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The Navaho Missile Project: The Story of
the “Know-How” Missile of American
James N. Gibson. The Navaho pro-
gram is the least known, yet the most important
of the United States early missile programs. In
rocket technology alone made possible the
Thor, Jupiter and Redstone missiles. It also
allowed the construction of the Atlas ICBM’s
engines, and in the years to come this engine
technology would power the Apollo moon rocket
and present-day Space Shuttle.
The Rockets and Missiles of White Sands
Proving Ground 1945-58
Gregory P. Kennedy.
In 1945, the US Army established a testing center
for rockets and guided missiles in south-central
New Mexico. Named White Sands Proving
Ground, this center was the locale for many
of America’s first steps towards space. Chron-
icled here are all major activities at the base
from 1945-58.
Size:8.5”x11”•200bw images•160pp.
Touching Space: The Story of Project Man-
Gregory P. Kennedy. Project Manhigh took
humans to the threshold of space using balloons.
On each of three flights, the Air Force placed
a lone pilot in a sealed capsule nineteen miles
above ground. At such extreme altitudes, the
pilots were well within the functional equivalent
of outer space and needed the sealed capsule to
survive. Manhigh existed prior to the creation
of NASA and helped pave the way for human
space exploration.
NASA: Space Flight Research and Pio-
neering Developments
Hans-Jürgen Becker.
This book covers NASA’s space flight research
from the agency’s beginnings as NACA in 1915
to present-day NASA. Exciting projects and
developments are portrayed, such as the first
supersonic flight of the X-1 in 1947, the flights of
the fastest manned aircraft, the rocket-powered
X-15, the flight-testing of the lunar module for
the moon landings, testing new wing concepts,
and more.
From Space to Earth: The Laboratory and
Feuerbacher & Messerschmid.
This book describes the latest developments
in spaceflight and looks toward humanity’s
future beyond earth. Complex scientific and
technical aspects of the world’s space programs
are explained in understandable terms. Current
research and trends, along with new applications,
are discussed.
Planes of the Presidents: An Illustrated
History of Air Force One
Bill Holder. This
book covers United States presidential aircraft
including Boeing Clippers, DC-6s, C-54s, Con-
stellations, 707s and 747s, as well as a variety
of Air Force and Marine Corps support aircraft.
Desert Boneyards: Retired Aircraft Stor-
age Facilities in the U.S.
Hoeveler & Krämer.
The Desert Boneyards are gigantic desert aero-
dromes in which military and civilian aircraft from
all over the world are stored, either permanently
or for a time, in order to serve as sources of spare
parts or to be reactivated after a certain time.
The reader is shown the best-known of these
desert boneyards in Arizona and California.
Queen of the Skies: The Lockheed Con-
. Claude G. Luisada. This extensively
researched account, gathered from archival
documents, interviews, and the author’s own
personal experiences, sets the history of the
Lockheed Constellation against the backdrop
of the years 1940 to 1980. Illustrated with
more than 100 photos and diagrams, Queen
of the Skies is a fascinating story, particularly
for airplane or aviation history enthusiasts.
Colorful Aircraft: Unique Paint Schemes
on the World’s Passenger Airliners
Andrup. Detailed color images of nearly all the
special paintings of international airlines, along
with background information on their history.
Presented are: Lufthansa, GBritish Airways,
Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Alitalia, SAS, Finnair,
KLM, Iberia, SAA, Cathay Pacific, JAL, Korean
Air, Quantas, Air China, PIA, Qatar, Etihad,
El Al, Southwest, Northwest, Delta, United,
American, America West, Braniff, US Air, Air
Canada, and many others.
Frontier Airlines: A History of the Former
Frontier Airlines 1950-86
Gregory R. Stearns.
Presented in this book is the story of the former
Frontier Airlines from its founding just after WWII
to its eventual demise in the 1980s. The legacy
of pioneering air service, purchasing jets, and
competing after airline deregulation are just a
few of the entertaining storylines that capture a
golden and bygone era. The human side of how
airlines operate is also documented.
The Republic Airlines Story 1945-1986
Terry Love. Republic Airlines and its twelve
predecessors formed one of the finest national
airlines that ever spanned the nation. Although
in existence for only six years, it created a legacy
of dependability and service while flying into
more locations than any other airline of the
time. This book includes photos and illustrations
depicting all phases of the history of Republic
Airlines and its predecessors.
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner
. Claude
G. Luisada and Steven D. Kimmell. Fol-
low the life of this aircraft from its initial
inception to the delivery of the first
production models. Includes many
illustrations carefully chosen to assist
the reader in better understanding and
visualizing many of the new features
found on the Dreamliner.
The Book of Air Shows
Philip Handleman.
This book is a full-color celebration of the great
American air shows. From the early bi- and
tri-planes, to the WWII era warbirds, up to
the present day F-15 and SR-71, any and all
aircraft that fly through the modern air shows
is presented.
Aerial Firefighting
WolfgangJendsch. Includes
fire-extinguishing planes known as airtankers,
firefighting helicopters, transports, and direction
and command planes essential to successful
firefighting. Many rare, never-before-published
images show firefighting aircraft in action. The
detailed text provides technical descriptions of
forest fire fighting and speculates on the future
of firefighting aviation.
R.G. Smith: The Man and His Art
An Autobiography
with Rosario “Zip”
Rausa. “R.G.” describes his transition
from helping design tactical aircraft to
painting them in such compelling and
dramatically beautiful fashion that he
earned a worldwide reputation as one
of the most skilled and admired aviation
artists of all time. Includes an excellent
sampling of his non-aviation art depict-
ing landscape, harbor and other scenes from the far west.
Unmanned Air Vehicles: An Illustrated
Study of UAVs
Bill Holder. Although the prime
missionofmilitaryUAVshasbeen reconnaissance
and surveillance, there is also consideration for
mounting weapons on the vehicles. Surprisingly,
just about every type of propulsion system has
been considered, and they have used both single
andmultipleengines,withpiston, rotary, turbojet,
pulsejet, and rocket engines.
MiG-29 Flight Manual
Alan R. Wise. The
MiG-29 Fulcrum is acknowledged as the finest
lightweight, multi-role fighter ever produced in
Russia. This book provides a rare and unprec-
edented glimpse inside a top Russian aircraft.
Using information that only a few years ago was
highly classified, this translated text presents
an extraordinary look at the capabilities and
complexities of one of the very best fighters
of the current age.
Dassault Mirage: The Combat Log
Mafé Huertas. The first book ever to chronicle in
detail all of the Mirage III, 5, F1 and 2000 aircraft
and specifically their use in combat operations.
The Mirage has seen more combat than any
present day jet fighter, including action in the
Six-Days War, the Falklands, the Gulf War and
many other lesser known conflicts.
Ghosts of Atonement: Israeli F-4 Phantom
Operations During the Yom Kippur War
Shlomo Aloni. In the years that preceded the
October 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel invested
heavily in the creation of a heavy attack force of
four F-4 Phantom/Kurnass squadrons. This is a
must for anyone with interest in F-4 Phantom
operations, IsraeliAirForceheritage,andmodern
military history.
The Israeli Air Force 1947-60: An Illus-
trated History
Salvador Mafé Huertas. Israel
exists because of the resolute people that live
in this small country, both civilian and military,
but above all because of the Chel Ha’avir, which
in the following years would be proclaimed the
most combat experienced air force in the world.
Hammers: Israel’s Long-Range Heavy
Bomber Arm - The Story of 69 Squadron
Aloni & Avidror. From the B-17 Flying Fortress
and PBY Catalina, to the F-15I Thunder, Israeli
Air Force 69 Squadron, the Hammers, has always
been the long-range, heavy bombing element of
Israeli air power. Inclueds Israeli B-17 operations,
the complete story of how the Israeli Phantoms
defeated the Syrian SAM network in Lebanon
and the thundering introduction of the F-15I.
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