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North American XB-70 Valkyrie:
A Photo Chronicle
Campbell & Pape.
The XB-70 is one of the most unusual
looking aircraft in aviation history, and
only two were constructed. It was origi-
nally designed as a Mach 3 high-altitude
bomber, but was later used as a research
aircraft. This is a short, detailed history
and includes production, flight tests, and
the crash of #2 in 1965.
North American XB-70 in Color
John M. Campbell. This is an all-color
photo study of the XB-70, including
production, flight tests, and the fatal
crash of Aircraft #2. Aircraft #1 is now
at the U.S. Air Force Museum.
Rockwell B-1B: SAC’s Last Bomber
Logan. Covers the complete history of the B-1
Lancer from its inception, through production, and
operations with SAC. Tables are included which
cover B-1 program milestones, communication
and navigation equipment, aircraft specifications
and performance, production number and serial
number list,aircraftcamouflageandpaintschemes,
and aircraft name/nose art history.
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit: An Illustrat-
ed History
Bill Holder. It has been called the
most amazing and unbelievable aircraft of the
20th century. One look at the bat-like lines of the
USAF’s stealthy Spirit bomber quickly confirms
this. But that futuristic shape has lineage back to
the 1940s when the Northrop Company designed
and built the B-35 and B-49.
ACC Bomber Triad: The B-52s, B-1s, and
B-2s of Air Combat Command
Don Logan.
This book presents a roll call of ACC’s bombers
with photos and history of all 208 bombers since
joining ACC in June 1992. Also included are all
of the bombers’ weapons. Includes eighty unit
and special purpose flight suit patches.
50 Years of the U-2: The Complete Illus-
trated History of Lockheed’s Legendary
“Dragon Lady”
Chris Pocock. The long story of
the Dragon Lady is amazing, and complex; this
book tells it all, in unprecedented detail, from
the early days overflying the Soviet Union under
CIA sponsorship, to the Cuban Missile Crisis,
and on to the Vietnam War, epic missions over
Communist China, and its key role in Desert Storm,
over Bosnia and Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.
The U-2 Spyplane - Toward the Unknown: A New
History of the Early Years
Chris Pocock. The full story
of the development and early use of the U-2 has never
been properly told – until now. This book describes in
vivid detail how the high-flying spyplane was conceived,
designed, built, and deployed in record time.
The Black Bats CIA Spy Flights over China from
Taiwan 1951-69
Chris Pocock. The CIA developed
an uneasy partnership with the nationalist Chinese
government on Taiwan for covert air operations over
mainland China – dropping agents and propaganda,
and collecting signals, imagery and nuclear intelligence.
Each chapter is punctuated with vivid, first-hand accounts
from the participants – Chinese nationalists, Chinese
communists, and Americans.
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Bill Holder. The goal
of the SR-71 program was to develop a Mach
3 vehicle that could accomplish high-altitude
reconnaissance missions. The cold, black, futuristic
vehicle accomplished the goal on all counts, and
along the way, there was also a diversion to make
an offensive weapon out of the sleek vehicle.
Straight Up: A History of Vertical Flight
Markman & Holder. This book surveys the tech-
nology of all the many VTOL vehicles, and provides
an overview of the programs and manufacturers.
To take off and land vertically is not an easy task
– this is the story of how it has happened thus far.
Air 200: Aircraft of the U.S. Bicentenni-
Wayne Mutza. Though Bicentennial aircraft
schemes and markings, along with many of the
aircraft of that period, have all but faded into
obscurity, this colorful volume not only preserves
their images, but reflects the spirit that prevailed
during that historic period in U.S. aviation history.
One-of-a-Kind Research Aircraft: A History
of In-Flight Simulators, Testbeds, & Proto-
Markman & Holder. Covered in this unique
volume are the great variety of Inflight Simulation
Aircraft, Testbed Aircraft, and Prototype Aircraft.
USAF Plus Fifteen: A Photo History 1947-62
David W. Menard. Full color photo history of the
early USAF covers the great variety of fighters,
bombers, transport, helicopters and many other
aircraft in use during this period.
Force Drawdown: A USAF Photo History
Francillon/Dunn/Porter. The end
of the Cold War created a golden opportunity
for reducing the defense burden and providing
taxpayers with a “Peace Dividend.” This book
provides a rich pictorial record of aircraft (including
old and newmarkings) and units which no longer
exist, and offers a visual chronicle of organizational
changes between 1988-1995.
Tactical Air Command: An Illustrated
History 1946-1992
Mike Hill. Never before
has such a complete pictorial history of Tactical
Air Command been put together. The planes,
demonstration teams, and foreign units of TAC
are covered in pictorial and textual detail from
the 1940s to the 1990s.
Peace Was Their Profession: Strategic Air
Command: A Tribute
This new large format volume is a grand tribute to
all of those who served in SAC from its inception
in 1947 to its disestablishment in 1992. The great
variety of aircraft and missile systems of Strategic
Air Command are shown in over 800 color/bw
photos, making this volume one of the definitive
pictorials on the subject.
Cold War Cornhuskers: The 307th Bomb
Wing Lincoln Air Force Base Nebraska
Mike Hill. This book relates the day-by-
day, month-by-month history of the 307th Bomb
Wing at Lincoln AFB during the hectic days of the
Cold War. For the first time, the inside story of a
SAC bomb wing is brought to life.
Great Plains Warriors of World War II: Air
Bases and Plants Built for War: Nebraska’s
Contribution to Winning the War
George A.
Larson. A concise history of Army Air Force and
Air Force bases in Nebraska, including coverage
of the Martin B-26/B-29 plant at For Crook and
complete coverage of the Axis POW camps
located in Nebraska during and just after WWII.
Thunder over Dakota: The Complete History
of Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota
George A. Larson. The history of Ellsworth Air
Force Base tells the story of an air base and
personnel in western South Dakota defending
the United States for seventy years. It traces the
proud heritage of the military facility, protecting
the United States, beginning in World War II.
Bendix Field: The History of an Airport and
Legendary Pilot Homer Stockert
Quentin L.
Hartwig. Bendix Field in South Bend, Indiana, served
as an aviation center for commercial and private
purposes. Pilot Homer Stockert advanced business
and commercial opportunities at Bendix Field provided
by the singular invention of the twentieth century,
the airplane.
Size:6”x9”•87color/bwphotos• Index•96pp.
Tail Code USAF: The Complete History of
USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings
Patrick Martin. This full color book is a fully com-
prehensive reference work on USAF tail code
markings, and covers all major command units.
The tail codes are listed alphabetically and are
cross-referenced in a tail code summary for ease
of use. The 300 photos show the variety of aircraft
in the USAF arsenal.
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