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Chadwick and the Garplegrungen
Priscilla Cum-
mings. Illustrated by A.R. Cohen. What is that awful
green and purple gunk bubbling up in the normally
blue waters of the Chesapeake Bay? Chadwick the
Crab and his friends—quiet Orville Oyster, shy Belly
Jeans the Flounder, Dr. Mallard (that old quack), stately
Baron Von Heron, and others—call the unsightly stuff
garplegrungen (it rhymes with dungeon). Although
they don’t know what the garplegrungen is, they
decide to find out and get rid of it once and for all.
Early Readers: Ages 5-8.
Size:7"x10"•17color illustrations•30pp.
The Chadwick Coloring Book
Cummings. Illustrated by A.R. Cohen. Since
the publication of Chadwick the Crab, tens of
thousands of children have come to know and
care about the engaging creatures that inhabit
Shady Creek, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.
This coloring book offers youngsters the chance
to become even more involved with Chadwick
and his friends. Picture book–ages 0-6.
Size:9"x12"•33b/w illustrations•32pp.
Santa Claws: The Christmas Crab
Cummings. Illustrated by Marcy Dunn Ramsey.
Travel beneath the Chesapeake Bay, where
Spud, a feisty young blue crab, hates to nap.
Waking his underwater friends, Spud launches a
rollicking Christmas Eve party that is interrupted
by an unexpected traveler in need of Spud’s
help. Can Spud help bring Christmas to the
Bay? Preschool to grade 2.
Size:9"x9"•23color illustrations•30pp.
Mallory the Forgetful Duck
Elaine Allen.
Illustrations by Kelli Nash. Mallory, a forgetful
Mallard duck, can’t find her nest. She stumbles
upon the nests of several other birds in her quest
to find it, but soon discovers that her own nest
is different from all the rest, and that her own
eggs are more beautiful than any others. Early
Readers: Ages 5-8.
Size:81/2"x11"•17color illustrations•40pp.
ABC’s of Boating Terms
boating. Itexplainsthesometimesconfusingterms
boatersuse inaneasy-to-understandand funway.
All About Boats A to Z
David and Zora
Aiken, IllustratedbyDavidAiken.Theyoungest
crewmembers will understand the purpose of
the many things they see while boating. This
is a great conversational tool on the aspects
of boating as families develop their onboard
teamwork. For children in kindergarten to
second grade.
Chesapeake ABC
Priscilla Cummings. Illus-
trated by David Aiken. “From “A is for anchor"
to “Z is for a zephyr" the sights, sounds, and
feel of the Bay come through to the youngest
of readers. Whimsical drawings by David Aiken
illustrate the verses about Chesapeake animals
and things. Picture Book: Ages 0-6.
Size: •9"x9"•43color illustrations•30pp.
Chesapeake 1-2-3
Priscilla Cummings. Illus-
trated by David Aiken. Children learn to count
with rhymes about life on the bay. “One girl
went to fish, two ospreys fly high, ..." and the
pages growmore crowded as readers approach
“ten." Then see the numbers once again. The
clever method and whimsical drawings will
delight youngsters. Picture Book: Ages 0-6.
Size:9"x9“•19color illustrations•30pp.
Chesapeake Rainbow
Priscilla Cummings.
Illustrated by David Aiken. Rhyming lines help
young children learn their colors and facts
about the Chesapeake Bay. A bright and
wonderful companion to the popular books
Chesapeake ABC
Chesapeake 1-2-3
Picture Book: Ages 0-6.
Size:9"x9"•17color illustrations•30pp.
Awesome Chesapeake: A Kid’s Guide to the
David Owen Bell. Illustrated by Marcy Dunn
Ramsey. Stimulates elementary and middle school
children’s interest in the bay by introducing them
to the creatures and plants around the bay’s 2,500
square miles. Middle Readers: Ages 10-13.
Size:6"x9"•92color illustrations•42pp.
Windmills Activity Book
James E. Owens.
This activity book provides hours of fun and
education with 48 drawings of windmills from
around the world to color. The historic mills
were built in the 1700s and 1800s. Many of
the mills have been restored for visitors today.
Learn a little history for each mill in the United
States, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ire-
land, England, Portugal, and Greece. Middle
Readers: Ages 8-12.
U.S. Life Saving Coloring Book
James E. Owens. The history of the
nation’s Life Saving Service comes alive
in this 50-page coloring book. Children
can color the pages while learning
about the first effort to aid shipwrecked
sailors and the fate of ships like the HMS
Middle Readers: Ages 8-12.
Where Did All theWater Go?
Illustrated by David Aiken. One morning, all one
could see on western shore of the Chesapeake
Bay was mud. “Where did all the water go?" The
answer is in this charming story about natural
phenomenon that occurs on the bay. Middle
Readers: Ages 7-10.
Size:9"x9"•25color illustrations•30pp.
Captain John Smith’s Big and Beautiful Bay
Rebecca C. Jones. Illustrated by Linda Shute. The
true story of Captain John Smith’s exploration
of the Chesapeake Bay, with a touch of humor
provided by the diverse wildlife that live in and
around thebay.Beautifully illustrated, thisexciting
story is an excellent resource for kids learning
about John Smith, the Chesapeake Bay’s history
and ecology, and their state’s history. Middle
Readers: Ages 7-10.
Size:81/2"x11"•23color images•32pp.
Leonard Calvert and the Maryland Adventure
Ann Jensen Illustrated by Marcy Dunn Ramsey. Leonard
Calvert, from England, led colonists to Maryland and
became the first governor. He faced fierce Indians,
unfriendly Virginia fur traders, and plundering pirates
who wanted to chase him out of Maryland and take
the colony away from the Calverts. This book takes
a look at each woman’s achievements and the cou-
rageous choices they made to realize success. Middle
grades–ages 10-13.
Size:7"x9"•12 illus.,1map
Buried Treasure, a Pirate’s Tale
Harrison Kehne, Jr.. Pirates! Picaroons! Scal-
lywags! Captain John Bloodsworth, a pirate,
plunders ships and buries the treasure.Then he
battles with the local Indians. Will the treasure
ever be found? Middle Readers: Ages 7-10.
Size:9"x9"•19color illustrations•34pp.
First Sail
Richard Henderson. Teaches
fundamentals of sailing with beautiful
illustrations and labeled drawings, in-
cludes nautical terms, channel markers,
buoys, safety equipment, knots, clouds
& weather, anchoring, maneuvering
sails, and crew overboard procedures.
Middle Readers: Ages 7-13.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 40 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-87033-442-9 • hard cover
Captain Tugalong
Dee Cache. Il-
lustrated by Howard M. Burns. The
tugboat, Captain Tugalong, teaches
the sailboat, Sun Dancer, about boat-
ing safety, including equipment, rules,
and emergencies at sea. Picture Book:
Ages 0-6.
Size:11"x81/2"•34color illustrations•
Oyster Moon
Margaret Meacham. Illustrated by
Marcy Dunn Ramsey. A blend of history and mystery
in the late 1800s at the peak of the Oyster Wars in
Maryland. A 14-year-old girl and her twin brother are
featured. Middle Readers: Ages 10-13.
Size:6"x9"•10 illustrations•112pp.
The Honey Boat
Polly Burroughs, color il-
lustrations by Garrett Price. A lady garbage
collector driving a boat? Yes, that’s Ellie, a
salty Yankee in Edgartown Harbor. When she
doesn’t appear one morning, her friends worry,
and when people get sick, even the Mayor takes
up the search. What they learn is that garbage
can pollute a harbor and conservation begins
with boat owners properly depositing trash.
Early Readers: Ages 5-8.
Size:63/4"x81/2"•color illustrations•48pp.
The Sand Lady: A Cape May Tale
Corinne M.
Litzenberg & Bari A. Edwards, Illustrator. A little
girl and a magical sand lady travel through time,
back to Cape May, New Jersey, in 1912! Also
featured are a Cape Island map, over twenty
watercolor illustrations,aglossary,anda timeline.
Additionally, an integrated extension activities
guide is available for the classroom. Middle
Readers: Ages 8-12.
Size:81/2"x11"•27color images•32pp.
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