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Luftwaffe Gravity Knife: A History and Analysis
of the Flyer’s and Paratrooper’s Utility Knife
Mack Pattarozzi. This book provides fellow collectors
with a detailed reference on the famed WWII Luftwaffe
gravity knife and dispels many common misconceptions
about the gravity knife’s origin, purpose, evolution and
history while thoroughly familiarizing the reader with
every facet of the gravity knife.
Bayonets of the First World War.
Bera and Bernard Aubry. This detailed, concise
look at WWI bayonets presents their development
and use by all combatant countries. Images show
full views of bayonets and accessories, and a clear
look at hilts, connection points, blades, and a wide
variety of manufacturer’s markings.
The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife: Collecting
Britain’s Most Iconic Dagger
Wolfgang Peter-Michel.
This book provides an insight in the development of
20th century’s most influential military fighting knife
and its historical background. It covers not only the
basic variations of the F-S knife but also numerous other
examples the collector may encounter.
Theater MadeMilitary Knives of WWII
& Wright. This is one of the fastest growing fields
of collecting in America today. These knives are
very historical. They were individually handmade
by people who wanted to contribute to the war
effort, as well as the service men who used them.
Most of these knives differ in style and have very
colorful handles.
Modern Knives in Combat
Pohl & Schulze. This book
documents for thefirst time theknives,bayonetsand tools
actually carried in action by the soldiers – U.S. Marines
and troops from other countries – in Afghanistan, Iraq
and the Balkans. Pohl provides a detailed description
of each of the eighty knives along with technical specs
and background information.
American Gladius: A Study of the M-9 Multi-Pur-
pose Bayonet System
Mack A. Pattarozzi. The M9
has been the United States Army’s standard bayonet
for over two decades. This book chiefly focuses on its
manufacturers, evolution, variations, accessories, and
collectability with the objective to spotlight only those
M9s of military issue.
Antique Swords & Daggers
Mircea Velea-
nu. This comprehensive book features edged
weapons dating from the Neolithic period to the
early 20th century. These fascinating antiques
come from all over the globe, including Europe,
America, the Middle East, Asia, Japan, and
Africa. Among the items showcased are tribal,
ceremonial, and presentation edged weapons,
Indonesian krises, and Borneo “headhunter”
The Heritage of English Knives
Hayden-Wright. The preeminent reference on
antique English knives, written by one of Great
Britain’s most respected 20th century authorities
on weaponry. The text contains much previously
unknown historical information about cutlers
and their art. Chapters cover the earliest his-
tory of Sheffield, England, a directory of 19th
century cutlers’ names, and many groups and
types of knives.
The Back-lock Folding Knife: FromDesign
to Completion
Fronteddu & Steigerwald. Take
your knifemaking skills to the next level and
create your own folding knife with back-lock
design. The fit, combination, and variety of
shapes of each knife are always a new challenge
and presented here in clear, easy-to-understand,
step-by-step instructions.
Basic Knife Making: From Raw Steel to a
Finished Stub Tang Knife
wig & Rosinski. Knifemaking has experienced
tremendous growth as a hobby, and now you
can learn this craft. Step-by-step instructions
provide all stages of the knife’s construction,
from selection of the steel, to forging the blade,
assembling the handle, and constructing a holder.
Includes sections on safety, sources for materials,
templates and designs to inspire your own ideas.
Pocketknife Making for Beginners
& Fronteddu. Make your own folding pocketknife with
this easy-to-follow guide. Step by step, this instructional
manual unfolds the secrets of constructing a slip joint
folding knife, which is held open by spring force and
friction. In addition to introducing different variations
of this knife style, this guide presents the materials,
tools, and technical design skills needed for the project.
Keen Kutter Pocket Knives
listing for every Keen Kutter pocket knife shown in
Simmons Hardware Company catalogs since 1905. Over
1100 original Keen Kutter Catalog images including
Outing, Scouting and Cigar Cutter pocket knives; New
England Whalers, California Budding knives, Kattle,
Electrician, and Karpenter knives plus many more.
Catalog number, size, materials, & years of production.
Size:6”x9”•1163bw images•224pp.
Fancy Knives: A Complete Analysis & Intro-
duction to Make Your Own
Steigerwald & Siebe-
neicher-Hellwig. Through over 300 color photos and
concise text, you can learn the materials, qualities,
working styles, and handle materials of penknives.
Knife decorating techniques include engraving, etching,
inlay, scrimshaw, and coloring. Instructions are given
to readers who wish to make their own knives.
Forging Japanese Knives for Beginners
Ernst G.
Siebeneicher-Hellwig and Jürgen Rosinski. Learn how
to make two types of Japanese knives: a tanto (dagger)
and a hocho (chef’s knife) using traditional techniques.
With step-by-step images and clear instructions, this
how-to guide covers acquiring iron ore, building and
using a bloomery furnace, forging the blades, fitting
the blades with handles, and sharpening the blades
with water stones.
Military Response to UFO Activity
Stephen Cox.
This collection of UFO reports from pilots, astronauts,
and other government officials will prove to you that
UFOs are not only real, but have been here for a long
time. Take an in-depth look at the US Government’s
reactions to UFO phenomena since 1947. Find out
what happens when military aircraft fire upon a
UFO and whether these aircraft are a threat to our
National security.
The U. S. Naval Academy: in Post-
Randall W. Bannister. Through
images on over 475 postcards produced
between1900-30,also thegoldenageof
picture postcards, this book lets you see
what the Academy and life there were
like when midshipmen with names like
Nimitz, Halsey, King, Spruance, Mitscher
and Burke.
Florida At War
Donald Spencer. Visit the
many forts and camps that were built to protect
and develop the state, including Fort Caroline,
Castillo de San Marcos, Fort Myers, and Camp
Blanding. See how the major wars of our time,
including World Wars I and II, impacted the
Sunshine State.
Sword Fighting: An Introduction to han-
dling a Long Sword
Herbert Schmidt. A
comprehensive introduction to the subject of
swordfighting explaining the fundamentals of
fighting with the long sword, the guards, cuts
andMaster Cuts, as well as advanced techniques
and tactics for practical fighting. These also
include wrestling at the sword.
Guide to Knife & Ax Throwing
Dieter Führer. Knife
and axe throwing are becoming increasingly popular
athletic disciplines. Dieter, a successful competitive
pitcher and your personal guide, has tested more
than a hundred different throwing objects, and offers
plenty of tips from his own experience. Now, you will
learn everything you need to know about throwing all
forms, from deceptively simple steel throwing knives
to hatchets and tomahawks.
Weapons of Warriors: Famous
Antique Swords of the Near East
Diehl/Hampe. The most renowned, pres-
tigious, and historical Arabic and Turkish
swords from the 12th through the 19th
century. Every sword is professionally
photographed in the highest resolution
and presented in multiple angles, many
in life size across four pages to provide
the reader with the most detailed Vview.
Schiffer LTD
Officer Swords of the German Navy 1806-
Stefanski & Stefanski. This book details
the swords worn by German naval officers and
NCOs from 1806-1945. The authors provide
new info on the legendary Fürstenberg Swords,
on the various models, and also provide a list of
the wearers of honorary swords from the days of
the Imperial Navy, the Reichs- and Kriegsmarine.
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