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Fun Collectibles of the 1950s, ’60s & ’70s: A
Handbook & Price Guide.
Revised and Expanded
2nd Edition
. Jan Lindenberger with Dana Cain. A
generation of clothing, toys, games, teen magazines,
and furniture document everyday life in the 1950s to
’70s. Styles that have been eclipsed by time are frozen
here in color photos. They make many laugh now, but
they were just a part of life then.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Collecting the 50s and 60s: A Handbook & Price
Jan Lindenberger. Over 400 color photos of
common household and gift objects popular in the
1950s and ’60s are presented with concise descriptions
and a current value for each piece. In addition, there
are helpful tips on building a collection of these items
today, when they reflect a different time.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
antique & contemporary oriental rugs
Oriental Rugs: The Secrets Revealed.
Blackburn. Answers the most frequent questions
and offers a great introduction to this ancient
and continuing weaving tradition. Nearly 900
contemporary rugs are shown, from Tibet, India,
China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.
With this information a buyer can approach the
rug market confidently.
Oriental Rugs from A to Z.
J. R. Azizollahoff.
With this book, novices and connoisseurs will
be able to correctly identify the most distinctive
styles and purchase contemporary Oriental
rugs. Over 270 color photos, including close-
ups, display many fascinating carpets. The text
provides valuable information on rug pedigree
and discernible workshop style, knot count, dyes,
unusual rugs, the Lotus design, and specific
rug-weaving areas. Values are in the captions.
Price Guide • 224 pp.
The Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Ori-
ental Carpets.
3rd Edition.
J.R.Azizollahoff. Apractical
introductiontoOrientalcarpetsfor laymen,
400 beautiful color photographs, and de-
tailedlinedrawingsunveil thecomplexities.
inmodern rugsarealsoshown.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 424 photos/drawings
Flat-woven Rugs & Textiles from the
Robert H. Nooter. Explore Caucasian
flat-woven carpets and textiles. 436 beautiful
color photographs, including kilims, zilis, khorjins,
and mafrash bedding bags. Weaving styles
include a rich mixture of geometric and figurative
forms. Descriptions of the author’s field visits
and investigation into the origins of these pieces.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Kilim Rugs: Tribal Tales in Wool.
Gomersall. Packed with 235 big, striking color
photos, and simply presented as a guide for both
would-be buyers and for rug owners seeking the
story behind their precious finds. Both antique
and modern rugs can be found along with some
indication of what these generally cost in a retail
situation. •Size:81/2"x11"•235colorphotos
Price Guide • 112 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-1158-1 •
antique hooked rugs
Rug Hooking In Maine: 1838-1940.
Cole Peladeau. Maine’s rug hooking tradition,
including Waldoboro rugs, is explored, the
myth of Acadian rugs is explained, and Edward
Sands Frost’s well-known preprinted burlap rug
patterns of the mid-19th century are discussed
at length. Covers rugs created throughout Maine
and eastern Canada. This book highlights this
homegrown and much loved art form.
Rags to Rugs: Hooked&Handsewn
Rugs of Pennsylvania.
PatriciaT. Herr.
in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, in
southeastPennsylvania. Thisbook shows
step and techniques to design, make, sell,
andusehooked rugs.
Size: 11" x 8-1/2" • 173 color photos •
The Big Book of Hooked Rugs: 1950-1980s.
Jessie A. Turbayne. Over 450 vintage color photographs
chronicle the pivotal years of rug hooking-the 1950s
through the mid-1980s. These meticulously crafted rugs,
available at auctions, estate sales, flea markets and
on-line, are much in demand today. Includes lush floral
motifs, Oriental-inspired patterns, intricate geometric
designs, childhood themes, animal portraits, scenic
landscapes, and much more.
Hooked Rugs.
Jessie A. Turbayne. The historical
background and 300 color photos of many
whimsical and geometric designs of hooked rugs
appear here along with instructions for starting
a rug of your own. Hundreds of different rugs in
lively geometric, abstract, floral, animal, Oriental,
and original designs, and factual discussions
of the interesting people who motivated the
designs will delight all.
Index • 160 pp.
antique & contemporary hooked rugs
The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked
Rugs: Unrolling the Secrets.
Jessie A. Tur-
bayne. Sought after by collectors, antique dealers,
rug hookers, textile enthusiasts, folk art lovers,
and interior decorators, the hooked rugs doc-
umented in this book, complete with over 400
color photos, make it a must-have for all who
admire these versatile floor and wall coverings.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
The Hooker’s Art: Evolving Designs in
Hooked Rugs.
Jessie A. Turbayne. Over 300
color photos of old and modern hooked rugs,
some from the nation’s most elegant homes, are
presented with fascinating histories. Exploring
the craft’s background, Jessie Turbayne weaves
together its technical details, the materials
used through the years, biographies of great
“hookers,” and photos of many striking pieces.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Hooked Rug Treasury.
Jessie A. Turbayne.
This treasury holds more than 500 of the choicest
hooked rugs. The chapters present the best work
found from Nova Scotia to Hawaii over many
years. Some of the finest private and museum
collections are represented and noteworthy
public exhibits, auctions, dealers, and clubs for
hooked rugs are listed. •Size:81/2"x11"•516
hooked rugs: contemporary
The Creative Hooker.
Jessie A. Turbayne.
Over 525 color images highlight what’s being
hooked in North America today. Includes designs
of Americana and Canadiana, advertising art,
angels, and abstract motifs, as well as hooked
works of art motivated by exotic cultures, Ko-
rean cranes, and ancient Persian textiles. Visit
Niagara Falls, tour Soho, and preview the latest
in hook-and-wear fashions.
Hooked on Rugs: Outstanding Contempo-
rary Designs.
photos chronicle what is being hooked today,
putting to rest any notion that no one hooks
rugs anymore. Included are hooked abstracts,
animals, commemorative pieces, landscapes,
portraits, nautical themes, traditional patterns,
and primitive styles. Of interest to collectors,
textile artists, and dealers. Be inspired to join
this growing creative outlet!
Hooked Rug Storytelling: The Art of Heath-
er Ritchie.
Lesley Mary Close. 370 photos and
insightful text introduce readers to renowned
rug-maker, Heather Ritchie, her hooked rugs
and unique style. Valuable insights into her
techniques are shared, which transform a basic
handicraft into an art form of great subtlety. Over
twenty of her “memory rugs” are displayed and
discussed in detail.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 332 color & 38 b/w photos •
Hooked Rugs of The Deep South.
Jessie A.
Turbayne. The tradition of rug hooking is alive
and kicking in the Heart of Dixie. Through 844
images, see lush floral motifs, intricate geomet-
rics, Oriental and Persian styles, impressionistic
portraits, scenic landscapes, and glimpses of
the Old South. This is a great reference book
for rug hooking enthusiasts, fiber artists, folk
art lovers, collectors, history buffs, and lovers
of anything Deep South.
Size:81/2"x11"•844 images• Index•288pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3801-4 • hard cover • $59.99
Schiffer LTD
Modern Hooked Rugs.
Linda Rae Coughlin.
Features stunning images of 540 rugs focusing
on specific themes or series and created by 292
of today’s contemporary rug hooking artists.
Enjoy rugs depicting American icons, animal
designs, circus themes, self-portraits, family
celebrations, and more. Showcases some of
today’s most noted artists, along with artists
making their debut. An inspiring and beautiful
book for all levels of fiber artists.
Contemporary Hooked Rugs: Themes and
selectionofover475contemporaryrugs, illustrating
ing friendship, and depicting portraiture, ancient
legends, scenic locations, and more. Showcased
are some of today’s most noted artists, along with
newartistsmaking theirdebuts.
Hooked Rugs Today.
Amy Oxford. Photogra-
phy by Cynthia McAdoo. Over 625 outstanding
hooked rugs portraying a multitude of subjects:
family, country, home, children, pets, flowers,
history, wildlife, hobbies, and more, from classic
forms to abstracts, traditional to contemporary,
rugs for the floor and rugs for the wall. A cele-
bration of the love of rug hooking.
Index • 192 pp.
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