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antique furniture: international • contemporary & antique lighting
Biedermeier Furniture.
Rudolf Pressler &
Robin Straub. Beautiful laminated Germanic
furnitureof thenineteenthcentury isdocumented
with over 500 illustrated examples from seating
to case piece styles. Developed from French and
Austrian Empire styles, it is inlaid and sculptural.
Important reference to furniture collectors with
Price Guide, restoration tips and a thorough
glossary of terms. • Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 500+
Old Style/New China: Antique Furniture
and Accessories, c. 1780-1930.
Andrea &
Lynde McCormick. Newly fashionable Chinese
furnishings and accessories from the 18th and
19th centuries are presented in nearly 600 full
color photographs. Each piece is clearly described
and set in its historical context. Plus pieces are
shown both in their original Chinese settings
and as part of contemporary household interiors.
Values are also included. •Size:81/2"x11"•592
colorphotos•Price Guide • 256 pp.
Chinese Country Antiques: Vernacular
Furniture and Accessories, c.1780-1920.
Revised 3rd Edition
. Andrea & Lynde Mc-
Cormick. Beautiful furniture, manufactured in
China during the last days of the last emperors
(18th and 19th centuries) is explored, expressing
creative freedom, vigor, and visual elegance. This
3rd edition offers information about authentic
designs from the consumer’s point of view. A
guide to prices is included. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" •
380 color photos • Price Guide • 176 pp. • ISBN:
Chinese Provincial Furniture: Selections
From the Late Qing Dynasty.
Kimberly R.
Hessler. A detailed look at chairs, tables, storage
pieces, beds, and screens of the early 1800s to
early1900s fromeightChineseprovinces.Covers
types of wood used, construction techniques,
lacquer, original usage, tips for determining au-
and care of antique furniture is also discussed.
Antique Chinese Accessories: Vernacular
Items, c. 1850-1930.
Margie L. Yates. The
beauty of traditional Chinese design found in
baskets, buckets, and boxes, small items of
furniture and cabinetry, and items of play and
relaxation like mah jong sets, puppets, and
bird cages, illustrated with more than 275 color
photos along with detailed descriptions and a
guide to retail values.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Country Furniture and Accessories from
Warren I. Johansson. Because of the
long border and common heritage, the country
furniture of Quebec has much in common with
that in the northern United States, while adding
a bit of its own character. Much of it has found
its way south, and this is a guide to the Quebec
country antiques currently in the United States.
Amply illustrated with both black-and-white and
color photos, line drawings, and maps. A price
guide is included. Size:81/2’’x11’’•254photos
Price Guide • 160 pp. ISBN: 0-88740-276-3 •
Furniture by Harrods.
Harrods Ltd. of
London. The 1905 furniture collection of
Harrods Ltd. in color photos and litho-
graphs display furniture and accessories
ranging from antique to modern. Harrods
produced furniture for each room in the
house, plus lighting devices, metal wares,
cutlery, linens, porcelain, and glassware.
Price Guide included.
Size:11’’x81/2’’•900+photos& illus•Price
Guide•400pp.• ISBN:0-88740-180-5•softcover•$24.95
contemporary lighting
Lighting 2000: A Guide to the Best in
Contemporary Lighting Design.
More than
60 of today’s top lighting designers showcased
in over 350 color photos. Included are chandelier
and ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and table
and floor lamps. The ultimate shoppers’ guide
for anyone hunting for the unique and special.
antique lighting
19th Century Elegant Lighting: Argand,
Sinumbra, and Solar Lamps.
Gerald T. Gowitt.
19thcentury lampsshowcased incolorphotos,old
etchings, and period lighting catalogues. Provides
brief histories of the better known manufacturers
and valuable information on heights, shade ring
fitter diameters, and value ranges. Includes types
of lighting fuel, terminology, manufacturer’s
marks, and how to identify reproductions. Size:
Price Guide/Index • 256 pp.
Great Art Glass Lamps: Tiffany, Duffner
& Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel.
tin M. May. Over 200 of the finest Victorian
glass-shaded lamps made by Tiffany, Duffner
& Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel. Each lamp is
shown in large color photographs to display their
exquisite detail. A never-before-published 1906
Duffner & Kimberly lamps catalog supplements
the photographs.
Size:9"x12"•235colorphotos Index • 240 pp.
The “Lost” Treasures of Louis Comfort
Tiffany: Windows, Paintings, Lamps, Vases,
and Other Works.
Hugh F. McKean. Tiffany’s
personal work-including stained glass, mosaics,
blown glass, pottery, jewelry, and enamels, pro-
viding intimate insight into Tiffany’s personality,
his domestic life, his financial dealings, and his
unusual philosophy of art.
Index • 320 pp.
Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of
Robert Koch.
Robert Koch. Three classic books,
Louis C. Tiffany Rebel in Glass, Louis C.
Tiffany’s Glass- Bronzes-Lamps,
Louis C.
Tiffany’s Art Glass
are presented with original
text and photographs and additional pieces for
thisedition.Windows, lamps,vases,andmoreare
historian, antique dealer, and art collector will be
displayed here. Size:81/2"x11"•803b/w&90
colorphotos•Index •288pp. ISBN:0-7643-1400-9
Tiffany By Design: An In-depth Look At
Tiffany Lamps.
Nina Gray. Tiffany Studios
produced thousands of lamps in hundreds of de-
signs, although many of the designs were closely
related. Examine how the forms, patterns, and
motifs were changed and adapted in authentic
Tiffany lamps made between 1900 and 1918.
By closely looking at many varied designs of
Tiffany shades, a deeper understanding of their
quality and beauty is made possible.
Pairpoint Lamps.
Edward and Sheila Malakoff.
Fancy glass globes and cast metal stands at their
best. The complete range and beauty of famous
Pairpoint lamps from 1907 to 1929 are shown
in more than 200 color photos, excerpts from
company catalogs, and advertisements. Designs,
shade styles and sizes, and serial numbers
of Pairpoint lamps are identified throughout.
Rarity Guide • 160 pp.
Pairpoint Lamp Catalog: Shade Shapes
Ambero through Panel.
More than 570
Pairpoint lamps with their distinctive colored
glassshadesareshown in thisand thecompanion
volume that comprise the catalog. A broad
sample of Pairpoint lamps made from 1900
to the early 1930s are shown in hand-colored
watercolors by the original factory decorators.
Index • 288 pp.
Pairpoint Lamp Catalog: Shade Shapes
Papillon through Windsor & Related Ma-
More than 570 Pairpoint lamps with their
distinctive colored glass shades are shown in
this and the companion volume that comprise
the catalog. A broad sample of Pairpoint lamps
made from 1900 to the early 1930s are shown
in hand-colored watercolors by the original
factory decorators.
Index • 288 pp.
Antique Lamp Buyer’s Guide: Identifying
Late 19th and Early 20th Century Amer-
ican Lighting.
Revised & Expanded 3rd
. Nadja Maril. Learn the approximate
age, value, and history of old lamps. Dealers
and appraisers carry this paperback with them
to quickly identify antique and collectible late
19th century and early 20th century lighting. This
third edition with updated prices and additional
photography, is a must-have for any antique or
decorative arts reference library.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 225 color images • Updated
Price Guide • 144 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4022-2
American Lighting: 1840-1940.
Maril. Using over 200 color photographs and
rare catalog material from the American lighting
industry, this is a welcome and valuable addition
to interior design literature for historians, deco-
rators, collectors. The century covered witnessed
enormous change in lighting practices, and the
examples are found here.
Value Guide • 160 pp.
Margaret Carney. Over 370
photos and scholarly text present Victorian
porcelain three-dimensional pictures, which
can be seen only when backlit. Lithophanes
were used in tea warmers, night lights, lamp-
shades, window panels, and candle shields.
The text includes information on lithophane’s
manufacturing techniques and history, forms, a
detailed bibliography, appendices, and an index.
Nineteenth Century Lighting: Candle-Pow-
ered Devices, 1783-1883.
H. Parrott Bacot. A
comprehensive study of candle-powered lighting
devices from a period of just over 100 years that
was witness to more inventions, developments,
and improvements in lighting than during the
entire previous history of man. Unusual and
common types make the study informative and
the photos show originality in designs.
Index • 240 pp.
Fairy Lamps, Elegance in Candle Lighting.
Bob & Pat Ruf. Over 800 lamps made from 1880
through the 1930s are shown in full color. The
lamps range from the simplest examples given
outwithboxesofcandles to themostextravagant
chandelier assemblages made for lords, rajahs,
and royalty. This work draws upon many primary
sources to trace the development of fairy lamps.
Price Guide • 240 pp.
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