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The History of German Aviation: The First
Jet Aircraft
Wolfgang Wagner. This book, the
first in a multi-volume history of German aviation,
provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of
jet aircraft design and development in Germany.
The solid descriptions, unique photo material,
historical documents, numerous drawings and
complete data tables – published for the first
time – make this book indispensable.
The History of German Aviation: Kurt
Tank - Focke-Wulf’s Designer and Test
Wolfgang Wagner. Discusses the life work
of one of Germany’s greatest aircraft designers
in pictures, tables, drawings, and his own words.
Examined are the ideas and thinking that formed
the foundation of Tank’s designsóhis masterpieces
in long-range and high-speed flight as well as
flight test results.
The History of German Aviation: Willy
Messerschmitt - Pioneer of Aviation Design
Ebert/Kaiser/Peters. Examines Messerschmitt’s life
as a designer, aircraft builder, and businessman;
it begins with the Harth-Messerschmitt gliders
(1913-1923) and winds its way through to the
swing-wing P.1101. The forced interruption
of German aircraft production after WWII and
Messerschmitt’s foreign developments are also
given a thorough treatment.
The History of German Aviation: Bombers
and Reconnaissance Aircraft 1939 to the
Roderich Cescotti. Shows the develop-
mental history of every German airplane utilized
in the aerial attack and reconnaissance roles. The
many types, variants, and models – to include
those revolutionary, futuristic projects which never
took to the air – are comprehensively documented
and detailed here.
The Luftwaffe from the North Cape to Tobruk
Holger Nauroth. This pictorial book covers the
entire WWII-era Luftwaffe on a variety of war fronts in
over 500 photos.
The Luftwaffe in the North African Cam-
paign 1941-43
Held & Obermaier. This photo
volume on the North African campaign is a grip-
ping study of one of the major campaigns of the
Second World War. From the point-of-view of
Luftwaffe pilots and crews the reader is shown
the campaign from its outset – from the initial
victories, to the final battles in Tunisia.
Six Months to Oblivion: The Defeat of the Luft-
waffe Fighter Force Over the Western Front
Werner Girbig. This book covers the last chapter,
the decline and fall of the air defense of Germany. It is a
diary of losses and a chronicle in which the fighter pilot
plays the lead. In this unabridged edition, Girbig gives
detailed analysis of these last months of the Luftwaffe.
The Luftwaffe: From Training School to
the Front - An Illustrated Study 1933-45
Meyer & Stipdonk. This new large format photo
collection covers Luftwaffe aircraft from the years
1933-45. Emphasis is placed on details of unit
emblems, codes and markings on a variety of
war fronts, and aircraft.
Luftwaffe Combat Aircraft: Development, Produc-
tion, Operations 1935-45
Griehl & Dressel. A detailed
survey and a new perspective on the development of
Luftwaffe aircraft from 1935-45. Special emphasis has
been placed on details of weaponry, equipment and
other areas that have up to now been inadequately
covered. Numerous examples of weapons, supplemental
armament, and diverse weapons systems.
Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe
Toliver &
Constable. The most successful fighter pilots of
all time spring to vibrant life again in this revised
and updated edition of the classic account of
Germany’s greatest aces in action. The great
aces, even in Germany’s revolutionary Me 262,
could not win, yet they fought to the final hour
in an unforgettable combat saga. All of it is
here, exactly as it was lived by the German aces.
Luftwaffe Generals: The Knight’s Cross
Holders • 1939-45
Jeremy Dixon. This book
presents detailed biographies of 115 Luftwaffe
officers who reached the rank of general and
who were awarded the Knight’s Cross, and
higher grades of the award during their career.
Fighter General: The Life of Adolf Galland
- The Official Biography
Toliver & Constable.
Fighter General recounts the career of an outstand-
ing combat leader torn from the fighter cockpit
to defend his country – and sometimes his own
pilots – in the bizarre bureaucracy of the Luftwaffe
High Command. Here in this official biography is
real-life adventure to shame the wildest fiction.
German Fighter Ace Erich Hartmann: The
Life Story of the World’s Highest Scoring
Hartmann & Jäger. The life story of the
most successful fighter pilot of all time, with
352 air combat victories – who spent ten and
a half years behind Soviet barbed wire, surviv-
ing prison uprisings, hunger strikes, resistance
against the NKVD and forced labor. After being
released he was still mentally and physically fit
enough to fly F-86 jet fighters in the post-WWII
German Air Force.
Hans-Joachim Marseille: An Illustrated
Tribute to the Luftwaffe’s “Star of Africa”
Robert Tate. This new book is a look at the man
better known as “The Star of Africa” on the 65th
anniversary of his death – legendary Luftwaffe
ace Hans-Joachim Marseille. Tate takes a look
at Marseille’s personality, flying skills, physical
attributes, tactics, and victories through the
words of historians and the men that flew with
and against Marseille in the North African desert.
German Fighter Ace Hans-Joachim Mar-
seille: The Life Story of the “Star of Africa”
Franz Kurowski. A tribute to one of the top fighter
aces of the WWII, this new full-length biography
appears here in its first edition. Marseilles’ war-
time exploits are legendary with the 158 aerial
victories, including 17 in one day. He was, and
still is, considered by many of the Luftwaffe aces
to be the premier fighter pilot of the Luftwaffe.
German Fighter Ace Werner Mölders
maier & Held. This book is an illustrated biography
of the legendary Luftwaffe fighter pilot Mölders
– in more than 480 rare photos, documents and
commentaries. Who was this once much-admired
and honored man? Here Mölders is objectively
portrayed: as a pilot, soldier, and man.
German Fighter AceWalter Nowotny
Held. The life of Luftwaffe fighter pilot Nowotny –
in photos, documents, and commentary. Nowotny
was highly decorated for his 258 aerial victories,
but was well known, above all, for his deployment
and command of the Messerschmitt Me 262
Erprobungskommando. Later his Kommando
Nowotny was the first combat operational jet
fighter unit in history.
Stuka Pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel
Gunther Just.
The life story of the highest decorated soldier of
the Wehrmacht. Many photos of Rudel’s aircraft
throughout his entire WWII-era career.
The War Diary of Helmut Lipfert: JG 52 On the
Russian Front 1943-45
Lipfert & Girbig. Aerial combat
over the Russian front from one who knew it first hand.
Lipfert’s vivid portrayal of his experiences in JG 52 during
the last three years of WWII will stand as one of the
truly classic chronicles of the Jagdwaffe over Russia.
Helmut Wick: An Illustrated Biography
of the Luftwaffe Ace and Commander
of Jagdgeschwader 2 during the Battle
of Britain
Herbert Ringlstetter. In just three
months Wick had risen from Oberleutnant and
Staffelkapitän to lead JG 2 and with 56 victories
had become the leading German fighter pilot.
In the Skies Over Europe: The Memoirs of Luft-
waffe Figher Pilot Günther Scholz
Ingo Möbius.
When WWII started, Scholz was in JG 54 where he
flew in the Polish and Western Campaigns, the Battle of
Britain, and with JG 5 in the war against Russia. Scholz
is also one of last surviving members of the “Legion
Condor” able to tell of his experiences.
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