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Coverlets and the Spirit of America.
D. Shein & Melinda Zongor. A comprehensive
1869. These antique woven bedcovers, with their
graphic and colorful images of trains, animals,
buildings, heroes and patriotic symbols, provide
a wonderful and perhaps unique snapshot of
the bright optimism that was the 19th-century
spirit of America. Over 100 coverlets in full color
and on both sides.
Size:9"x12"•200+colorphotos•Index • 192 pp.
Chenille: A Collector’s Guide.
Judith Ann
Greason & Tina Skinner. A rich visual tour of
vintage chenille, displaying hundreds of beau-
tiful bedspreads and a few novelty items along
with details that highlight manufacturing tech-
niques and styles. A price guide is included in
the captions.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Beacon Blankets: Make Warm Friends.
Jerry & Kathy Brownstein. Beacon cotton and
wool blankets in Indian and geometric designs
and color catalog pages from 1917 to 1957,
together with original blanket designs, history
of the company, advertisements, and labels.
Special sections on crib blankets, bathrobes
using Beacon fabric, related blankets, and
Skookum Indian dolls.
Price Guide/Index • 176 pp.
Sweetheart &Mother Pillows, 1917-1945.
Patricia Cummings. These collector items provide
a unique insight into World War I and World II
and the years of Civilian Conservation Camps.
Sections include the fiber used in making them,
the manufacturers, and distinguishing factors
between World War I and World War II pillow
Size:81/2"x11"•247b/w&color images•Price
guide, Index•128pp.
antique & vintage international textiles
Threads of Gold: Chinese Textiles: Ming
to Ching.
Paul Haig & Marla Shelton. A com-
prehensive guide to collectible Chinese textiles
with an understandable grading system to aid
in establishing value. This book is designed for
all historians, Asian study scholars, and textile
collectors. It is a real-world representation of
court robes, badges and decorative textiles.
Size: 9" x 12" • 510 color photos • Value Guide
Southeast Asian Textiles.
Claire & Steve
Wilbur. Southeast Asian textiles have long
been recognized as superb examples of textile
art. This book explores their artistic significance,
providing an overview of the various styles,
designs, and decorative techniques through
over 260 color photographs. It gives practical
suggestions for collectors on how to care for,
value, and use specimen textiles in the home.
A price guide is included.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
ISBN:0-7643-1810-1•hardcover •$39.95
Traditional Kimono Silks.
Anita Yasuda.
This swatch book is an inspiring visual tour of
design using kimono remnants from Japan’s
Showa Period (1926–1989). More than 400
photographs and captions provide information
on motif identification, Japanese history and
cultural traditions.
Japanese Anime Linens: 1970s
to Present.
Anita Yasuda. Over 325
dazzling color photos of vintage and con-
temporary anime fabrics, handkerchiefs,
yukatas, and appliqués are identified
and assigned values. Informative sec-
tions on design, color trends, and fabric
resources, with labels to help date and
identify pieces.
Japanese Children’s Fabrics: 1950s-1970s.
images will pique the interest of fabric collectors
and historians, sewing enthusiasts, designers,
and those who love all things Japanese, with
sections about design history, lists of manufactur-
ers, and photographs of their labels. A glossary
of terms, care guide, and fabric resources round
out this book.
Nomadic Embroideries: India’s Tribal
Textile Art.
Tina Skinner with the Sam Hilu
Collection. More than 500 images explore the
free-form embroidered creations of the tribal
peopleof India’s renownGujaratProvince.Dating
back 30 to 100 years, they include original
garments, temple offerings, and second-gen-
eration quilted works. The elaborate, mica
and bead-studded creations include abstract,
geometric, floral, and religious imagery.
Antique French Textiles for Designers.
K. Laval. A basic history of French textiles, from
the Middle Ages to Art Deco, and 416 beautiful
color photographs demonstrate traditional and
contemporary uses for tapestries, cottons, linens,
laces, embroidery, needlepoint, and trims. Sug-
gestions are given for their use in contemporary
interior and home decor.
Price Guide/Index • 192 pp.
captureAmericantoile in itsmanythemes.
Americantoile’smajortopicsof illustration
include the colonial era, the new republic,
the Civil War, the West, farm and city life,
maritime and leisure activities, as well as
a variety of patriotic symbols. Includes a
historyofAmericantoileand identification
Toile: The Storied Fabrics of Eu-
rope and America.
Michele Palmer.
Toile–scenic fabric originally printed
from copperplates–has been a dec-
orating sensation for over 250 years.
This comprehensive guide presents the
history of toile from its beginnings in
18th century Britain and France. 100s
of scenic designs in 225 beautiful color
photos. • Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 226 color
Price Guide • 176 pp.
The Mola: Traditional Kuna Textile Art.
Edith Crouch. Over 890 color photos display the
mola, a multilayered textile art and metaphor
for the Kuna, indigenous people of Panama.
This book provides insights into design sources
and influences for molas, perspective on the
aesthetic practices of women creating this art,
and hints for collecting and preserving them.
Size: 9" x 12" • 886 color & 7 b/w photos • Index
Bogolanfini Mud Cloth: Textile Art with
Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey. Color photographs
detail the mud-cloth art of the Bogolan peo-
ple in Mali, Africa. Geometric, abstract, and
semi-abstract patterns are hand painted with
mud dyes on hand woven cloth. The CD contains
over 200 patterns.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 200+ color photos • 144 pp.
Ralli Quilts: Traditional Textiles from
Pakistan and India.
Patricia Ormsby Stoddard.
These quilts, from Pakistan and India, have stun-
ning designs, brilliant colors, and an intriguing
history. More than 130 ralli quilts from the mid
to late twentieth century are shown, along with
background information on where they were
made, pattern characteristics, type of fabric,
and dimensions. For textile historians, designers,
and quilt lovers.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 251 color photos, 80 b/w illus.
Eastern European Folk Designs.
John Gabri-
an Marinescu. More than 288 full color, allover
patterns, borders and corners of decorative
textile motifs from Romania. Inspiration for
decorations of fabrics, wall coverings, carpets,
ceramics, historical ornamentation, and jewelry.
Size:81/2"x11"• 315color illustrations•160pp.
Textile Art of the Bakuba: Velvet Embroi-
deries in Raffia.
Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey.
Striking velvety embroidered raffia cloths and
ceremonial appliqué skirts created deep in
the heart of the Congo by the Kuba people.
The intricate abstract designs, executed in an
appealing palette of vegetal dyes, have inspired
innumerable artists and designers including Klee,
Matisse, Chillida, Braque, and Tzara.
Value Guide • 192 pp.
fabric references
Paisley: A Visual Survey of Pattern and
Color Variations.
Tina Skinner. Organized
into a sweeping visual survey including orderly
foulard patterns, elaborate borders, experimental
media, and ornate florals of printed and woven
fabrics alike.
Dots: A Pictorial Essay on Pointed, Printed
Tina Skinner. Dots of great variety,
in all their minuscule glory, are depicted on
historic fabric. An invaluable encyclopedia of
dotty design ideas.
Stripes: A Survey of Fabric Designs.
Skinner. A zigzag tour through seventy years of
stripes. Historic fabric swatches from all over the
world. Woven-in and imitation weaves, wavy
lines to prim and proper pin stripes. The largest
photo album of striped textiles ever.
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