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2015 new books
100 New York Calligraphers
• The first published compendium of a wide range of contemporary New York-affiliated calligraphers
• More than 550 hand-lettered works, from traditional uses to stand-alone art
• Examples range from English to Asian and Middle Eastern writing, plus graffiti and experimental calligraphy
Encompassing a wide range of calligraphy inmany languages and hands, or styles, this book presents a visual treasury of
works by 100 contemporary scribes, all of whomwere either born in New York or studied or worked in the city. From
English and its related Romance languages to a wide range of Asian and Middle Eastern alphabets and nonalphabetic
characters, the more than 550 examples of beautiful writing create a rich visual smorgasbord. Traditional uses of
hand-lettered calligraphy are shown, including event invitations and envelopes, certificates and awards, and quotes
and sayings framed as artwork. The examples also include contemporary applications and nontraditional forms such
as graffiti and experimental calligraphy that is not formed from readable characters. All are hand-wrought and human-
made, using pointed or broad-edged pens, whether quill or steel, or a brush or other simple tool.
CynthiaMaris Dantzic
, Senior Professor of Visual Arts at Long Island University (LIU), Brooklyn, NY, for many
years, frequently exhibits works in drawing, painting,Western andChinese calligraphy, photography and photo-collage
and has works in several museum collections.
Size: 9" x 12" • 629 color images • 224 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4898-3 • hard cover • $50.00
Cynthia Maris Dantzic
Stars & Stripes:
The American Flag in Contemporary Art
• 64 artists from around the world display the American flag in their art
• From watercolor paintings to purse embellishments, see Old Glory in various interpretations
• Each artist shares what the American flag means to them
Through 349 images, celebrate America in all her glory. Whether it’s a piece to hang on a wall, to be worn, or for
marketing propaganda, see how64 artists have represented the American flag and other patriotic symbols in their work.
The American flag is an iconic image that inspires many, but it has also become a complex and controversial symbol
since Congress first adopted it on June 14, 1777. These artists share not only their work, but also their inspiration
behind the work. Whether it’s paying homage to a lost generation, 9/11, or simply American pride, the variety of art
forms—from watercolor paintings to crazy quilts, oils to match-boxes, mixed media to digital—gives us a look at the
cultural and political viewpoints that define the country today. Let these images serve and inspire you.
E. AshleyRooney
has authored and co-authoredmany books on art and design, fromcontemporarymuseumpieces
to contemporary home designs.
Stephanie Standish
is a printmaker based in Illinois.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 324 color & 27 b/w images • 144 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4922-5 • hard cover • $34.99
E. Ashley Rooney & Stephanie Standish, Foreword by Melissa Vandenburg
Contemporary Wildlife Art
• Contemporary works from 74 artists in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.
• Includes animal artwork in photography, stained glass, relief woodcarving, glass, and many more media
• Celebrates the respect, enthusiasm, and personal connection of the artists toward nature
Over 360 spectacular art pieces are accompanied by personal statements from 74 artists in this curated
selection of contemporary works. The artists, who come from across the United States, and from places
such as NewZealand, Australia, and theUnitedKingdom, all convey their respect, enthusiasm, and personal
connections to wildlife. A wide range of styles and media is covered including photography, glass, relief
woodcarving, mosaics, pastels, oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, bronzes, stoneware, terracotta and
porcelains, ink, graphite and colored pencil, digital illustration, felted sculpture and fabric collage, andmore.
Examples of wildlife presented are bears, birds, elephants, monkeys, pandas, tigers, foxes, wolves, owls, seals,
and even insects. This book is a great gift for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, interior designers, museums,
art collectors, art educators, and artists.
Cindy Ann Coldiron
is a recycled-glass artist and photographer who resides in Virginia. She hopes that
her interest in nature helps draw attention to the value of wildlife in our world.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 361 color photos • 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4864-8 • hard cover • $39.99
Cindy Ann Coldiron
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