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The Secret of Heron Creek
Margaret Mea-
cham. Illustrated by Lynne N. Lockhart. An excit-
ing tale about two boys and a lovable sea monster.
When a cruel man plots to trap and sell the monster,
the boys make a plan to save their friend. The nighttime
operation that William and Tommy undertake to save
their friend will thrill readers young and old Middle
Readers: Ages 8-12.
Size:6"x9"•10 illus.•136pp.
Grandfather’s Secret
Lois Szymanski, illustrated
by Kelli Nash. When Charley’s grandfather died, his
old houseboat comes to the family marina on Kent
Island, Maryland. Dad is angry at the condition of the
boat and the fact that his father has squandered away
his jewel collection. When the spirit of Grandfather
appears and asks him to retrieve three items, Charley
complies, even though he doesn’t know the worth or
meaning of his mission. What he uncovers is surprising
proof of the depth of Grandfather’s secret. Middle
Readers: Ages 8-12.
Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships: Haunts of New
England’s Shorelines
Thomas D’Agostino. Read the
tales of Captain Kid, Blackbeard, Anne Bonney, Black
Bellamy, and other burley buccaneers who haunt New
England’s land and seas. Learn about Goat Island, where
wraiths of hanged pirates rise up seeking vengeance.
Hear the Isles of Shoals phantom dory’s oars, as it slowly
rows in search of its next victim. Ghostly ladies mourn
the passing of some of the most ruthless characters
history can name.
Size:6"x9"•19b/wphotos• Index•176pp.
Lost Loot: Ghostly New England Treasure Tales
Patricia Hughes. Learn about the lost pirate riches of
Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Edward Low, and other
dastardly buccaneers. Consider hidden
treasures in the Appalachian, Longfellow, White, and
Green Mountains...and how you might find the loot.
Read further to unmask the mystery, intrigue, treasure,
and ghosts of northern New England! Size: 6"x9" •
More Lost Loot: Ghostly New England Treasure
Patricia Hughes. Stories of lost treasure sites
in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
Explore supernatural history that abounds in this
region. Visit ghost towns, lost Native American vil-
lages, forgotten mines, and valuable gem discoveries.
Pirates were welcome, and the legends suggest they
left their loot behind.
Treasure Wreck: The Fortunes & Fate of the
Pirate Ship Whydah
Arthur T. Vanderbilt II. When
the pirate ship Whydah went down in a violent storm
just off the coast of Massachusetts in 1717, she took
a treasury of stolen gold and jewels. Here is the story
of this plunder, of the pirates who amassed this horde
during one legendary year upon the Spanish Main, and
the tragedy of their loss upon the shoals of Cape Cod.
It is updated to cover salvage efforts still underway in
the Whydah’s deep-sea grave.
Size:6"x9"•16b/wphotos• Index•188pp.
Pirates of the Delaware
Rupert Sargent Holland.
Pirates, conspiracy, highway robbers, and other sinister
forces confront a young law clerk in Philadelphia smitten
by a beautiful French noblewoman. Travel back to 1793
for action packed adventure that takes young readers
back, following our noble hero’s misadventures as he
falls in among a decidedly wrong crowd.
Size: 6"x9" • 4 b/w illus. • 320pp.ISBN: 0-7643-2487-X
Chesapeake Crimes II
Donna Andrews & Maria Y.
Lim, Editors. An eclectic mix of mysteries and murders,
written by members of Chesapeake Sisters in Crime
and other award-wining authors in mystery today. A
must-read for anyone serious about murder mysteries.
A Fright of Ghosts
Helen Chappell. A dead ex-hus-
band drops in on his wife and assists a reporter in
solving the mystery of Shellpile Island. Learn about a
300-year-old pirate, why the poverty-stricken residents
all have new home additions and new trucks, and if the
wife gets lured into a trap or gets out of this one alive.
Size:41/4"x63/4"•1 illus.•192pp.
Pirates on the Chesapeake: Being a True His-
tory of Pirates, Picaroons, and Raiders on the
Chesapeake Bay, 1610-1807
Donald G. Shomette.
Pirates, picaroons, and sea rovers are pitted against
the representatives of an outpost in the Chesapeake
Bay region. It is a two hundred-year history that
begins with the Virginia colony in 1609 and ends with
the peaceful resolution of the Othello affair in 1807.
Size:6"x9"•39 illus.,1map• Index•252pp.
WomenWere Pirates, Too
who fought alongside the men in dastardly high-sea
robberies, to an Irish heroine who plundered British ships,
this book explores some long overlooked characters in
the history of piracy. Included are Madame Ching, whose
fleet ruled the southern coasts of China, Ireland’s Grace
O’Malley, whose brave fighting exploits on land and
sea placed her equal to queens, and Mary Read and
Anne Bonny, who plundered ships disguised as men.
Size:6"x9"•8b/w illus.•96pp.
How to Build a Flatiron Skiff
K.D. Jones.
For the economic do-it-yourselfer, using simple
techniques and hand-powered tools, you can
start building a flatiron skiff in spring and easily
be on the water by summer. Recommended
tools and accessories, design variations, in-
structional photographs and drawings, and
a little history on this underappreciated boat
type, are available here.
Ship Model Building
3rd Edition Gene Johnson.
This is an enlarged edition of a work that has been
accepted as the most complete exposition of model
shipbuilding. The book is unusual in its attention to
minute and authentic detail, supplying more than a
thousand diagrams.
Size: 6"x9" • 17 bw photos, 22 illustrations, plans, and
1571/2platesofdrawings, index•320pp.
Fundamentals of Model Boat Building
Into & Nancy. Learn the skills necessary to suc-
cessfully create an accurate model boat from
scratch, including structural elements, paper
model renderings, measuring hull features, and
creating mechanical drawings. The detailed text
guides readers to make a model Chesapeake Bay
“Deadrise" workboat.
Model Boat Building Made Simple
Rogers. Using drawings and step-by-step col-
or photographs and captions, the process of
building a model boat is easily understood and
followed. The materials needed can be bought
at hobby shops, lumber yards, and hardware
stores. The tools are basic. Even the novice
model builder can complete a fine model, a
simple, yet elegant skiff, incorporating many of
the original construction techniques.
Model Boat Building: The Lobster Boat
Rogers & Staby-Rogers. Using the lines of boats
built before 1940 by Alvin Beal, Steve takes
the modeller step-by-step through the process
of building an authentic scale model lobster
boat. In over 250 color photographs he begins
with the sculpting of the builder’s model, upon
which are laid the ribs and hull of the boat, and
continues through the building of accessories
and the painting of the boat.
Model Boat Building: The Spritsail Skiff
Rogers & Staby-Rogers. With beautiful color
photographs, helpful drawings, and a wealth
of knowledge that comes from years of crafts-
manship, Steve Rogers leads the reader through
the building of a model of the North Carolina
Spritsail Skiff. The model is in one-inch scale and
is built in much the same way as the actual boat
was. Clear step-by-step directions are given for
everything from the jigs to the sails.
Model Boat Building: The Skipjack
& Staby-Rogers. Steve Rogers offers a guide for
building a model skipjack, leading the craftsperson
step-by-step through the process. The result is
a beautiful boat in full sail. The model is in 1/2"
scale, based on a skipjack that is 45 feet on
deck with a 15 foot beam. Drawings, patterns,
jigs, and accessories are all detailed. Everything
is illustrated in clear color photos.
Size:8.5"x11"•390color images•96pp.
Model Boat Building: The Menhaden
Rogers and Staby Rogers. A step-by-
step guide to building a classic working boat,
the menhaden steamer. Modeler Steve Rogers
guides the reader through the complete process,
hull master to rigging, for building a 1/2-inch
scale, 56-inch model of this wonderful fishing
boat. The result will be a work of art that will
find a welcome place in any collection.
Size:8.5"x11"•100color illustrations•64pp.
Ships in Bottles
Guy DeMarco. Revised and
expanded 2nd edition. Five projects explained
clearly, step-by-step through drawings and
black-and-white and color photographs. Woven
into the instructions is historical background that
gives the ships and bottles greater interest and
authenticity. The modeler is led slowly through
the steps to create this legendary art form.
Creating the Preening Blue Wing Teal
Jeffrey Moore. Starting with a pre-shaped, du-
plicated wooden bird, learn the use of burning
and high speed texturing equipment to achieve
wonderful carving detail in this Blue Wing Teal.
Includes detailed instructions for airbrushing,
brush painting, all colors needed, and creating
the realistic habitat base. A carving project you
will treasure for many years to come.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 310 color photos • 96pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1794-6 • soft cover • $19.95
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