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hooked rugs • antique quilts
Hooked Rugs Today: Strong Women,
Flowers, Animals, Children, Christmas,
Miniatures, and More - 2006.
Amy Oxford,
Size:81/2"x11"•456colorphotos •160pp.
Hooked Rugs Today: Holidays, Geometrics,
People, Animals, Landscapes, Accessories,
and More —2006.
Amy Oxford, photography
by Cynthia McAdoo. Over 475 hooked rugs
created by talented members of Vermont’s Green
Mountain Rug Hooking Guild. Included are rugs
depicting people, landscapes, fruit, cabbage
and animals. This book captures the beauty of
hooked rugs and celebrates the widespread
love of this age-old craft.
Hooked Rugs Today IV: Expect the Un-
Amy Oxford. Rae Harrell & Diane
Kelly display their personal styles, along with
other members of the Green Mountain Rug
Hooking Guild. Works range from lifesize,
three-dimensional sheep to extraordinary
miniature punch-needle works, plus animals,
florals, landscapes, penny rugs, and even a small
section dedicated to the smallest members of
the group: the children.
antique quilts
Colorado Quilting: From Mountains to
Mary Ann Schmidt & the Colorado
Quilting Council. This book contains thirteen
chapters that explore important historical quilting
moments, traditionalandmodernquilting themes,
and the beginnings of the Rocky Mountain
Quilt Museum and the
Quilter’s Newsletter
magazine. Different council members researched,
photographed, and recorded the most significant
events, memories, quilters and quilts that have
influenced the progress of quilting in Colorado.
Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955: A
100-Year Photographic History.
Janet E.
Finley. The history of quilts and their usage
is presented here in full detail through 330
vintage photographs containing a quilt. Each
vivid image provides commentary on quilting
specifics, photography, costume, and American
cultural history. This book is a wonderful resource
for all quilters, historians, and photographers.
Size:81/2"x11"•330 images•192pp.
Eagle Motifs in America: Decade Art
Quilt Series 1770 to the Present.
Susan E.
Wildemuth. Combining quilt art and history, and
illustrated with 117 color photos, this book tells
the story of the American bald eagle, the symbol
of the U.S., through 28 quilted wall hangings.
These hangings capture the spirit and times of
each decade from the Revolutionary War to the
first decade of the twenty-first century.
Civil War Quilts.
Pam Weeks & Don Beld.
With over 170 photos, 47 quilt patterns, and
engaging text, this book tells the stories of
fourteen extraordinary Civil War quilts and
the women who made them. Also included is
information on reproduction fabrics and how to
participate in modern soldier-related community
service quilting. This book is a must read for any
serious quilter, historian, or Civil War enthusiast.
World War I Quilts.
Sue Reich. Quiltmaking
in the 1910s saw the convergence of the quilt
styles of the late nineteenth century with the new
innovations of the early twentieth century. Two
catastrophic events interrupted the emergence
of the new trends in quiltmaking. World War I
and the 1918 Pandemic Flu brought hardship
and death to America, and the entire world.
Much of the quiltmaking from April 1917 to
March 1919, was mostly focused on providing
for our soldiers and the Red Cross.
WorldWar II Quilts.
women applied their skills in making quilts for
the benefit of U.S. soldiers during the period
1940-1945, either as gifts outright or as raffle
items to raise money for good causes. 335 color
photos and descriptive text identify many colorful,
patriotic quilts with military symbols and insignia.
When possible, the original patterns and designs
that inspired the quilts are included.
Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899: The Birth
of America Through the Eye of a Needle.
Virginia Consortium of Quilters’ Documentation
Project. Over 270 beautiful historic quilts and
ephemera in over 430 color and vintage photos.
From quilted armor of the 17th century to crazy
quiltsof the19thcentury, they includehomespun
work of slaves and fancy work of freed women
and First Ladies. An important contribution to
quilting history and Virginia heritage.
Size:81/2"x11"• Index
428 color & 4 B/W photos • 160 pp
Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Con-
The Connecticut Quilt Search Project.
Over 145 outstanding and diverse quilts from
Connecticut, dating from the pre-Revolutionary
War era to the mid-20th century. Includes stories
of the quiltmakers, historical background, and an
extensive bibliography. A must for students of
quilt history, women’s studies, textile enthusiasts,
and lovers of American history.
Index • 176 pp.
Quilts of the Oregon Trail.
Mary Bywater
Cross. Presents quilts as documents of history
that help us learn about the lives and experiences
of the many women who traveled the Oregon
Trail from 1840-1870. Features 56 quilts made
before, during, and after the journey, shown
in full color along with vintage photos of the
makers and historical background. Includes
multiple appendices, glossary, and extensive
Size:81/2"x11"• Index
Quilting Traditions: Pieces from
the Past.
Patricia T. Herr. Quilts made
by Amish, Mennonite, and other Pennsyl-
vania German groups, with contributions
from the Scots-Irish Presbyterians and
the English Quakers, in 225 gorgeous
color photographs, enhanced by close-up
details, tools, accessories, and the people
surrounding their creation.
Size:11"x81/2"•225photosIndex • 160
pp. • ISBN:0-7643-1121-2•softcover•$29.95
Amish Quilts of Lancaster County.
T. Herr. Enjoy the bold design and glowing colors
of Amish quilts, specifically the 82 Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania, Amish quilts formerly
known as the Esprit collection. This volume
gives new insight into their beauty, using over
350 detailed color photographs and discussions
of Amish culture, quilting patterns, materials,
and construction.
Index • 176 pp.
Making the Lancaster Diamond Sampler:
A 19th Century Quilt Design by Fanny’s
Ann Parsons Holte. Supplemented by
over 500 instructional images and diagrams of
quilts, blocks, and needlework, the basics of
fabric selection, grain, placement, and seaming
are demonstrated. You will see Fanny’s friend’s
skills develop along with your own – from simple
piecing to the elements of patchwork, complex
miniatures, and applique. Perfect for group work!
Amish Quilts and the Welsh Connection.
Dorothy Osler. More than 90 images show
colorful combinations and design repertoire
of quilts that provide a possible cross-cultural
link between the Amish and the Welsh. Learn
about the history of Amish quiltmaking and
Welsh immigration and the threads that tie
these two groups of settlers together.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 63 color and 31 black & white
Quilts: The Fabric of Friendship.
York County Quilt Documentation Project
& The York County Heritage Trust. 200
exquisite quilts-plus many family stories
and local history behind them-provide
a fascinating look at quilting traditions
in York County, PA, from 1790 to 1950.
Included are appliqué, pieced, and sig-
nature quilts, fads and novelties, and crib
and doll quilts.
A People and Their Quilts.
John Rice Irwin.
Interviews with hundreds of old-time quilters,
some over one hundred years old, present a
fresh oral history of the subject. Emphasis is
placed on quilts and quilters in the Southern
Appalachian region, but quilts from throughout
America are included.
Size: 9’’ x 12’’ • 239 photos & color plates • Index
ISBN: 0-916838-87-0 • hard cover • $45.00ISBN:
Quiltings, Frolicks, & Bees: 100 Years
of Signature Quilts.
Sue Reich. Historically,
the society of women gathering together for
the purpose of quiltmaking has been referred
to as quiltings, frolicks, and bees. This book
brings together newspaper articles about their
needlework activities with quilts inscribed with
hundreds of names – known as signature quilts.
Quilting News of Yesteryear: Crazy as a Bed
Sue Reich. From the early 1880s through the
second quarter of the twentieth century, American
women made patchwork “crazy” quilts in colossal num-
bers. Newspapers picked up on the accomplishments
of these talented women and shared them with their
communities. Here are over 200 newspaper articles
dating from 1880 to 1945, illustrated with quilts that
are contemporary to the articles. All of the pictures
are close-ups, showing their intricate hand work.
Quilting News of Yesteryear: 1,000 Pieces and
Sue Reich. This book gathers newspaper
accounts of quiltmaking in the 19th century into a
chronicle of the work. Arranged chronologically, the
reports are accompanied by detailed photographs
of quilts made during the same time period. This
visual record of the antique quilts makes it clear how
painstaking and beautiful was the quiltmaker’s work,
and why it attracted attention.
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