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Small Ambassadeurs: The Legendary Light-Line
Fishing Reels: The ABU Ambassadeur 2500C,
1500C & Related Models
Sjaastad & Svensson. The
Ambassadeur 2500C, a small casting reel capable of
handling fine lines and light baits, was first produced
in 1975. This book provides a comprehensive history
and taxonomy of this legendary family of fishing reels,
which is cherished and admired by anglers, collectors,
and tournament casters alike.
Saltwater Tales: Offshore, Bay, and Surf Fishing
Adventures with Proven Tips and Techniques
for the Saltwater Angler
John Unkart. For years,
fishermen have relied on John Unkart to help them
catch more fish. Learn professional fishing strategies
while embarking on entertaining saltwater journeys
that are seeded with tips, tricks, and information that
will help everyone become a better fisherman—from
the beginner to the seasoned angler.
Offshore Pursuit: A Complete Guide to Blue-Wa-
ter Sport Fishing
John Unkart. Unkart’s expanded
second edition of Offshore Pursuit has bonus chapters
on rigging techniques and deep dropping, information
you need to catch big game fish offshore. Experience
what ultimate sport fishing has to offer: Surface
eruptions on trolled baits, rods bent in half, drags
screaming, and adrenaline pumping. From rigging
techniques to fighting trophy fish, it’s all in this book.
Rudow’s Guide to the Mid Atlantic: Coastal Bays
& Ocean
Lenny Rudow. The most comprehensive how-
to/where-to fishing book you’ll find anywhere, covering
coastal bay, inlet, inshore, and offshore angling fromNew
York to North Carolina. Whether you fish for flounder
off Shinnecock Inlet or yellowfin tuna off Oregon Inlet,
Rudow’s Guide
will provide you with the know-how
you need to boost your catch rate.
Size:6"x9"•103bw images•265pp.
Rudow’s Guide to Rockfish
Lenny Rudow. The
striped bass-rockfish, to anglers living in this fish’s
southern range is the most popular inshore gamefish in
the Mid-Atlantic region. This book is dedicated to one
thing: helping you catch more striped bass. In
Guide to Rockfish
, we’ll pick apart the factors that
have an effect on the way you fish.!
Size:6"x9"•43bw images•208
Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island
Kevin Falvey.
Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island
is the most
comprehensive how-to/where-to fishing book you’ll
find, focusing on New York’s popular saltwater species
and the tactics, tackle, rigging, lures, and baits used to
target them. Here, Falvey exposes secret tricks of the
trade, while showing anglers how to think like a fish.
Size:6"x9"•117bw images•232pp.
Flounder: Fishing Tactics and Techniques
Keith Kaufman. Want to know how the pros go after
flounder-a.k.a. fluke? This is the book for you. Tackle,
tactics, and techniques of the masters are exposed in
this one-of-a-kind, how-to fishing book. Learn how,
when, and where you can boost your catch rate.
Examine drift fishing, trolling, jigging, and several
secret techniques.
Size:6"x9"•115bw images•256pp.
Modern Sharking
Capt. Mark Sampson. Advance-
ments in boats, tackle, and equipment, as well as
changes in the attitudes and ethics of shark fishermen,
have revolutionized recreational sharking.
is about sustainable shark fishing, and in
this book, anglers will learn the latest techniques for
pursuing sharks while armed with rods, reels, and a
higher level of knowledge and respect for their quarry.
Rudow’s Guide to Modern Jigging: Inshore •
Offshore • Species-Specific
Lenny Rudow. Jigging
may be an ancient technique, but it’s also the hottest,
newest way to fish. As usual, Rudow pulls no punches,
explaining techniques with thorough instructions, naming
his favorite rods, reels, and jigs by brand, and examining
specific species on a case-by-case basis.
Size:6"x9"•49bw images•176pp.
A Tale of Two Rivers
Ronald F. Lasko. An intimate
portrait of fly fishing on Cape Cod’s Quashnet and
Mashpee rivers, seeking the unique species of Sea Run
Brook Trout that once inhabited many locations. In 50
color photos, watercolor illustrations, and engaging
text, presented here is a unique blend of the author’s
personal experience and the romance of fly fishing.
Size:7"x10"•56color images•160pp.
Rudow's Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake
Rudow. Specific bay sport fish and the most effective
methods of catching them during each phase of the
season are discussed on a fish-by-fish basis. Modern
and traditional tackle and rigs used. If you want to
boost your catch rate, this book is for you.
Size:6"x9"•18b/wphotos,4 illustrations
Fisherman’s Knots and Nets
Raoul Graumont &
Elmer Wenstrom. Professional and novice fishermen
alike can learn to make hundreds of ties and bends
to connect line to hooks, leaders, lures, nets, traps,
and seines. The veteran fisherman will find it an
indispensable reference tool. Whether you fish for
fun or to make a living, this is a valuable addition
to your tackle box.
Size:51/2"x81/2"•565 illustrations,
1b/wphoto• Index•208pp.
Basic Fishing Lure Carving
Greg Hays. In
220 detailed color photos, this book takes you
through every step necessary to create a working
broke back fishing lure. Every tool needed is
listed, every technique employed is described,
includingpainting instructions.Thebook includes
a pattern for the lure and illustrated instructions
on assembling a box for lure storage. A gallery
featuring a variety of lures is also provided.
Bernhardsson, Tove Nilsson, and Mia öhrn. This
is the book where Tex-Mex meets the islands, the
verybest tips,advice,and recipes.
Size:81/2"x11"•180colorphotos •160pp.
The Little Smoker Book: Getting Into the Top
basics of various kinds of smokers to determine the best
one for you and get tips for determining the right type of
andslow" inno timeatall.
Size:6"x9"•44color images•80pp.
Home Smoking Basics: For Meat, Fish, and
. Maria Sartor. Step-by-step instructional
guide for smoking meats, fish, and poultry using
different techniques and woods, plus how to
smoke on an alcohol stove or barbecue grill or in
a roasting pan, wok, or home-built barrel smoker.
Instructions for preparing and smoking your own
food also come with delicious recipes for both the
hot and cold smoking of pork, beef, fish, game,
and chicken. For chefs of all skill levels.
The Big Smoker Book
Karsten “Ted" Aschen-
brandt and Rudolf Jaeger. Smoking is a very
special kind of barbecue using the low tem-
perature range. This book, with 138 color pho-
tos and enticing recipes, introduces the basic
techniques of smoking, along with expert tips
on appliances, fuel, and accessories. Readers
will find instructions for a perfect barbecue
experience—from sauces, rubs, and marinades
to the best recipes for spicy ribs, incredibly tender
brisket, or juicy salmon.
Off the Hook: Rudow’s Recipes for Cook-
ing Your Catch
Lenny Rudow. Learn proper
use of ice for the cooler, techniques for clean-
ing and filleting fish, and correct packaging
methods to ensure freshness. Cooking advice
and simple-to-gourmet recipes are perfect for
a wide variety of saltwater, freshwater, and
shellfish from watermen and chefs who made this the ultimate fish cookbook.
Size:81/2"x51/2"•20b/wphotos,8drawings• Index•252pp.
The Yankee Chef: Feel Good Food for
Every Kitchen
Jim Bailey. The heritage of
New England cookery unfolds in this charm-
ing collection of more than 550 traditional
recipes tweaked for today’s palate. Create
a range of comfort foods in typical New
England style, including easy-to-follow
recipes for classics like chowders, steamers,
and cornbread.
Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" • 200 color images •
304pp.• ISBN:978-0-7643-4191-5•hardcover•$34.99
MeetMe inMyCapeCodKitchen:Recipes
for Seaside Living
Linda Maria Steele. With
more than 60 delicious recipes, celebrate good
food shared with family and friends, inspired
by life on the beach. With food photography
and inspiring Cape Cod landscapes, chapters
focus on baked goods such as cakes, cookies
and quick breads, as well as appetizers, entrees,
salads, and summertime drinks.
Size: 8 1/8" x 9 1/8" • 75 color images • 96 pp
Cape Cod and the Islands: Where
Beauty & History Meet
Kleekamp. Original art by the author
and rare historic photos accompany an
informative text, capturing the nature
of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s
Vineyard. They bring to life those who
farmed the land, fished the seas, cap-
tained the schooners, or waited for a
loved one’s return. Historical vignettes,
beautiful illustrations, and traditional Cape Cod recipes.
Sieze: 11" x 8 1/2" •159photos& illustrations •176pp.
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