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Heroes in Death: The von Blücher Brothers in the
Fallschirmjäger, Crete, May 1941
. AdrianNisbett.
The lifestoriesofthethreevonBlücherbrothers,members
of the famed 1st Fallschirmjäger Regimen. who all died
during the battle for Heraklion airfield, Crete, on May
20 & 21, 1941. Also described are paratroop training,
the battle in which the brothers died, and the aftermath
of their tragic deaths. The book is illustrated with more
and most never before published.
2000 Quotes from Hitler’s 1000-Year Reich
French L. MacLean. Quotations from 289 men
and five women in the Third Reich. All quoted
in the work are described in concise biographies.
With all quotations documented and footnoted,
and many put into historical context, this is an
easy to use valuable resource for all students of
WWII history, writers and researchers of military,
political and Holocaust subjects.
Scorched Earth: The Russian-GermanWar 1943-44
Paul Carell. Carrell’s eastern front study picks up where
Hitler Moves East left off. Beginning with the battle of
Kursk in July 1943, Carell traverses the vast expanse of
the Russian War, from the siege of Leningrad and the
fierce battles of the northern front, to the fourth battle of
Kharkov, and the evacuation of the Crimea, a withdrawal
forbidden by Hitler. The book ends in June of 1944
when the Soviet Armies reach the East Prussian frontier.
Foxes of the Desert: The Story of the Afrikakorps
Paul Carell. Here for the first time from the German
viewpoint and with a great deal of hitherto unpublished
material is the complete story of one of the most bitterly
fought, exciting campaigns in modern warfare. As a result
of personal interviews with over a thousand combatants,
tireless reading, and painstaking research, Carell has
skillfully blended a mass of new and exciting information
into a dramatic and completely authentic narrative.
Invasion! They’re Coming! The German Account
of the D-Day Landings and the 80 Days’ Battle
for France
Paul Carell. A revised and updated edition
of Carell’s great classic. Carell takes into account the
most recent results of historical research, especially the
successful allied deception effort achieved by agents,
phoney radio transmissions and sophisticated disinfor-
mation operations, details of which have only recently
been revealed, and which led to fateful false estimations
by Hitler and the German generals.
Barbarossa Unleashed: The German Blitz-
krieg through Central Russia to the Gates
of Moscow June-December 1941
Luther. The advance of German forces through
central Russia in the summer of 1941,with brief
into early 1942. Based on hundreds of veterans’
accounts, archival documents and key literature,
this is the most detailed account to date of the
German soldiers’ experiences in Russia in 1941.
Stalingrad: The Defeat of the Ger-
man 6th Army
Paul Carell. Carell sets
his talents to discussing the operations
of the 6th Army from the 1942 German
summer offensive, through the fighting
in the streets of Stalingrad, to the final
defeat in January 1943.
Size: 7”x10” • 190 color/bw photos •
ISBN: 978-0-88740-469-6 • hard •
Stalingrad 1942-1943: Uniforms • Equip-
ment • WeaponsWehrmacht: Tank Crews,
Infantry, Snipers, ArtilleryRed Army: Tank
Crews, Infantry, Snipers, Pilots
by Jean-Patrick André and Jacques Scipion.
This book is a not only a concise history of
combat operations, but also a detailed look
at the uniforms, weapons, and equipment of
both the Wehrmacht and Red Army as used
during the battle. Superb color photography
showcases the wide variety of items used by
select service branches.
Operation Barbarossa in Photos
Paul Carell.
Renowned author’s photo album to accompany his
definitive studies on the war in Russia Hitler Moves
East and Scorched Earth. Over 570 color/bw photos
from both German and Russian archives explore the
entire campaign.
German Panzers on the Offensive: Russian
Front, North Africa 1941-42
R.H.S. Stolfi. The
acknowledged superiority of the German Army in battle
fighting is exemplified by the offensives of 1939-42,
and this book combines description and interpretation
of the advances of nine German panzer divisions to
reveal extraordinary details of the great victories.
LastVictory in Russia:The SS-Panzerkorps
and Manstein’s Kharkov Counteroffensive
- February-March 1943
George M. Nipe.The
first detailed and comprehensive account of
the Kharkov counteroffensive, the operations of
the SS divisions and the supporting actions of
Armeeabteilung Fretter-Pico and 1.Panzerarmee.
German Battle Tactics on the Russian Front
Steven Newton. The tenacity of the Ger-
man Army in Russia from 1941-45, fighting against
overwhelming odds but refusing to disintegrate, has
fascinated readers for decades. Newton has retrieved,
retranslated, and annotated the detailed tactical
accounts of combat in Russia that German officers
provided their American captors after the war.
Retreat from Leningrad: Army Group North
StevenNewton.Mosthistoriesof thenorthern
sector of the Russian front concentrate on the siege
of Leningrad, and focus little attention on the heavy
fighting during the Wehrmacht’s withdrawl into the
Baltic countries. Retreat from Leningrad begins where
those books end, with the massive January 1944 Soviet
offensive that was designed not only to break the siege
completely but also to destroy Army Group North.
Assault on Moscow 1941: The Offensive, The
Battle, The Set-Back
Werner Haupt. Detailed unit
operations and individual accounts make for absorbing
reading, and a rare chance for the reader to examine
an early, yet very important, Russian front battle.
Army Group North: The Wehrmacht in Russia
Werner Haupt. After long years of studying
sources and literature, Haupt presents the military
history of one of the larger theaters of WWII. The
completion of the history of Army Group North is the
result of the author’s utilization of all German and
Russian literature, as well as those combat diaries
and documents of the committed troop units that
are available in German archives.
Army Group Center: The Wehrmacht in Russia
Werner Haupt. After long years of studying
sources and literature, Haupt presents the military
history of one of the larger theaters of WWII. This
history of Army Group Center is the result of the
author’s utilization of all available German and Rus-
sian literature, as well as those combat diaries and
documents of the committed troop units, that are
available in German archives.
Army Group South: The Wehrmacht in Russia
Werner Haupt. After long years of studying
sources and literature, Haupt presents the military
history of one of the larger theaters of WWII. The
completion of the history of Army Group South is
the result of the author’s utilization of all available
German and Russian sources, as well as combat diaries
and documents of committed troop units available in
German archives.
Deadlock Before Moscow
Franz Kurowski. Study of
ArmyGroupCenterduring the1942/43Sovietcampaign
and the bitter defensive battles that ensued. Never
before has such detail on this aspect of the Russian
front campaign been available in English. First-person
accounts, and never before published documentation
to present this, the turning point of the war in Russia.
Ostfront 1944: The German Defensive Battles
on the Russian Front 1944
Alex Buchner. In 1944,
when the entire Russo-German front was “ablaze”
under continual Soviet attacks, wrong estimations by
the highest German command led to critical decisions
with grave consequences. The Red Army was growing
increasingly stronger, and launched a major offensive.
This in-depth study uses presently available sources
and the reports of still-living participants, to document
the events on the Eastern Front of 1944.
Hitler’s Last Bastion: The Final Battles for the
Reich 1944-45
Franz Kurowski. The final stage of
WWII, with the enemy across the Reich’s borders, saw
final desperate battles for numerous fortified places
and blocking positions. Hitler ordered the defense of
these fortified places such as Königsberg and Breslau,
Wesel and Kolberg, Danzig, Posen and many others.
Operation Drvar: A Facsimile of Official
Kriegsberichter Reports on the Attack by
SS-Fallschirmjäger on Tito’s Headquarters
May 25, 1944
Edited by Branislav Radovic.
Photo facsimile of two very rare after action
reports by Luftwaffe kriegsberichter chronicling
Operation “Drvar” where German airborne and
land forces attempted to capture or kill Yugoslav
communist partisan leader Tito in his HQ in
Drvar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Includes text in
English and German.
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