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A Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers: WWII
from the Cockpit
Klaus Häberlen. A bomber pilot’s
story from his early life prior to the ascension of the
Nazi Party to power in Germany, his education and
rise through the ranks of the Luftwaffe as a decorated
bomber pilot, and even through his demotion at the
hands of Göring late in the war. This book offers a
unique first person perspective on the development
of the war and its effect on those that were not in the
highest realms of power.
Luftwaffe Efficiency & Promotion Reports
for the Knight’s Cross Winners
French L.
MacLean. Some 1,785 Luftwaffe officers and
enlisted men won the Knight’s Cross of the Iron
Cross – WWII Germany’s highest decoration for
bravery. This is their story through the eyes of the
commanders of 113 of these men, as recorded
in their official efficiency reports.
detailed biographies and official efficiency
and promotion reports for fifty-three Knight’s Cross
winners, as well as biographies for sixty-seven
rating commanders.
and promotion reports for sixty Knight’s Cross
winners, as well as biographies for seventy-nine
rating commanders.
Hitler’s Fall Guys: An Examination of the Luft-
waffe by One of America’s Most Famous Aces
Walker M. “Bud”Mahurin. This book is an examination
of Germany’s Luftwaffe by one who fought against
them in the skies over Europe, and who befriended
them after the war. He considered himself fortunate
to get to know leading combat airmen in his own air
force, as well as in the United Kingdom and Germany.
The Interrogator: The Story of Hanns Joachim
Scharff, Master Interrogator of the Luftwaffe
Raymond F. Toliver. This is the story of Hanns Scharff the
master interrogator of the Luftwaffe who questioned
captured American fighter pilots of the USAAF 8th
and 9th AFs in WWII. This Intelligence Officer gained
the reputation as the man who could magically get
all the answers he needed from the prisoners of war.
The Legion Condor 1936-39
Ries & Ring. This
study is one of the few books dedicated to the
historyof theLegionCondor, theGermanvolunteer
unit that fought with pro-Franco forces during
the Spanish Civil War from 1936-39. Many of the
tactics and strategies of the Luftwaffe were first
formulated and used during operations in Spain.
Molders and Galland first earned their wings as
members of the Legion Condor.
Legion Condor: History • Organization •
Aircraft • Uniforms • Awards •Memorabilia
• 1936-1939
Arias/Molina/Permuy. This large
format book contains over 1,000 images of
Germany’s Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil
War from 1936-1939. Coverage of all branches
of the Legion Condor, with a special emphasis on
aviation. A collection of hundreds of extremely rare
Legion Condor artifacts – in full-color – rounds
out this comprehensive, one-volume look at the
infamous pre-WWII German military.
Sea Planes of the Legion Condor: The Story
of AS./88 Squadron in the Spanish Civil War
• 1936-39
López /O’Donnell. Among the different
Luftwaffe units that formed the Legion Condor, one
in particular stands out for its important Naval Air
contribution: the Aufklärungsstaffel See/88 (AS./88
or the Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron), although
it was also officially designated the Seefliegerstaffel
AS./88 or Naval Air Squadron AS./88.
Jagdgeschwader 2 “Richthofen”: A Pho-
tographic History
Holger Nauroth. Using a
day-to-day chronology, the book covers JG 2’s
combat history during the early campaigns in
Poland and France, through the Battle of Britain,
North Africa, and in the later defense of the
Reich battles. A short chapter also covers their
post-WWII transformation toJG71“Richtohofen”
under the command of Erich Hartmann, when
they flew the F-86, F-104, and F-4 Phantom.
Jagdgeschwader 3 “Udet” in WWII: Stab
and I./JG 3 in Action with the Messer-
schmitt Bf 109
JG 3 in its complete history from formation to
the end of WWII. This volume begins with a
brief account of the Stab from the time of its
formation in 1938 until it reequipped on the
Fw 190 in the summer of 1944, then follows
the operational history of I Gruppe, beginning
with the first unit to bear the designation I/JG 3.
Jagdgeschwader 3 “Udet” in WWII: II./
JG 3 in Action with the Messerschmitt Bf
Prien & Stemmer. The history of the “Udet”
Geschwader’s second Gruppe beginning with
its formation in early 1940 and the subsequent
service of the newly formed Gruppe in the
Campaign in the West from 1940-41, to the
Jagdgeschwader 5: The Luftwaffe’s JG 5 “Eis-
meerjäger” in World War II
Werner Girbig. JG 5
is one of the lesser-known German fighter units of
WWII. It nevertheless had an impressive operational
history. The unit’s successes were equally great and
the its ranks included a number of outstanding fighter
pilots: names like Bartels, Brunner, Carganico, Döbrich,
Dörr, Ehrler, Linz, Mors, Müller, Norz, Schuck and
Weißenberger will always be associated with JG 5.
9.Staffel/Jagdgeschwader 26: The
Battle of Britain Photo - Album
of Luftwaffe Bf 109 Pilot Willy
John Vasco. This book is
a short photo-history of one Luftwaffe
Battle of Britain period, up to the point
whenWilly Fronhöfer belly-landed his Bf
JG 7: The World’s First Jet Fighter Unit 1944-45.
Manfred Boehme. Formed in August 1944, Jagdg-
eschwader 7 was equipped with the revolutionary
Me 262 jet fighter, which was faster than any aircraft
in existence at the time. This unit experienced all of
the highs and lows associated with the introduction
of such a radically new design. The history of JG 7
is also the story of the Me 262, an inspired design
which broke new ground in many areas of technology,
and for which there was simply not enough time for
thorough development.
Jagdgeschwader 53: A History of the
“Pik As” Geschwader - Volume 1: March
1937-May 1942
Jochen Prien. This first volume
covers the early years of the Geschwader from
its founding in the spring of 1937 up to May of
1942. This book appears here for the first time
in English, and contains over 200 additional
photos not published in the original German
language edition.
Jagdgeschwader 53: A History of the
“Pik As” Geschwader - Volume 2: May
1942-January 1944
Jochen Prien. As with
the first volume, this book also appears for
the first time in English, and contains over 100
additional photos not published in the original
German language edition. Contains over 450
photos, revised text and maps, and aircraft
line drawings, as well as updated aerial victory
and loss listings.
Jagdgeschwader 53: A History of the
“Pik As” Geschwader - Volume 3: January
1944-May 1945
Jochen Prien. This final part
of the narrative starts with the bitter fighting
over both the front lines at Cassino and Anzio/
Nettuno bridgEhead, and over northern Italy.
The book concludes with a list of the officers in
command of the Geschwader, its Gruppen and
Staffeln, a listing of all known victories claimed
by JG 53, strength returns, and other appendices.
JG 54: A Photographic History of the Grunher-
Held/Trautloft/Bob. This unique photo history
was compiled with assistance from the air and ground
crews of JG 54. The 400 photos document the story
of the Grunherz-Geschwader from its formation in
the spring of 1939 to the final battles in the Courland
pocket in the spring of 1945.
Jagdgeschwader 301/302 “Wilde Sau”: In Defense
of the Reich with the Bf 109, Fw 190, and Ta 152
Willi Reschke. JG 301 and JG 302 were established in
1943. Their mission was to intercept enemy bombers at
night flying fast single-engined fighters. But they also
had to engage Allied bombers by day. The pilots of
these new fighter wings were a mix of former bomber
pilots and trained fighter pilots – a unique composition
for the Luftwaffe.
Kampfgeschwader 51 "Edelweiss": The Complete
History of KG 51 in WWII
Wolfgang Dierich. The
history of the World War II Luftwaffe bomber unit
Kampfgeschwader 51, from its formation in 1937 until
Germany’s surrender in 1945. Based on war diaries,
combat reports, and personal accounts, the author
factually and vividly tells the story of KG 51 for the
first time in English.
Kampfgeschwader 53 “Legion Condor”: The
Complete History of KG 53 in World War II
Heinz Kiehl. Luftwaffe bomber unit KG 53 saw action
in the campaigns in Poland and France, the Battle of
Britain, Russia, and finally over the invasion front.
This book is one of the few books in English on the
wartime operations of a German bomber unit and an
indispensable addition to Luftwaffe history.
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