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Our Might Always: The 355th Fighter Group
in World War II
James WilliamMarshall. A day-
by-day combat diary with over 800 rare images
of the 355th including fifty color profiles of P-47s
and P-51s. The book is extensively researched
with respect to Luftwaffe units engaged, the
data tables are extremely detailed and extensive
for aircraft, pilots, victory credits, pilot rosters,
losses, aces scores and unit awards.
Size:8.5”x11”•887color/bw images•560pp.
The 356th Fighter Group in WWII in Action
over Europe with the P-47 and P-51
Miller. This 9th Air Force unit spent over two years
in England, occupying the airfield at Martlesham
Heath, Suffolk. Originally flying P-47s and later
switching to P-51s, the 356th dispatched its
aircraft on 407 missions across the Channel.
Yellowjackets! The 361st Fighter Group in
WWII - P-51 Mustangs over Germany
B. Cora. More than a narrow unit history, Yel-
lowjackets! places the experiences of the Group’s
personnel in perspective with the larger context
of the war, and also presents the human side,
speaking, at times, from the intensely personal
standpoint of the pilots and personnel.
The 363rd Fighter Group in WWII in Action
over Germany with the P-51
Mustang Kent
Miller. This history sheds light on the achievements
of the 363rd for the period it flew escort and
ground support missions over Europe. The day-
to-day operations are interspersed with quotes
from the group and squadron diaries.
365th Fighter Squadron in WWII - in Action
over Europe with the P-47
Kent Miller. This
book presents the 365th’s day-to-day operations
and is interspersedwithquotes from thegroupand
squadron records, Missing Aircrew Reports, and
the men themselves. In addition, an exhaustive
appendix and nearly two hundred photos give
readers a look into the combat activities of this
long overlooked Army Air Force unit.
The 370th Fighter Group in WWII: in Action
over Europe with the P-38 and P-51
Jones. The 370th was organized in 1943 to fly
the P-47. When the group arrived in England in
early 1944, they were assigned to the 9th Air Force
and converted to fly P-38s. They were involved in
every major Allied offensive from D-Day onward.
The 421st Night Fighter Squadron in WWII
Jeff Kolln. As one of seventeen night fighter
squadrons established during the course of WWII,
the 421st NFS carried the war into the night skies
over the battlefields of the SW Pacific when most
other fighter squadrons remained on the ground.
The Forgotten Squadron: The 449th Fighter
Squadron in WWII - Flying P-38s with the
Flying Tigers, 14th AF
Daniel Jackson. The
only P-38 fighter squadron with the Flying Tigers
in China, the 449th received little press or praise
during or after the war. Having spread its wings
from Taiwan to the Salween Front, the 449th is
the perfect case study to investigate Chennault’s
air war over China in WWII.
Possum, Clover & Hades: The 475th Fighter
Group in WWII
John Stanaway. The epic story
of one of the highest scoring U.S. Army Air Force
fighterunits in thesouthwestPacific.Aces included
McGuire, Loisel, MacDonald, Roberts and Bong.
FThe 479th Fighter Group inWWII: in Action
over Europe with the P-38 and P-51
Terry A.
Fairfield. Based upon a summation of the group’s
historical records, this book contains personal
anecdotes provided by many of the group’s former
members as well as over 650 photos.
The 25th Bomb Group (Rcn) inWWII
Malayney. Formed in August 1944 at Watton,
dispensing missions, day and night photography,
and also supported OSS development of the
Joan-Eleanor program and operations to com-
municate with agents deep inside enemy territory.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3950-9 • hard • $69.99 •
Schiffer LTD
Squadron of Deception: The 36th Bomb
Squadron in WWII
Stephen M. Hutton. Here
at last is the story of the U.S. 8th Air Force’s only
Radar Countermeasure squadron that flew from
England during WWII.
The 44th Bomb Group in WWII: The “Fly-
ing Eight-Balls” over Europe in the B-24
Mackay & Adams. The 44th BG amassed an
impressive 343 missions and won two Distin-
guished Unit Citations, dropping nearly 19,000
tons of ordnance in the process, including the
legendary August 1943 Ploesti mission.
The Jolly Rogers: The 90th Bom-
bardment Group in the Southwest
Pacific 1942-44
. A full-color facsimile
reprint of the actual Jolly Rogers war
The Ragged Irregulars: The 91st Bomb
Group in WWII
Marion Havelaar. The first
detailed history of the famed 91st Bomb Group.
High Noon over Haseluenne: The 100th
Bombardment Group over Berlin • March 6,
Dewez & Faley. On March 6, 1944, and the
Eighth Air Force would launch a full scale assault
on the German capital of Berlin. The book is filled
with firsthand accounts, personal diaries, letters
home, news clippings, and photos.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time: The 305th Bomb Group
& the 2nd Schweinfurt Raid
George C. Kuhl. This is
true story of the second raid on Schweinfurt, Germany
by the Eighth Air Force 1st and 3rd Bombardment
Divisions on 14 October 1943. On this day, the Eighth
Air Force lost air superiority to the German Luftwaffe
in a continuous air battle that lasted over three hours.
Chennault’s Forgotten Warriors: The Saga of
the 308th Bomb Group in China
Carroll V. Glines.
The 308th’s wide-ranging activities through nearly
three years of bitter air warfare are described here by
reknowned author C.V. Glines.
Warpath: A Story of the 345th Bombard-
ment Group (M) in WWII
. This facsimile reprint
of the very rare 345th war book appears here in
a new quality edition. The 345th, the famed “Air
Apaches,” flew against the Japanese in heavily
armed B-25s in hair-raising low level bombing
and strafing attacks.
Ridgewell’s Flying Fortresses: The 381st
Bombardment Group (H) inWWII
The battles in the skies over Europe witnessed
the 381st, in concert with their fellow-airmen
with the 8th AF striking 297 times at Hitler’s
Fortress Europe and dropping over 22,000 tons of
ordnance in the process. The cost to the group was
131 aircraft and over 1200 combat crew missing
in action, sustained during the course of a fiercely
contested struggle stretching over 1000 days.
The Sky Scorpions: The Story of the 389th
Bomb Group in WWII
Wilson & Mackay. The
389th was unique among all Groups assigned to
the 8th USAAF because it actually commenced
operations in July 1943 out of North Africa that
culminated in the infamous Ploesti mission on 1
August. Returning to England, the combat crews
joined in on the grim duty of hammering Nazi
Germany’s industrial resource.
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