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The Third Reich Bravery and Merit Decoration
for Eastern Peoples
Rolf Michaelis. This book is a
rare look at a little known Third Reich badge awarded
to volunteers from the occupied eastern territories
who served in various German formations. Very rare
examples of actual badges, award documents and
soldbuchs, and never before seen war era images
are presented here.
The German Tank Destruction Badge in WWII
Rolf Michaelis. This book provides a concise account of
TankDestructionBadge,and theclose-rangecombating
of tanks. In addition to a description of the special
badge and the most commonly used weapons, it
includesoperationalaccountsby recipientsof thebadge.
The German Anti-Partisan Badge in WWII
Michaelis. Those German soldiers and police members
who fought against the partisans were qualified to
receive the anti-partisan badge. This concise book
discusses the award’s three grades and includes rare
documents and war-era photographs.
Assault Badges of the German Army in World
War II
Rolf Michaelis. The German assault badges in
their various grades were awarded for participation
in specific numbers of combat assaults. This concise
book discusses the award’s various types and grades
and includes rare documents and war-era photographs.
Close Combat Clasps of the German Army in
World War II
Rolf Michaelis. In 1942 the Wehrmacht
established the Close Combat Badge in three grades,
and it was awarded to those after a specific number
of battles. This concise book discusses the award’s
various grades and includes rare documents and
war-era photographs.
German Wound Badges in World War II
Michaelis. The Wound Badge was awarded in three
grades depending on the number and/or type of
injuries in wartime. This concise book discusses the
award’s various grades and includes rare documents
and war-era photographs.
The German Sniper Badge 1944-45
Rolf Michaelis.
Hitler created the Sniper Badge on August 20, 1944,
to impel soldiers to train and be used as snipers. Thus
the strategic importance of single combat was stressed
in highly stylized propaganda. In this concise history,
this badge, as well as the actions of German snipers,
is examined and includes color images of badges,
weapons, awards, soldbuchs, and war era photos.
Allach Porcelain 1936-45
Dennis R. Porell.
For the first time, the brief nine-year history of SS
Allach Porcelain, the infamous nazi run porcelain
factory, is presented in this new two-volume
reference. Explored in detail is the fascinating
array of sculptures made by Allach, and also the
historical significance as to why each category of
porcelain was established.
: Political Figures, Moriskens, Plaques, Pre-
sentation Plates, Candleholders, Specialty Pieces,
Germanic Ceramics, Ceramics.
: Historical Military Figures, Peasants, Figu-
rines, Animals, Vases, Dinnerware, Misc.
Sport and the Third Reich: History, Uniforms,
Insignia, and Awards
Rob Newbrough. This
set represents the first comprehensive attempt
at examining the association of sport with the
Third Reich. History, uniforms, insignia, awards,
and many period photographs related to the
association of sport with the Wehrmacht and
organizations of the NSDAP are presented.
Vol.1 covers the DRL/NSRL, 1936 Winter and
Summer Olympics, 1938 Breslau Games, the
sport uniform, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Heer.
Schiffer LTD
Vol.2 covers the political leader, SA, NSKK, NKFK,
SS/Police, Hitler Youth, DAF/RAD, and miscel-
laneous topics. Specific information related to
each component of the sport uniform – shirt,
shorts, shoes, bathing suit, and athletic training
suit – is provided.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4042-0 • boxed set • $150.00
Schiffer LTD
Postal Propaganda of the Third Reich
Albert L.
Moore. This book offers readers an overview of the
images and messages that filled the mailboxes of
Hitler’s subjects and victims. As official documents
of Nazi Germany, the stamps, postcards, and even
postmarks used during the time provide the reader
with an explicit picture of the types of propaganda
messages every German was expected to see and act
upon on a daily basis.
“Hermann Göring”: From Regiment to
Bender & Peterson.
One of the few books available on the HG units,
this book covers the commanders, Knight’s
Cross Holders, uniforms, insignia, standards,
flags, pennants, and recruitment.
Air Organizations of the Third Reich: The Luft-
R.J.Bender.Bender’sbookcoversLuftwaffe rank
insignia, Waffenfarbe, uniforms, headgear, cuff titles/
armbands, special uniforms, Fallschirmjäger equipment,
accessories, specialty badges, clasps, decorations,
standards, flags, pennants, aircraft markings.
WWII GermanWar Booty: A Study in Photos
Thomas M. Johnson. This book contains over
580 beautiful full-color, large-format photos
of German daggers, swords, helmets, uniforms,
insignia, award documents, weapons, and many
other rare and unusual items. Also included is a
generous selection of WWII era photos showing
many items being liberated!
Parade Medal Bars of the Third Reich
Thomas M. Yanacek. Over one-hundred Ger-
man medal bars in full color, showing both
obverse and reverse views and close up images
that highlight some of the finer details. Medal
bars of the military, police, political, and civil
organizations are covered. Examples of original
award documents are shown, as well as period
photographs of medal bars in wear. Information
is also presented on maker markings, medal
identification, the material used to make the
medal, finishes, and measurements.
German Army Shoulder Straps and Boards
Suter & Suter. A guide to construc-
tion methods, materials, types and styles of
embroidery and metal devices, as well as the
identification of branch and unit. Detailed charts
identify unit affiliation of Gothic letters, Latin
letters, Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, and
Symbolic Devices. Contains over 1,000 color
photos of straps and boards, as well as other
loose cloth insignia, collar tabs, and tunics to
assist the collector or historian in identifying
original examples.
ISBN:978-0-7643-4037-6•hard•$89.99 •
Schiffer LTD
German Military Ribbon Bars 1914-57
Hayden. TDrawing on many resources from around
the world, his own collection, and with many unpub-
lished photos from 1914-1957, author Mark Hayden
examines German ribbon bars fromWWI, the inter-war
years, WWII and finally those worn by veterans in the
reconstituted Bundeswehr of 1957.
Third Reich Warrant Discs 1934-45
Bible. Warrant discs were used in Germany for
police identification. This book is geared to
both the beginning and the most advanced
and knowledgeable collectors. The large format,
full color photos of German police warrant discs
show details of the features of both rare original
discs and recent counterfeit pieces. This book is
without equal in this esoteric field of collecting.
The SS Totenkopf Ring: An Illustrated History
from Munich to Nuremberg
Craig Gottlieb. Draws
on a body of over 200 examples to document currently
ground,constructiontechniques,andan in-depthanalysis
of the physical characteristics of rings, sections on award
manynever-before-seenphotographsof rings inwear.
Sacking Aladdin’s Cave: Plundering
Göring’s Nazi War Trophies
Morris. Details the magnitude of the looting of
Göring’s treasures and what happened to items
not disposed of in a legitimate way. The most
valuable of these made their way to America, from
two wedding swords and a hunting dagger now
valued in the millions of dollars, to jewelry and
other riches. Luminaries like General Maxwell
Taylor, for example, seized a sizeable portion
for himself, as did other high-ranking officers.
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