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vintage fashions: men's clothing, historical surveys, lingerie, hawaiian & other styles & themes
A Dandy Guide to Dating Vintage Mens-
wear: WWI through the 1960s.
Sue Nightin-
gale. An easy-to-use compilation of information
for dating menswear garments that is ideal for
collectors of vintage men’s and women’s clothing.
Liberally illustrated with labels, images from cat-
alogs and magazines, and actual garments, this
resource is equally helpful for fashion designers,
costume designers, and curators.
Size:81/2"x11"•640 images•272pp.
Men’s Clothing & Fabrics in the 1890s.
Roseann Ettinger. Here are color lithographs
and line drawings of men dressed for work in
the 1890s and hundreds of heavy woolen and
cotton cloth swatches from their clothes of a
century ago. Now they have become antiques
themselves. Vintage clothing collectors and
designers will marvel at their variety.
Price Guide • 112 pp.
vintage fashions: historical surveys
The Well-Dressed Child: Children’s Cloth-
ing 1820s-1950s.
Anna MacPhail. Baby and
children’s wear from the Victorian Era to early
20th century display diverse styles from popular
and rugged tartans and plaids of the 1880s
to exquisite christening gowns of cotton and
silk. Over 300 stunning, color photographs of
dresses, suits, hats, and knitted goods, along
with detailed descriptions and pricing, give
this book vitality.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 340+ color photos • Price
Guide • 160 pp. • ISBN:0-7643-0858-0•hard
Wee Warriors and Playtime Patriots:
Children’s Military Regalia, Civil War Era
through the Vietnam Period.
Nancy Griffith.
A fascinating history of children’s military-inspired
fashions dating from 1860-1976, illustrated with
vintage photographs of children in uniform. A
unique and comprehensive visual reference book.
For collectors, a buying guide to the uniforms
and photographs is included.
Price Guide • 224 pp.
The Child in Fashion: 1750-1920.
Harris with photography by Mare Yaroscak. Over
440 photographs of authentic children’s fashions
from the 18th century through the 1920s. Here
are answers to the questions: Why did boys wear
dresses? Why did girls wear corsets? and more.
The book brings together a wealth of information
about boys’ and girls’ clothing and the history
of childhood itself, with values.
Price Guide/Index • 176 pp.
Beads In Fashion 1900-2000.
Leslie Piña,
Lorita Winfield & Constance Korosec. Beautiful
fashions covered with beads in this lavishly
illustrated book. Includes the history, techniques,
and preservation of vintage and modern clothing
with beads through 534 beautiful color photos,
a detailed text, captions, value guide, index,
and bibliography. Clothing by designers such as
Fortuny and Mackie to unknowns will delight
all who enjoy fashion.
Size:81/2"x11"•534colorphotos •Price Guide/
Index • 192 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-0792-4 • hard
Wearable Art 1900-2000.
Shirley Friedland
& Leslie Piña. From one-of-a-kind hand-made
accessories to commercially-made apparel,
wearable art has become important for vin-
tage and contemporary fashion. Showcasing
over 500 color photographs, an extensive
illustrated glossary, bibliography, and value
guide, this is the first book to cover both
vintage and new wearable art creations.
Size:81/2"x11"•512colorphotos •Price Guide
• 208 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-0719-3 • hard cover
Wearable Art Accessories & Jewelry
Leslie Piña & Shirley Friedland.
Stunning vintage and contemporary wearable art
accessories presented in 575 color photographs
including close-up shots detailing the intricacy
of handwork involved. An exquisite assemblage
of hats, handbags, scarves, shoes, and jewelry
present this compelling topic at its best.
Size:81/2"x11"•575photos •Price Guide • 184
pp. • ISBN:0-7643-0971-4•hardcover•$39.95
Fashions & Accessories 1840-1980.
Geoffrey Warren. 140 years of fashion
history divided into major fashion move-
ments. Full-color drawings show basic
clothing designs, and accessories from
hats and shoes to gloves and jewelry. An
invaluable book for collectors, fashion
historians, designers, and theatrical
Price Guide • 160 pp. ISBN:0-7643-0309-0•softcover•$29.95
The Costume Book: The Non-Professional’s
Guide to Professional Results.
Mary Burke
Morris. Guides intermediate to advanced sewers
in the creation of costumes for performances,
re-enactments, and interactive fiction. Design
principles, practical information, and how-to
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 271 color photos/18 drawings
vintage fashions: Lingerie
Lingerie: Two Centuries of Luscious Design.
Norma Shephard. Lingerie is a daring peek into
the most personal clothing in a woman's boudoir
the undergarments designed to shape, conceal,
for outerwear fashions from 1770 to 1970. Over
Irresistible: The Art of Lingerie,
Desire Smith. In this elegant
display of vintage, collectible lingerie in satin,
lace, silk, and chiffon, experience the changing
designs of modern lingerie from 1920 to 1980.
Photos, sketches, and vintage ads, tell the
story behind the designs for bodices, negligees,
pajamas, nightgowns, bed jackets, girdles, gar-
ters, and more.
vintage fashions: hawaiian
Hawaiian Shirts: Dress Right for Paradise.
Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 1000 glorious color
photos of Hawaiian-inspired textile designs
on shirts. Fantastic florals, heavenly Hawaiian
designs, gorgeous geometrics, beautiful birds,
special surfing scenes, jumping Japanese prints,
fabulous fish, luscious landscapes, favorite foods,
compulsory cocktails, and plenty of styling
details will motivate your journey.
Price Guide/Index • 208 pp. ISBN:0-7643-2143-9
Hawaiian Shirt Designs.
Nancy N.
Schiffer. 425+ shirts displayed in color
photos, with history, women’s clothing,
20 different button styles, and 229 re-
searched manufacturer’s and retail labels
to help date and identify the shirts. The
successstoryofalohashirts iswovenwith
the words of the people who themselves
created and witnessed the development
of this Hawaiian classic.
Index • 192 pp.
Tropical Shirts & Clothing.
Nancy N.
Schiffer. Over 300 tropical shirts, dresses,
and bathing suits from the South Pacific,
Hawaii, California, Florida, Bermuda, the
Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the West
Indies. A source of great design ideas
& collectors will want them all. Shown
also are 163 different clothing labels to
help identify the retail and design origins.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 497 color photos •
128 pp. • ISBN:0-7643-0484-4•softcover•$19.95
Aloha Attire: Hawaiian Dress in the Twen-
tieth Century.
Linda B. Arthur. Filled with over
460 beautiful photos, this book gives a historical
account of Hawaii’s fashion industry. Unique
island designs, exotic fabrics, and traditional
garments are all included within this spectacular
display of Hawaiian paradise.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
vintage fashions: other styles & themes
Kimono, Vanishing Tradition: Japanese
Textiles of the 20th Century.
Cheryl Impera-
tore & Paul MacLardy. An overview of traditional
kimonos, designs found in twentieth century
kimono that are still available, and wearable
art kimonos from contemporary artists. Over
525 color photos display textile designs and
demonstrate beauty in men’s, women’s, and
children’s garments and accessories.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 581 color photos
Price Guide/Index • 256 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-1228-1 • hard cover • $49.99
Polyester, The Indestructible Fashion.
Matthew Boyd Smith. Over 330 creative pho-
tographs of men’s and women’s clothing from
the 1970s were taken in high-energy, urban
settings to present this dynamic clothing that
projects energy of its own. Not only are today’s
fashiondesignersclamoring to redesign thestyles
from the past, but the market is growing, too,
for the exciting, one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Susan Miller. Over 1200 collectible
T-shirts presented for casual wearers and serious
collectors of these icons of international culture.
Grouped by popular categories, such as colleges,
sports, and surfing. Includes price guide.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
Denim: An American Story.
David Little.
Journey through the history of jeans, from their
invention during the Gold Rush through the
turbulent eras that preceded the 21st Century.
Artful photography of denim as seen on bodies,
in retail stores, and in the flea markets of America,
add to the thoughtful essays, making this a
iconic book certain to be treasured in fashion
circles for decades.
Jeans of the Old West.
MIchael Harris. An
extensive look at the whole era of Old West
denim, including Levi Strauss and lesser known
manufacturers. Over 300 color photos and
illustrations chronicle never before seen exam-
ples, patent drawings, and the histories of the
manufacturers. This is invaluable information for
fashion historians and collectors alike.
Size:81/2"X11" •300colorphotos&illus.•192pp.
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