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Navies of the Napoleonic Era
Digby Smith. This
book falls into three parts: Part 1: The Ships and the
Men describes ship construction, rigging, sail plans
and rating system, life at sea, naval tactics; Part 2: The
Engagements; Part Three: The National Navies gives
the strength of fleets at various times, the organization
and training of individual navies, and also detailed
descriptions of the uniforms worn at different periods.
Size:6”x9”•60bw images•272pp.
Orders, Decorations and Badges of the
Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the
National Front for the Liberation of South
Edward J. Emering. The Orders and
Decorations of the “enemy” during the Vietnam
Warhave remainedshrouded inmystery formany
years. Covered are those Orders and Decorations
now considered official by the SRV, as well as
many of the obsolete awards bestowed by the
DRV and the NLF.
Weapons and Field Gear of the North
Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong
J. Emering. The Vietnam War by its very nature
offers an incredible range and variety of these
items for the interested collector. This book
will help both the serious collector as well as
those individuals interested in acquiring only
a token piece of history to avoid potentially
costly mistakes
Viet Cong: A Photographic Portrait
J. Emering. This work strips away the myth
and mystery which surrounds the Viet Cong
and, through the medium of their own candid
photography, present them in human terms. A
cultural obsession, photos were taken wherever
and whenever possible. It is from such sources
that these photos are made available, most for
the first time ever, to the general public.
Uniforms of Imperial & Soviet Russia in
Color: As Illustrated by Herbert Knötel, dj
Robert W. Kenny, Jr. Knötel’s expert
renditionsofonehundreduniformsof theRussian
Army, 1907-20; a Berlin grouping consists of 45
images done on the post-WWII scene including
those contracted for by the Military Intelligence
Section, G-2, in 1945; and fifty images covering
Russian/Soviet uniforms from 1921-46, with
emphasis on the post-war era.
Size:9”x12”•190color images•200pp.
Imperial Russian Field Uniforms and
Equipment 1907-17
Johan Somers. This book
provides a detailed look into the wide range of
uniforms, weapons, and field equipment used
by the Imperial Russian Army from 1907-17,
and sheds light on the many interesting items
in use during WWI.
British Officers’ Peak Caps of the Second
World War
Olivier C. Dorrell. A first of its kind,
this essential guide to British Officers’ peak caps
shows collectors how to identify and date a cap
toaparticularperiod, learnaboutthepeakcap’s
and storage. This book provides a list of known
cap makers and a price guide.
Uniforms of the East German Military:
Klaus-Ulrich Keubke and Manfred
Kunz. This book is the most complete study in
English on East German (DDR) military and po-
lice service, parade and combat uniforms. With
over 1,000 images - hundreds in full color - the
uniforms, headgear, and insignia of all military
service branches as well as police and border
forces are covered in superb detail.
• 1000 color/bw photos • 240pp. ISBN: 978-0-
Schiffer LTD
Uniforms & Equipment of the Czarist
Russian Armed Forces in WWI: A Study
in Period Photos
S.A. Coil. In addition to a
remarkable selection of studio photos, stunning
candid photos of front-oviki, or frontline troops,
offer an authentic view of trench and battlefield
life. Each photo has been carefully chosen and
researched to offer the reader detailed infor-
mation on the medical, motor, naval, and air
service branches, as well as artillery, machinegun,
pioneer, infantry, cavalry, guard troops and more.
WWII Parade Uniforms of the Soviet
Union: Marshals, Generals and Admirals,
The Sinclair Collection
James C. McComb
Sinclair II and Douglas A. Drabik.
With hundreds
of beautiful, large format full-color photos,
detailed close-ups of uniforms, and an archive
of vintage photos, this book will take you on a
visual journey through the development of the
Soviet WWII flag rank parade uniform. Many
extremely rare examples of belonging to named
officers uniforms include branch variants shown
in their full glory.
World War II Parade Uniforms of the So-
viet Union Vol.2: Marshals, Generals, and
Admirals: The Sinclair Collection
ames C.
McComb Sinclair II and Douglas A. Drabik. The
second volume of the Sinclair Collection brings
into focus a new group of WWII Soviet uniforms.
Several uniforms including one of Generalissi-
mus Stalin’s and very rare examples of branch
marshals and other flag ranks are presented in
full color.Size: 9”x12” • 225 color/bw photos •
176pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4579-1•hard•$69.99
Now Available
A special boxed, limited edi-
tion of 100 of
World War II
Parade Uniforms of the
Soviet Union
, Volumes 1 &
2 has been produced for in-
terested readers. It features
both books in a handsome
slipcase, perfect for the dedi-
cated collector or as a gift. It is
available for a limited time only,
and should be ordered directly
from the publisher by phone
(610-593-1777) or on the web
$179.99 plus s&h
Uniforms of the Soviet Union 1918-45
ster & Nelson. For the first time a photographic
study of the Soviet uniforms from the Revolution,
Civil War, Purges, and WWII. Hundreds of full
color highly detailed photos of actual uniforms
are combined with period bw photos. Actual
uniforms of Marshals of the Soviet Union, to
private soldiers of all services are to be found
in this extensive volume.
Historical Record of the 14th (King’s) Hus-
sars 1715-1900
Col. Henry Blackburne Hamilton.
This reprint of the 14th (King’s) Hussars unit
history was first published in 1901. This complete
history is presented chronologically and details
the commanders, operations and uniforms from
1715-1900, and is complemented with superb
full color plates of uniforms and standards, and
duotone photos of the regimental commanders.
Size:7”x10”•70color/bw images•736pp.
Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army
in WWI - A Study in Period Photos
J. Chambers. The quality images selected for this
book were photographed in peace and wartime,
in the studio and the field, and show in detail the
service dress uniform, equipment and weapons
in use by the British Army between 1900-18.
Each photograph caption has been carefully and
thoroughly researched, affording the reader infor-
mation not to be found in any other single source.
For King and Country: British Airborne
Uniforms, Insignia & Equipment in WWII •
1st Airborne Division • 6th Airborne Division
• 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade
Harlan Glenn. This book covers the uniforms,
equipment, insignia, weapons, vehicles, and
personal items of the British and Commonwealth
soldier of WWII and the airborne soldiers of the
1st and 6th Airborne Divisions, and the 1st Polish
Independent Parachute Brigade.
Tartans: Abbotsford to Fraser
Johnston & Smith. In this first of three
alphabetically arranged volumes you will
find over 400 examples of vividly striped
tartans covering the names Abbotsford
to Fraser.
Tartans: Frederickton to MacNeil
Johnston & Smith. Second of three al-
phabetically arranged volumes you
will find over 400 examples of vividly
striped tartans covering the names
Frederickton to MacNeil.
Tartans: MacNichol to Yukon
Johnston & Smith. Third of three al-
phabetically arranged volumes you
will find over 400 examples of vividly
striped tartans covering the names
MacNichol to Yukon.
Armies of the Napoleonic Era
Digby Smith. Armies
of the Napoleonic Era provides a complete overview
of the tactics, organisation, uniforms, equipment,
weapons, and actions fought during those dynamic
years 1792-1815. A wide selection of illustrations and
diagrams complements this unique work, which will
be of incalculable value as a reference work to serious
students of the period, modelers and wargamers.
Size:6”x9”•80bw images•272pp.
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