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An Encyclopedia of German Tradenames and
Trademarks 1900-1945 • Firearms • Optics •
Edged Weapons
W. Darrin Weaver. This comprehen-
sive and easy to use reference covers the prominent
brand names and proprietary markings that appear
on German small arms, optics and edged weapons
between 1900-45 and is aimed at the WWII German
militaria, cutlery, and small arms collector.
Schiffer LTD
American Flight Jackets: A History of U.S.
Flyers’ Jackets fromWWI to Desert Storm
Maguire & Conway. A comprehensive look at
the evolution of the American flight jacket from
WWI to Desert Storm and addresses not only
the types worn, but focuses primarily on the art
and adornment. The most colorful and creative
period for flight jacket art was WWII, and it is this
era that comprises a major portion of this book.
Art of the Flight Jacket: Classic Leather
Jackets of WWII
Maguire & Conway. Following
the success of their first volume the authors
focus solely on the painted leather jackets of
the WWII years in this all new volume.
Gear Up! Flight Clothing & Equipment
of USAAF Airmen in WWII
Jon Maguire.
Provides an in-depth examination of personal
flight clothing and equipment used by United
States Army Air Force flyers in WWII. In addition
to U.S. issue items, the book also covers RAF
gear used by U.S. airmen. Original items are
presented in full color photos, including detail
shots and labels. Also included are hundreds
of WWII era photos showing the items in use,
as they were worn.
Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens: Uniforms,
Wings & Insignia of USAAF Airmen in
Jon Maguire. Covers a broad range of
clothing, collar insignia, rank insignia, shoulder/
sleeve insignia and squadron patches. Addition-
ally, there is an in-depth examination of wing
qualification badges. Actual items are presented
in nearly 600 illustrations in full color, and also
as they appeared in actual war-era photos.
More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens: An
Expanded Study of USAS, USAAC, & US-
AAF Uniforms, Wings & Insignia 1913-45
Jon Maguire. Greatly expands on the items
presented in the first book. Additionally, this
work covers totally new areas including Civil Air
Patrol, WASPs, Air Transport Command, Factory
Techincal Representatives, and “Yanks” in the
RAF and RCAF, uniforms and insignia of theWWI
era, and the “Golden Age” of the 1920s-1930s.
Silver Wings & Leather Jackets:
Rare, Unique, and Unusual Arti-
facts of First and Second World
War Allied Flyers
Jon Maguire. Avi-
ation museums and private collectors
throughout the U.S. have generously
opened their collections of extremely
rare AVG, Eagle Squadron, Aces, A-2
jackets, attributed general’s items, OSS
material, First Air Commandos, WWI
wing badges, CNAC, paper items, and many other artifacts.
United States Navy Wings of Gold from
1917 to the Present
Willis & Carmichael. This
book chronicles in full color the development of
Navy wings, including variations in designation,
design and makers fromWWI to the present. Also
included is a listing of 17,000 naval aviators by
name and number up to 1942.
Eagles Recalled: Pilot and Aircrew Wings
of Canada, Great Britain and the British
Commonwealth 1913-45
Warren Carroll. This
book is a detailed and comprehensive study of
the brevets issued to aviators who fought with
Great Britain in World Wars I and II. Much of the
material contained in this publication has never
been published. The author has also made new
historical discoveries presented here for the very
first time and has accessed private collections,
and photographed rare museum acquisitions.
Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Clothing of the Air
War 1939-45
Mick Prodger. Examination of the
various patterns of flight jackets, suits, headgear
and gloves worn by the pilots and aircrews of
these adversaries during WWII. Includes some of
the more bizarre and experimental outfits as well
as the standard flying kit for different climates
and regions, with a special section on electrical-
ly-heated clothing.
Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Equipment of
the Air War 1939-45
Mick Prodger. Closely
examines the development and use of person-
al flying equipment of the Luftwaffe and RAF
throughout WWII. Compasses secreted in tunic
buttons, floating rations, and even suits with
built-in parachutes. All types of parachutes and
harnesses, life preservers, inflatable boats, sur-
vival tools, weapons for self-defense, and even
paperwork and personal items carried.
Vintage Flying Helmets: Aviation Head-
gear Before The Jet Age
Mick Prodger. The
history and development of early flying headgear
throughout the pioneering nations in military
and sport aviation, from the earliest exploits of
the Wright Brothers, to the end of WWII. The
illustrated color section features over 1000 photos
depicting more than 650 different items of flying
headgear including many unique personalizations
and rarely seen items.
Jet Age Flight Helmets: Aviation Headgear
in the Modern Age
Wise & Breuninger. This is
the first book ever to cover in detail the history
and development of military flight helmets from
the post-WWII era to the present, and includes
over 120 different helmets and their associated
equipment such as oxygen masks, boom micro-
phones, inner helmets etc.
Last Hope: The Blood Chit Story
Baldwin &
McGarry. The story of the tools aerial warriors
used to evade capture when forced down in
enemy controlled territory, as told by the Blood
Chit. This history from their infancy at the dawn
of the air age through their maturity at the close
of WWII was compiled from accounts provided by
more than fifty veteran airmen and intelligence
officers, and from formerly classified government
documents. Size:8.5”x11”•240color/bwphotos
•224pp. ISBN:0-7643-0222-1•hard•$49.95
One-Man Pneumatic Life Raft Survival Kits
McCarter & Taggart. The One-Man
Pneumatic Life Raft – was the unheralded and
almost unknown savior of uncounted downed
airmen of WWII and the early Korean War. This
is the story of its history, development, and us-
age as little raft survival kits. Coverage includes
issued raft kits of the USAAF, USN, British RAF
and Commonwealth, German Luftwaffe, and
Imperial Japan.
United States Combat Aircrew Survival
Equipment WWII to the Present: A Refer-
ence Guide for Collectors
Michael Breuninger.
A detailed study of USAF, Army, Army Air Force,
Navy, and Marine Corps aircrew survival equip-
ment. Items covered are: survival vests, leggings,
and chaps, life preservers, survival (ejection) seat
and back pad kits, personal survival kits and
first aid kits, etc.
Into the Blue: Uniforms of the United States
Air Force 1947 - to the Present • Vol.1
Young. Covers USAF uniform heritage beginning
with the early days of the USAS in WWI, through its
designchanges from thepast fewdecades.
Into the Blue: Uniforms of the United
States Air Force, 1947 to the Present:
Volume Two: Distinctive Uniforms, Formal
and Informal Uniforms
. Lance P. Young, with
Dave Shultz & Johnny Schlund. Uncommon USAF
uniforms, with an the introduction of the various
uniforms, the changes made over the years, and
aspects of the formation of the Flight Nurses,
WAF Utility Uniforms, Physical Training Uniforms,
the USAF Honor Guard, and the largest of USAF
career fields, the Security Forces.
Yankee Air Pirates: U.S. Air Force Uniforms
andMemorabilia of the VietnamWar - Vol.1:
Command & Control • Tactical Control •
Forward Air Control • Rescue • Electronic
Warfare • Air Police/Security Police.
and Millard. A highly detailed look at United
States Air Force uniforms and equipment as used
during the VietnamWar. This comprehensive book
presents hundreds of Air Force named items in
over 900 full color photos, giving the reader a
precise insight and reference.
Schiffer LTD
The Luftwaffe Guide Book to Basic Survival at
Original text and illustrations by Bruno Jaddatz.
This basic manual was presented to Luftwaffe airmen
in verse that was heavily colloquial and illustrated by
colourful cartoon images. The novice flyer could memorize
the couplets and recall the visual images to retain their
valuable message. The information on survival at sea
is most valuable, and the drawings provide extremely
accurate renderings of specific items of survival equipment
for reference purposes.
Size:6”x9”•50color images•56pp.
Flying Equipment of the Italian Air Force
in World War II
Alberto Spaziani. This book is a
highly detailed look at WWII era Italian flight gear.
Much of the information in this books appears
here for the first time in English. Covering flight
suits, flight helmets, goggles, parachutes, life
vests, oxygen masks, boots, gloves, and more,
in over 600 images, this book offers full coverage
of this long overlooked topic.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4377-3 • hard • $69.99 •
Schiffer LTD
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