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Taking the Flower Show Home.
Schaffer, aifd, aaf, pfci, & Kristine
Kratt, aifd, pfci. Cutting-edge floral
artists Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt
share an exclusive behind-the-scenes
look at their creative process and offer
detailed, helpful steps to assist the read-
er in creating their own designs at home.
The book includes all you need to bring
the show home to you and insightful
techniques to help you create floral designs of your own.
Size:113/4”x9”•303colorphotos&diagrams•144pp.• ISBN: 978-0-7643-
4430-5 • hard cover • $45.00
The Bridal Bouquet Book.
Parfitt. The largest portfolio of bridal
bouquets available on the market today.
More than 400 gorgeous color photos
illustrateawealthof fresh ideasto inspire
brides, floral designers, and wedding
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 400+ color photos
160 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-2197-8 • hard
cover • $39.95
Bridal Flowers: Bouquets - Boutonnières
- Corsages.
Ginny Parfitt, Bill Murphy, AIFD,
& Tina Skinner. Over 300 gorgeous bouquets
for brides and their maids, along with bou-
tonnière designs for the gentlemen and some
ideas for hairpieces, corsages, and items for
flower girls and ring bearers. Shows styles for
wedding events, organized by color. Includes
tutorials for creating bouquets, boutonnières,
corsages, a tussie-mussie, and a floral sphere
for the flower girl.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 387 color photos • 128 pp
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3485-6 • soft cover • $24.99
Creating Floral Centerpieces.
Bill Mur-
phy, AIFD. A professional floral designer takes
you step-by-step through the creation of more
than 25 impressive floral displays, from charger
plates and napkin rings to kettle-sized, exotic
centerpieces. From basic bouquet tying skills
through the latest techniques using wire and
floral adhesive, you will be inspired to adorn
every event with flowery creations.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11 • 288 color photos • 112 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3459-7 • hard cover • $29.99
Entertaining with Flowers: The
Floral Artistry of Bill Murphy.
Murphy, AIFD. Floral designs for a spring
bridal shower, tropical dinner party,
garden party, retirement celebration,
and weddings winter, spring, summer
and fall.
Size: 11" x 8-1/2" • 235 color photos •
112 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-2556-6 • hard
cover • $29.95
Creating Elegant Lampshades: For Fun and
Nadine Redfield. A complete introduction
to the art of making lampshades. Learn how
to cover, line and trim an existing lampshade,
as well as create your own distinctive lamps
and shades in a variety of stunning styles.
Learn how you can change the look of a room
instantly with the versatility of lampshades.
This comprehensive how-to will inspire ev-
eryone to experiment with the art of making
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 150 color photos
201 b/w Illustrations • 160 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1742-3 • soft cover • $29.95
Soap Carving for Children of All Ages.
Howard K. Suzuki. Bar soap provides a wonderful
carving medium for children or adults to learn
and teach basic carving techniques. Starting with
directions for making safe and simple wooden
carving tools, basic soap-carving techniques are
shown with step-by-step color photos.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 195 color photos
48 pp.• ISBN: 978-0-7643-0859-8
soft cover • $12.99
Carving in Soap: North American Animals.
Howard K. Suzuki. Advanced methods of making
multiple-bar soap carvings of selected North
American mammals. Beautiful color photographs
and the text move step-by-step through the
carving of eight animals: a bear and cub, wolf,
cougar, prairie dog, harp seal, killer whale, and
otter. Art, natural history, and environmental
issues are integrated into the instructions for
a super learning experience.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 262 color photos
8 patterns • 64 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1292-8 • soft cover • $12.95
Soap Carving Ocean and Coral Reef Crea-
Howard K. Suzuki. Over 270 color photos
and 53 patterns show how to carve twelve sea
creatures, including the clownfish, starfish,
octopus, seahorse, penguin, orca, spermwhale,
sea otter, manatee, queen angelfish, sea lion,
and beluga. Carvers will produce soap carvings in
low and high relief and from fused rawmaterial.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 273 color &
53 b/w images • 64 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-2754-4 • soft cover • $12.95
Saltbox House: Color ’n Build
Activity Playset.
Build and color a
Saltbox House from printed, pre-cut,
sturdy art board. The house measures
approximately 7 1/2" wide x 9 1/4" long
x 8" high and sits on its own platform.
Inside is a staircase and loft; outside
is a fence, deck, 4 dogs, a doghouse,
two chairs, and garden plants that are
easy to personalize with your own dec-
orations. Grades 3 & up.
Size: 9” x 12” • ISBN: 978-0-7643-3443-6 • boxed kit • $14.99
Victorian Doll House.
Children and
adults alike will enjoy the rich archi-
tectural ornamentation of this classic,
Victorian cottage. It is easily assembled
and measures 13 1/3" tall, 6 3/4" x 9
1/2" from the base. Create your own
beautiful color scheme for both its
interior and exterior. Made of sturdy,
thick board, this dollhouse folds flat
back into its own box, and can be used
again and again or preserved for future generations to come. Grades 3 & up.
Size: box: 9" x 12" x 1 3/4"
ISBN: 978-0-7643-2956-2 • boxed kit • $14.95
Shaker Village.
Edmund V. Gillon, Jr. Children
and adults alike will enjoy this cut and assemble
Shaker village. Six architectural models in H-O
scale, printed on heavy stock in full color: a great
round stone barn, four-story brick communal
dwelling, schoolhouse, gambrel-roof church,
laundry, and privy. The buildings represent the
nucleas of an agrarian village typical of the Shaker
communites that sprang up in several of the
eastern states in the early 19th century. Middle
grades–ages 8-12.
Size: 9" x 12" • 6 cut-out models • 46 pp.
An Early New England Seaport.
V. Gillon, Jr. Typical buildings of late 18th and
early 19th century New England seaports in
a cut-and-assemble form that will be loved
by adults and children. It contains ten archi-
tectural models in H-O scale, printed in full
color on sturdy stock. The authentic buildings
represent types that existed in waterfronts of
New England seaports.
Size: 9" x 12" • 40 photos • 56 pp.
ISBN: 0-88740-063-9 • soft cover • $5.95
Foliage Textures: Royalty Free Art for
Compiled by Ginny Parfitt. This
beautiful book and its accompanying Mac and
PC compatible CD contain over 150 photographs
of summer, autumn, and evergreen foliage, as
well as grasses, groundcovers, and tropical and
succulent foliages.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 150+ color photos
160 pp. • With CD-Rom
ISBN: 0-7643-2289-3 •$39.95
Paper Textures: Royalty Free Art for De-
With two CDs. A treasury of textures,
this beautiful book and its accompanying Mac
and PC Compatible CDs are filled with 114
colorful images of handmade papers, from
soft and subtle to deeply marbled and highly
textured. Ready-to-use high resolution images.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 114 color plates
96 pp. • With CD-Rom
ISBN: 0-7643-2118-8 • $39.95
World Designs: 1200 Historic Patterns
with Royalty-free CD.
Decorative designs,
from civilizations over 3000 years, are displayed
here and on CD. The designs, most shown in
beautiful color and exquisite detail, display
Ancient, Gothic, Renaissance, and Classic styles.
A classic reference and source for designers.
Size: 9” x 12” • 1203 images • 160 pp.
With CD-Rom
ISBN: 0-7643-2295-8 • soft cover • $29.95
Art Nouveau Era Graphics: Ornamental
Figures, Flowers, Emblems, Landscapes,
and Animals with DVD.
A rich treasury of
designs to inspire and enrich decorative arts
projects. Originally presented in the 1890s for use
in home interiors, ceramics, textiles, stationary,
stained glass, and ironwork.
Size: 9” x 12” • 152 pp.
500 color and 275 b/w graphics with CD-Rom
ISBN: 0-7643-2042-4 • soft cover • $34.95
Fabulous Floor Patterns: with CD.
“Jerry” S. F. Cooke III & Tina Skinner. Explore
hundreds of floor patterns, from checker-
boards and wild tile configurations to florals,
faux marble, and fantastic parquetry. The
enclosed CD-Rom presents the images in
various formats,making iteasy toexperiment
with, manipulate, and apply.
Size: 9” x 6” • 400+ color illustrations • w/ CD-Rom
160 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-2291-5 • hard cover • $34.95
Historic Holiday Art.
Martin. Charming clip-art dates from the turn of
the century and up through the Arts and Crafts
movementoftheearly1930s.Royaltyfree images
areperfect fortoday’smessages fromthosewith
a nostalgic yearning for an era gone by.
Size: 9” x 6” • 295 color illus. • 176 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-2119-6 • hard cover • $24.95
Historic Christmas Art.
Mary L. Martin and
Tina Skinner. Enjoy charming clip-art dating
back through the turn of the century and up
through the Arts and Crafts movement of the
early 1930s. More than 300 royalty free images
are ready for application to your professional
projects or casual communications, in a format
suitable for Mac or PC use.
Size: 9” x 6” • 330 color • illustrations • 176 pp. 
ISBN: 0-7643-2120-X • hard cover • $24.95
Chinese Flower Art: Line Drawings with
Centuries of flower arrangement wisdom in
exquisite calligraphic representation. Each image
a perfect arrangement, delicately balanced within
an imaginary frame. Perfect for adaptation to
art projects in want of Asian flair. Traditional
Chinese characters accompany each.
Size: 8 1/2” x 11” • 202 drawings • 160 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-2083-1 • soft cover • $24.95
from historic reference works. Includes
state seals, royal seals, coats-of-arms,
college fraternity emblems, and societal
emblems with animals, mythological
creatures, nautical and military motifs,
Size: 11” x 8 1/2”
2,180 b&w images • 96 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-2458-6 • hard cover • $19.95
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