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fabric references
Plaids: A Visual Survey of Pattern Varia-
Tina Skinner. More than five decades of
twentieth century plaids. Photographs of actual
printed and woven textiles. A sweeping survey of
plaids, from the standard checks and ginghams
to the farthest reaches of designers’ imaginations.
Three by William H. John-
tartan is the very fabric of Scotland.
colorful and vividly striped tartans
counts for the tartan weaver. An in-
valuable resource.
with 400 color images and index.
Tartans: Abbotsford to Fraser.
Tartans: MacNichol to Yukon.
Foulards: A Picture Book of
Prints for Men’s Wear.
Tina Skin-
ner. More than 350 photographs
of historic fabric swatches explore
design variations in foulards, the
small motifs printed on silks and
related fabrics that were intended
for men’s ties and dressing gowns.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 357 color photos •
African Prints: A Design Book.
Leslie Piña. The printed designs
include abstract, floral, pictorial,
animal and figural themes. The fab-
ric is contemporary, most made of
cotton in Africa commercially, and
many designs are adaptations of
traditional African woven textiles.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 231 color photos •
African Fabric Design.
Piña. Includes contemporary bold
two- and three-color designs,
stripes, grids, and geometrics ar-
ranged with a focus on design, color,
and pattern. Shown are commercial-
ly-made adaptations of traditional
African designs.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 233 color photos •
Abstract Textile Designs.
Skinner. Historic prints of the abstract
genre — from upholstery fabrics and
curtains to the wearable art we don
daily — explored through photos of
fabric swatches from couture houses
in Italy, France, and the United States.
A must-have for designers ready to
take a lesson from their predecessors
in the everyday gallery of art.
Metallic Textile Designs.
Tina Skin-
ner. They’re hot, they’re shiny, and
they’re oh-so-glamorous. This book
revisits metallic’s past, with historic
fabric swatches from Europe and Japan
dating back to the 1950s, and takes
us to today’s top European couture
houses in a visual exploration of me-
tallics’ allure.
pp. ISBN:0-7643-0635-9•softcover•$19.95
Art Deco Era Textile Designs.
Skinner. More than 300 historic fab-
ric samples from the mid-1920s and
1930s provide a visual textbook of the
everyday fabrics used for housedresses
and curtains, adorned with the era’s
predominate geometric creations and
spiced with the exotic inspirations that
spurred one of the most popular artistic
movements of all times.
Forties Fabrics.
Joy Shih. Fabrics of the
1940s jump off the pages with vibrant
colors in florals, stripes, checks, and
plaids. Patriotic themes predominate
the war years, while the peace years
give birth to bold florals and geometric
graphics that would continue well into
the ’50s.
Terry Cloth.
Monique Combes. This
book - the first devoted specifically to
terry cloth - contains more than 500
images that trace the fabric from its
origins to modern fashion. Vintage ad-
vertisements, sewing patterns, apparel,
and design fabrics showcase styles from
dainty florals to fabulous geometrics,
especially from the 1950s to the 1970s.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 481 color & 25 b/w
Fun Fabrics of the ’50s.
Joy Shih. This
book will transport you back to the days
of shirt plaids, cowboy heroes’ flannel
pajamas, early American rec room drapery,
splashy lounge chair tropical blooms,
housewives’ duster florals, and festive
south-of-the-border kitchen curtains.
Conversational Prints: Decorative
Fabrics of the 1950s.
Joy Shih. A
prominent feature in the homes of
the 1950s, these large, splashy print
designs were used for drapery, uphol-
stery, slipcover, and tablecloth fabrics,
establishing a decorative theme or
bringing a splash of color and humor.
Couture Fabrics of the ’50s.
Joy Shih.
Beautiful textiles from high-fashion Pari-
sian houses of the 1950s. Featuring exotic
and exquisite designs in silk, rayon, and
cotton used to create elegant women’s
couture fashions. Of special interest are
fabric swatches reflecting seasonal styles,
special effects” photo-engraving and
lavish imitation weaves.
Funky Fabrics of the ’60s.
Joy Shih.
The wide range of sixties fabric designs
reflected the transition from the comfort-
ing tranquility of the early years to the
bolder, more “hip” end of the decade.
A nostalgic tour of pastel and splashy
florals, patchwork calicos, denims and
stripes, wild abstract geometrics, and
neon paisleys.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 250+ color photos
Designer Fabrics of the Early ‘60s.
Tina Skinner. From top couture fabric
design houses of Paris during the early
1960s, this visual feast explores a mul-
titude of styles, ranging from playful
geometrics to novelty prints and from
abstract experimentation to the increas-
ingly far-out florals. A special section
explores upholstery and household
fabrics of the era.
Cool Hot Colors: Fabrics of the
Late 1960s.
Joy Shih. Hot pinks and
purples, chartreuse, orange, and yellow:
sometimes called neon colors, these cool
hot colors were often combined into wild
and psychedelic floral and geometric
designs. Hundreds of splashy colors
and designs from the 1960s European
and American textile manufacturers
are presented.
Vintage Textured Barkcloth.
Margaret Meier.
Barkcloth was the textile of choice for window
treatments and other household textiles of
the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. This book explores
its scintillating combination of pattern, texture,
and color in nearly 300 full-color photos and
in-depth text.
Fabulous Barkcloth: Home Decorating
Textiles from the ’30s, ’40s, & ’50s.
Smith Fehling. Barkcloth is a dense, textured
cotton weave and was often used in draperies
and slipcovers. Patterns, colors, and floral motifs
are illustrated as used on authentic barkcloth.
Size:81/2"x11"•215colorphotos •112pp.
Vintage Children’s Fabrics.
Kay Hanauer.
Relivechildhoodmemories through thiscollection
of vintage children’s fabric. Chapters highlight
similar themeswithdisplaysof lettersandnumber
block and progress through various childhood
points of interest. Collectors, designers, and
fabric buffs will find this an invaluable resource.
Size:•81/2"x11"•500color images•144pp.
Cowboy Textiles.
horses and Western heroes cover these great
vintage textiles. See the best chinille bedspreads
from the 1940s, rugs, blankets, tablecloths,
aprons, hankies, scarves and novelty prints up
to the 1970s. This comprehensive presenta-
tion of vintage household textiles will inspire
today’s designers and encourage collectors to
keep digging.
Flower Power: Prints from the
Tina Skinner. All the orange, hot
pink, and sky blue the era’s most fertile
imaginations could conjure. Featured are
more than 300 striking swatches from
top couture houses in Paris and Milan,
bold flower prints on silk, cotton, and
the acetates and polyesters that helped
shape fashion’s most eye-popping era.
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