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The First Combat Bob Wing in WWII
Mackay. The 1st Combat Bomb Wing was part
of the 8USAAF’s campaign against Hitler’s
industrial complex. The four Groups serving
within its ranks played their part in what was
a costly but ultimately successful bid to shatter
the Nazi plan for European and world conquest.
The 8th Air Force: Victory and Sacrifice - A
WWII Photo History
John W. Lambert. This
volume provides an historical perspective of
the air campaign over Western Europe, utilizing
photos and detailed captions to depict the deadly
nature of aerial combat some six decades ago.
Fighter Units & Pilots of the 8th Air
Force September 1942–May 1945
Miller. This extremely detailed two-volume
set gives an overall statistical summary of
8th Air Force fighter operations during
WWII, presented in an easy to read format.
Volume 1: Day-to-Day Operations,
Fighter Group Histories
Volume 2: Aerial Victories, Ace Data
On the Highways of the Skies: The 8th
Air Force in WWII
Martin W. Bowman. The
story in words and pictures, many of them
never before seen, of the U.S. 8th AF fighter
and bomber groups of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Air
Divisions 1942-45. Many first person stories tell
what combat was like in the skies in the ETO
against the Luftwaffe.
The 5th Fighter Command in WWII Vol.1:
Pearl Harbor to the Reduction of Rabaul
Schiffer LTD
WilliamWolf. Since end of WWII
the major role played by the 5th FC in winning
the war in the Pacific has been almost totally
neglected. Wolf puts the air campaigns into
strategic and tactical context, then breaks down
every daily air battle into Fighter Groups and
Squadrons using unit Narrative Combat Reports.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3955-4 • hard • $69.99 •
Schiffer LTD
The 5th Fighter Command in WWII Vol.2:
The End in New Guinea, the Philippines,
to V-J Day
William Wolf. In vol.2 the author
continues his definitive history of the 5th FC as it
continues on the offensive after the reduction of
Rabaul in November 1943 and then decimates
Japanese air power over western New Guinea,
and then on to the Philippines and V-J Day.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4251-6 • hard • $69.99 •
Schiffer LTD
The 5th Fighter Command in WWII: Vol.3:
5FC vs. Japan - Aces, Units, Aircraft, and
William Wolf. Following his first two
massive volume, describing the day-by-day his-
tory of the 5FC and associated tactical, strategic,
and grand strategy, Dr. Wolf completes the
trilogy with this volume, which greatly expands,
explains, and describes the personalities, aircraft,
tactics, strategy, and some subjects neglected in
the first two volumes, from both the American
and Japanese perspectives.
The Debden Warbirds: The 4th Fighter
Group in WWII
Frank E. Speer. This authen-
tic account, gleaned from the Squadron and
Tower Diaries, is enhanced by dozens of com-
bat reports and personal accounts from pilots
and crews whose day-to-day encounters are
faithfully recorded
Death fromAbove: The 7th Bombardment
Group in World War II
. Edward M. Young.
An in-depth look at the 7th BG, one of the few
bombardment groups in the Army Air Corps
active during the 1930s. Its activation in 1929
through its missions over Burma and Thailand
until August 1945 are covered. This book also
provides a description of the little-known stra-
tegic bombing operations of the Tenth Air Force
in the China-Burma-India Theater.
13th Fighter Command in WWII: Air Com-
bat over Guadalcanal and the Solomons
William Wolf. Wolf’s definitive book brings to
light the 13th FC’s significant contributions to
winning the air war in the South Pacific during
Attack & Conquer: The 8th Fighter Group
Stanaway & Hickey. The 8th fought
the best Zero pilots, and took the war to the
enemy with P-38s over Rabaul and Hollandia.
The Pineapple Air Force: Pearl Harbor
to Tokyo
John W. Lambert. The old Hawaiian
Air Force met the attack of the Japanese on 7
December 1941. Redesignated the Seventh Air
Force, its bomber units moved on to combat
in the Pacific almost immediately, and later in
the war flying missions against Japan from Ie
Shima and Iwo Jima.
Night Hawks and Black Widows: 13th
Air Force Night Fighters in the South
and Southwest Pacific • 1943-45
M. Mays. This is the story of those pilots who
risked their lives night after night flying P-38
Lightnings, P-70 Nighthawks, and P-61 Black
Widows for the 13th Air Force in the South and
Southwest Pacific between 1943-45.
The 14th Fighter Group in WWII
John W.
Lambert. The Allied invasion of North Africa in
November 1942 included the USAAF’s Lockheed
P-38 equipped 14th Fighter Group. Flying long-
range, high-altitude escort missions as well
as low level ground support sorties, the 14th
engaged in three months of grinding attrition.
The Long Campaign: The History of the
15th Fighter Group in WWII
John W. Lam-
bert. The 15th Fighter Group was activated in
December 1940 and fought on the first day of
the war and was still in combat on the last day,
flying seven- to eight-hour missions from Iwo
Jima to Honshu.
Protect & Avenge: The 49th Fighter Group
Ferguson & Pascalis. To celebrate the
50th Anniversary of Victory in WWII comes
Protect & Avenge. The text is highlighted by
more than 600 bw photos, six compaign maps,
and twenty-four color profiles of select P-40s,
P-57s, and P-38s.
Beware the Thunderbolt! The 56th Fighter
Group in WWII
David R. McLaren, foreword by
Hub Zemke. The story of the 56th Fighter Group
in a chronological narrative of their combat
missions. The “Wolfpack’s” P-47 contrails
crossed high in the upper stratosphere as they
escorted heavy bomber missions, or fell upon the
enemy on the ground as their pilots destroyed
over 1000 Luftwaffe aircraft.
The 79th Fighter Group over Tunisia, Sicily,
and Italy in WWII
Don Woerpel. This book
provides an inside look at battles generally not
well known. The 79th spent much of its tour
with the RAF’s Desert Air Force in Tunisia, Sicily,
and also took part in the battle for Rome and
the invasion of southern France.
Kearby’s Thunderbolts: The 348th Fighter
Group in WWII
John C. Stanaway. The 348th
Fighter Group was the most successful P-47
Thunderbolt unit in the Pacific. Medal of Honor
recipient Neel Kearby took an aircraft that was
generally despised in the southwest Pacific and
made it into the terror of the skies over such
formidable targets as Wewak on New Guinea,
and Cape Gloucester on New Britain.
The 350th Fighter Group in the Mediter-
ranean Campaign - 2 November 1942 to
2 May 1945
. This facsimile reprint of the actual
350th Fighter Group war book appears here in
a new quality edition. The 350th Fighter Group
flew against the Luftwaffe during the Moroccan,
Tunisian, Sicilian, and Italian campaigns in P-39s
and P-47s.
The Pioneer Mustang Group: The 354th
Fighter Group in WWII
Steve Blake. As the
first unit to fly the Merlin-engined P-51B in
combat, the 354th FG adopted the nickname
“PioneerMustangGroup.”UntilD-Day, itescorted
8thAFheavybombers totargetson theEuropean
Continent. The group then moved to France and
supported Patton’s Third Army from Normandy
to Bavaria, and in the Battle of the Bulge.
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