice and experienced collector
the information they need to make informed
decisions about these increasingly popular
guns, this book includes those details which
make the difference between the real "find"
and a collector's nightmare.
9mm Parabellum: The History & Develop-
ment of the World’s 9mm Pistols & Am-
Konig & Hugo. Shows the variety of
weapons and ammunition in the 9mm format
from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain,
Finland, France, Italy, Israel, Austria, Poland, South
Africa, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the U.S.
Covered are the Mauser, Walther, Llama, Beretta
including the models now used in the American
Armed Forces, the UZI, Colt and Smith & Wesson.
German Military Rifles and Machine Pistols
HansDieterGötz.This richly illustrated
volume covers the development of German rifles
and machine pistols, as well as their ammunition,
from 1871 through WWI to the end of WWII, and
includes many rare, variant, and experimental
types. Covered are the Werder rifle, Mauser rifles,
the various M/71 rifles and ammunition, the 88
cartridge, the infantry rifle 88, the 98 rifles, the
FJ rifle, the 41 and 43 rifles, ERMA and Walther
machine pistols and more.
Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871-1959
Webster. Between 1891-1959 Argentina bought
or manufactured nearly 500,000Mauser rifles and
carbines for itself as well as for its neighbors Peru,
Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Details include:
thirty-seven identified variants; the history behind
each purchase and the technical description of
each variant; contract-by-contract, and in the case
of the Model 1891, 1909, and 1947 weapons
a month-by-month, detail of production and
shipping data.
Double Barrel
Norbert Klups. This book presents
the Double-barrel gun in 272 beautiful photos and
clear informative text that will captivate a hunter’s
attention and inspire the sport. The fascination
of a traditionally built, double-barreled gun can
scarcely fail to attract a passionate hunter. With
the detailed engraving, beautiful grain, checkered
stocks, and high finishes of many double-barreled
guns, these guns are ideal for hunting or collecting.
The Drilling
Norbert Klups. The Drilling is
a triple barreled, shoulder held firearm. As a
“combination gun”, the Drilling is comprised
of various combinations of shotgun and/or
rifle barrels, giving the flexibility of shooting
both types of cartridges with a wide range of
caliber from one firearm. Many of these firearms
were custom made and are highly decorated
through detailed engraving, stock carving and
customized metal work.
Collector’s Guide to Imperial Japanese
Handguns 1893-1945
James D. Brown. This
volume has been prepared as an inexpensive
guide to Japanese military handguns of the first
half of the 20th Century. It is intended primarily
for the collector who, upon encountering a
new specimen, wants information to identify,
classify and evaluate.
Japanese Military Cartridge Handguns
1893-1945: A Revised and Expanded Edi-
tion of “Hand Cannons of Imperial Japan”
Derby & Brown.Signal pistols, foreign-procured
military handguns, ammunition, holsters, and
accessories are also covered. Significant changes
are included based on new findings, and a great
deal of new information has been added. A num-
ber of newly discovered variants are identified
and described, and expanded tables of reported
serial numbers and production data are provided.
Cold War Pistols of Czechoslovakia
D. Brown. This is the first English language
work to examine the subject in detail and the
first in any language to identify, describe, and
quantify variations and production figures for
the models covered. The book focuses on the
Czechoslovak Communist period (1948-89). Also
covered are the more modern commercial CZ
75 and CZ 85, the military model 82, and the
commercial CZ 83, as are small caliber target
pistols and signal pistols.
Bullard Firearms
G. Scott Jamieson. Bullard
Firearms is the story of a mechanical genius
whose rifles and cartridges were the equal of
any made in America in the 1880s, yet little of
substance had been written about James H. Bul-
lard or his arms prior to 1988 when the original
first edition called Bullard Arms was published.
Italian Small Arms of the First and Second
World Wars.
Ralph Riccio. This comprehensive
book addresses all Italian small arms used
during both World Wars and covers pistols,
rifles, submachine guns and machine guns
domestically designed and produced, as well
as prototypes and foreign weapons in Italian
service. It contains much new data as well
as correcting previous information and is an
invaluable reference work.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4583-8 • hard • $69.99 •
Schiffer LTD
Engraved Handguns of .22 Calibre 1855-85
John S. Laidacker. For many years the designs
found on engraved handguns has been found
quite interesting. This book identifies the motifs
employed, and determines engraving charac-
teristics of various arms producing companies.
To accomplish this, examples of .22 calibre
handguns from 1855 to the mid-1870s have
been examined and photographed, and a system
of identification has been structured.
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